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5 Sleek Solutions for Hiding Unsightly Home Items

Lumens Staff
Written by Lumens Staff

No matter how impeccably decorated a home is, beneath the surface is inevitably…clutter. It’s a fact of life with which we learn to coexist, but it still lurks under the bed or stuffed into dark closets and drawers. We’ve all done the frantic shuffling of tucking things away before impromptu guests are hosted, right?

Since it’s near impossible to maintain a 24/7, picture-perfect home, there are plenty of methods to manage the madness. While we can’t quite live without having all our stuff around, learning to contain them in a way that makes sense is a valuable skill that will have your home looking neat and elegant. Here are five smart ways to hide some of the most common culprits of home clutter:

Cable Management & Speaker/ Media Storage

Exposed cords and clutter draw attention away from your decor and disrupt the flow of a room. And in this current technological age, there are more cords and cables than ever. Instead of leaving them in a wadded-up tangle, consider neatly organizing them to save yourself the future headache. Manage the wires by grouping them together with twist-ties, zip-ties or a binder clip.

Or, consider getting a media console or cabinet that cleverly shields cables from view. Media cabinets from BDI, for example, include standard flow-through ventilation and doors that allow cables and electronic components to be discreetly tucked away.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

We’ve been blessed with a boon of innovative, dual purpose furniture lately. While they’re ideal for small spaces, look for styles that have storage in mind as well. A wall-mounted desk offers the best of both worlds—not only does it have a compact, fold-out table surface, it also offers hidden storage with cubbies and shelves.

In the bedroom, a bed that offers storage is incredibly convenient if you can’t quite fit all your goods in your closet or dresser. The Wynn Bed with Storage Unit doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality–that hidden storage compartment underneath is your little secret.

Wall-Mounted Organization

If you’ve ever lived in cramped living quarters before, you definitely know the value of that sweet, sweet wall space. Mounted shelved corral clutter in way that feels intentional and organized, even when you have a lot of stuff. Go for clean, modular designs that you can mix and match to add interest to your wall, provide artful, modern decor, and allow you to organize your clutter inside.

Credenzas & Buffets

If your kitchen is looking cramped and cluttered, a credenza or buffet is your answer–plus, it’ll seriously upgrade your dining room. While they are incredibly convenient when you get ready for your next dinner party, credenzas can easily be used for other rooms as well. So, whether you’re looking to safely stash away your nice flatware and glassware, or just need more storage for your home office, look no further than the versatility of the credenza.

Decorative Storage Baskets

So, you managed to hide away most of your cords, cables and clutter. Not sure what to do with the rest? Decorative baskets or containers have the uncanny ability to always look streamlined and organized, even if you stuff them full of odds and ends. They often come in matching sets with varying sizes, and it’s up to you whether you want to integrate them into your decor or hide them away in a closet. Only you will know what sort of mess hides inside.

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