Pendant Lighting with Arteriors: The Caviar Collection

Since its inception in 1987, Mark Moussa and his Texas based design firm, Arteriors have provided the world with their signature look of luxury light fixtures with a contemporary twist. We can’t get enough of these fabulously unique fixtures and the Caviar collection of pendant lighting is no exception. As one might guess, the name of the collection stems from their resemblance to the culinary delight as a cluster of incandescent orbs.

See the six different styles available from the Caviar collection here, and finally see for yourself why everyone finds caviar so delicious.

Classic Caviar Pendant

$312.00-$660.00 + Free Shipping!

Caviar Pendant by Arteriors

The classic Caviar Pendant comes as a single glass orb surrounding a perforated metal shade for a stunning result. Available in small, medium, or large sizes, the pendant will work for any sized space. The Caviar Pendant looks exceptional in either polished nickel with a clear glass orb or brown nickel with smoke colored glass.

5 Star Review:

This lovely Arteriors pendant light is beautiful, functional, and the star of the kitchen, where two are installed. Both the clients and design team are in love with its uniqueness and timeless design!”-DesignObsessed, Ormond Beach FL

Caviar Multi-Light Pendant

$1,920.00-$3,120.00 + Free Shipping!

Caviar Multi-Pendant Light by Arteriors

Perfect for the entryway or foyer space, this bouquet of caviar-shaped orbs are a beautiful statement piece. Designed by New York based sculptor and artist, Laura Kirar, the Caviar Multi-Light Pendant is available in two sizes. For a smaller space, there is an option with a height of 44 inches and a diameter of 18 inches, or for a larger space, the fixture has a height of 47 inches and a diameter of 28.5 inches.

5 Star Review:

This is an absolutely gorgeous large pendant in my entrance, and really makes the entrance special. It was first recommended by a friend as an entrance statement piece. I finally saw it in person at a restaurant, and was then convinced… Two of the bulbs arrived with cracks, but no problem, Lumens/Arteriors replaced the bulbs. We also really enjoy how the light spreads in the entrance as a result of the balls directing light into different directions.” – LuckyChoice5, Marin County, CA

Caviar Adjustable Multi-Light Pendant

$2,268.00-$3,360.00 + Free Shipping!

Caviar Adjustable Multi-Light Pendant by Arteriors

Similar to the other multi-light pendant in the collection, the adjustable pendant allows a greater flexibility in hanging height depending on your ceilings. The adjustable chain can range from 52-88 inches on the small size, 48-84 inches on the medium, or 51-87 on the large. The number of orbs in each fixture also depends on the size you choose, with 13 uniform orbs on the small, 9 orbs in two different sizes for the medium, as well as 8 orbs in two different sizes for the large.

Caviar Linear Suspension

$2,760.00 + Free Shipping!

Caviar Linear Suspension by Arteriors

The Caviar Linear Suspension fixture from Arteriors is a different take on the Caviar line. Hung in a horizontal row in staggered heights, the line of seven suspended orbs is perfect for hanging above an island counter in a contemporary kitchen. The fixture has a rectangular ceiling canopy and a height of 40.5 inches.

Caviar Bouquet Multi-Light Pendant

$2,760.00 + Free Shipping!

Caviar Bouquet Multi-Light Pendant Light by Arteriors

Laura Kirar has a penchant for designing sea life inspired pendant lighting, and brings the sturgeon fish delicacy into the home with this gorgeous clustered multi-light pendant. There are 18 six inch glass bubbles hanging from a uniform length chain, providing a fantastic result. The perforated metal inner shades help to diffuse the light for a soft, warm glow emanating from the pendant. This piece would look great above a dining room table or in the entry hall of a contemporary home.

Caviar 5-Light Linear Suspension

$1,200.00 + Free Shipping!

Caviar 5-Light Linear Suspension by Arteriors

For the final fixture in the Caviar collection, the five light linear suspension is a more orderly approach to the look. Kirar designed each of the five glass orbs to hang from an equal length cord, a few inches apart from one another to give the light a clean, symmetrical appearance. Another perfect option for illuminating a modern kitchen bar or island counter, the caviar linear suspension fixture is one piece of pendant lighting we’d love to just eat up.

Regardless of which fixture from the Laura Kirar for Arteriors Caviar Line you choose, your updated room is going to look incredible with its new pendant lights.

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