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Modern Escape: Palm Springs

Opening its brightly colored doors in February, the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs is an oasis of juicy color and modern lighting that brings life (and light) to the desert.

Here at Lumens, we LOVE color, especially when it’s paired with modern lighting. So when I spotted this post on Apartment Therapy, I knew I just had to share it.

The Saguaro Hotel Explodes with Color

The Saguaro Hotel recently opened its brightly colored doors, inviting guests to enjoy a colorful oasis in the middle of Palm Springs.

The hotel’s name was inspired by the iconic saguaro cactus plant of the Sonoran Desert. And the twelve juicy colors that decorate the hotel, ranging from lemon drop yellow to mouth-watering orange and lime green,  are all inspired by native desert wildflowers:

The guest rooms are great for both an occasional romantic getaway or business trip (shown below). They prove equally as thirst-quenching as the hotel’s exterior, decorated with rainbow bed linens and brightly-colored walls and headboards. Once the curtains are drawn, the Koncept Equo Gen 3 Desk Lamp (right) provides easy-on-the-eyes LED lighting for catching up on emails or jotting down notes during a business call:

A unique office space provides both privacy and energy, accented by the airy Moooi Random Light. The shade’s see-through material paired with translucent rainbow walls lets color and light shine out:

Saguaro Nook

For more photos and info on the new project, visit the blog post at Apartment Therapy.

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