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Project spotlight: Wasabi Restaurant in Roseville

Today we’re sharing a project from Zack, one of our very own lighting designers! Zack has worked in our showroom for many years, lending his expert senses to everything from residential projects to working with interior designers to overhauling a brand new lighting scheme for a commercial space–which is just what he’s done here, at Wasabi Restaurant. The local eatery just opened their 3rd location in Roseville, CA.

The restaurant is now fitted with fitting subtle references: water, food, nature, the sea–it’s actually pretty amazing the fixtures Zack chose to fit right in with the theme and menu. “I pulled inspiration from the elements of sushi,” Zack says. “In terms of a look, I just wanted it to be fun and different.”

These statement-making fixtures from LZF, for example, are evocative of sushi rolls (Mmm, sushi roll…):

Sioux Suspension by LZF | Wasabi

 While the center of the restaurant beautifully displays Ingo Maurer’s Lacrime Del Pescatore Ceiling Light, named “Tears of the Fisherman,” and inspired by a fishermen’s net glistening in the sun:

Lacrime Del Pescatore Ceiling Light | Wasabi

 And Ross Lovegrove’s Cosmic Leaf Pendant by Artemide graces the entry like a modern slab of fish skin. Behind it are a few Urchin Pendants by Varaluz.:

Cosmic Leaf Pendant by Artemide | Wasabi

So what are the just-right ingredients for a fresh, modern sushi joint? Check out all of Zack’s picks below. Which one makes you want to take a trip under the sea, or at least head to Wasabi?

Lighting project | Wasabi in Roseville

1. Urchin Pendant by Varaluz 2. Sioux Suspension by LZF 3. Kapow! Pendant by Innermost 4. Cosmic Leaf Pendant by Artemide 5. Mini Mikado Pendant by LZF 6. A110 Pendant by Artek 7. Hanging Wok Pendant by Tech Lighting 8. Lacrime Del Pescatore Ceiling Light by Ingo Maurer

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