Paranoid, or Polaroid? The New Alpha Wall Sconce by Vibia

Alpha Wall Sconce by Vibia

Alpha Wall Sconce by Vibia

I sort of got a little suspicious when I first saw the Vibia Alpha Wall Sconce, I must admit. It looks like a Johnny 5 eyeball and felt a little Big Brother-esque, with its bright light and rotational powers. But once I recovered from this first impression (and realized it can’t actually move by itself), this baby really does have a lot of cool characteristics that just aren’t scary at all.

First, the Alpha 7940/7941 has LED lighting —score 1 for energy efficiency and brightness. Second, it has complete 360 degree rotation and a flip-up top like the older cell phones (which I still use), so if I decide I need to go from illuminating my book to creating a nice wall wash, I have that freedom. Freedom is nice. Third, there’s a 90-degree beam spread, which helps you control the light and keep it directed in one place. Also, this puppy won the HD Expo 2010 IIDA/HD Product Design Award, giving it a name throughout the world. Yay, Alpha!

But finally–and this is really why I like it–the Alpha Wall Sconce looks like an old Polaroid camera. Remember when that camera was everywhere, and it was so cool to take pics of all your friends and pin them up around your room? And then they discontinued it and you couldn’t find film anywhere, except perhaps at an astronomical price online, or by luck at a garage sale? And then they re-introduced it a year later in a tricked out design that will never really be as great as the originals? Well, the Alpha reminds me of all the good times before the “new and improved” Polaroid…even though I never…(*sniff*)…had one…(*sniff sniff*)…of my own…

Alpha Wall Sconce by Vibia

Alpha Wall Sconce by Vibia

Ahem. So I guess the Alpha isn’t so futuristic after all; it’s almost vintage with a contemporary spin. The kind of light that gives me warm fuzzies due to fond memories. Sing with me, now! Shake, shake it like a Polaroid picture!

Note: I don’t actually recommend shaking this light. Johnny 5 might get upset. But the Alpha Wall Sconce is brand new at, so be sure to check it out, along with another new release from Vibia, the easy-on-the-eyes Citrus Pendant.

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