Playing the Lighting Game in Denver

One of the funny things about working in modern lighting means that everywhere you go, there is lighting to be seen. Noticed. Commented on. Followed by your sad boasting to friends that you can name the manufacturer of every sconce, pendant and table lamp within the surrounding space.

OK, it’s not always like that, but as a relative lighting rookie, I do kind of want to pat myself on the back when I recognize a lighting fixture, particularly one being used well. Last week I jet set my way over to Denver to visit a friend, and let’s just say I was probably a bit too excited to see the top-notch fixtures in her condo.

I snapped a few pictures, none of them which will do them justice since lighting is ridiculously hard to photograph, particularly from my hot pink Canon point-and-shoot. But to give you an idea:

Tech Lighting monorail Camile pendants

Camile Pendants and Monorail System by Tech LightingUnder cabinet lighting Tech Lighting monorail system
During the day, these pendants were pretty—stark white on the outside, with a glimpse of the amber color on the inside if you looked at it from the right angle. But at night—ooooeeee, these were gorgeous. The amber glow put off a great color for evening time, and the hanging lights reminded me a bit of fireflies. They weren’t nearly as burny-looking as in the photo, but very ambient and warm as we huddled over a late-night snack at the counter.

Secondly, I didn’t exactly disassemble her kitchen to find a brand name on the cabinet lighting, but it’s worth pointing out how awesome it looks with the structure of the kitchen. Everything looks a bit more refined. I don’t think details like that are truly appreciated until they’re put into place, and it really pays off here. (We’veFocus Head Monorail Camile Pendants by Tech Lighting got lots of display lighting options on our site that would accomplish the same).

Focus Head by Tech-Tiella
You can’t see these quite as well, but above the cabinets (as well as Friend’s foyer) had a monorail lighting system dotted with these Tiella Lighting heads. These were the source for bright light illuminating the whole kitchen area, and they also spotlit one of Friend’s paintings that hung in the foyer (which, of course, I forgot to get a photo of). Friend’s favorite part was that these lights are adjustable—she had a few pointing one way in the kitchen and few in the other direction to give the area all-over light, with one on the tail end pointing off to a corner of the kitchen that didn’t get much light otherwise. Plus, they are small and unobtrusive, so there’s really no worrying about how to make them mesh with the rest of a space.

5040 Series Bath Bar by George Kovacs

5040 Series 39″ Bath Bar by George Kovacs
Next up was the bathroom’s vanity lights from George Kovacs’ 5040 Series. The linear shape looked great over the double sink, put off a nice, bright light for us to do our make-up and those girly things over the course of a few days. She even had 20” 5040 Series bath bars in the other two bathrooms as well. This bathroom was adjacent to the bedroom, which housed a Minka Aire fan in the same color:

Minka Aire Concept I Ceiling FanMinka Aire Concept I 52 Ceiling Fan with Light by Minka Aire
To top it off, Friend’s bedroom showcased a Concept I Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire. Even with her high ceilings, the second I turned this fan on (with the handy remote), I could feel the air start to pick up around me. I should mention that Friend is quite the minimalist—she’s always managed to avoid clutter but still give her homes a ton of personality. The Concept I is so versatile that it blends right in with her aesthetic—just because the area is clean and clutter-free, doesn’t mean the most linear, contemporary fan has to be put it to keep everything feeling pristine. This one I think even helped to warm things up a teeny bit. Not to mention the superb functionality–those giant windows brought in a lot of heat.

OK, thanks for humoring me on my never ending lighting scavenger hunt. It was fun to see so many products we’re familiar with here put into use. ‘Til next time, Denver.

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