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How its done: Aim LED Suspension by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Flos

2013 November 1


Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Flos’ new Aim LED Suspension sort of defies what we commonly think of in a hanging ceiling lamp. Instead of being tucked away, the cables for each light become the main decorative element, able to be gathered, looped, swagged in any number of sculptural forms. The cables work to control the height and position of each LED light, since the fixture hangs naturally, much like a plant. The idea behind the lamp was to offer an infinite variety of adjustments to meet any number of adjustments with a single fixture.

The image above I stumbled upon on Pinterest, and I think it might be my favorite look for Aim that I’ve seen so far. It’s perfect task lighting for an island/food prep area without being too…tasky (not a word). I love that they bring a statement to this clean space without being distracting. The cabinets are actually what’s being promoted in this picture (from Swedish cabinet manufacturer Ballingslöv) but my eye went right for the lights.


For more lighting we love found around the web, follow our Spotted board on Pinterest.

Brands we love: EcoSmart Fire (and a special offer!)

2013 October 25
EcoSmart Fire

MIX Fireplace by Marc Veenendaal for EcoSmart Fire

We’re excited to welcome EcoSmart Fire to our offerings at Lumens, just in time for enjoying cooler evenings with one of the beauties by your side. These high-end, freestanding fireplaces work indoors and out, ideal for modern homes not fitted with a built-in or to warm up outdoor residential and commercial spaces. The collection ranges from camp-like fire pits to barely-there glass fixtures and portable pieces that can move around the house—all designed with modern taste in mind. These fireplaces are made to use bioethanol fuel, which means no chimney, flue, or outlet is necessary, and the fuel burns cleanly without leaving behind smoke, soot or carbon monoxide.

And for a few more days, EcoSmart is offering special pricing (up to 80% off!) on a Lighthouse Fireplace with a FireRange purchase of $990. The Lighthouse Fireplace comes in 3 sizes and is ultra-portable, so you can (safely!) bring the flame indoors and out. Click here for more details and to take advantage of this great pricing before October 31.

Lighthouse Fireplaces by EcoSmart Fire

Lighthouse Fireplaces by EcoSmart Fire


Bulb Fireplace by EcoSmart Fire

 Cube Jr Fireplace By Marc Veenendaal for EcoSmart Fire

Cube Jr Fireplace by Marc Veenendaal for EcoSmart Fire

Designer Spotlight: Serving Up Style and Design for Molly’s Fund

2013 October 4

This weekend is the Portland Fall Home & Garden Show, which will include a showcase we were lucky to collaborate with one of our trade partners on: Serving up Style, a showcase of Portland-area designers who each create a fantastic dining space in the name of Lupus Awareness. Proceeds go to Molly’s Fund, an organization focused on educating the public and the medical community about lupus, to push for earlier, life-saving diagnoses for those afflicted, and to spur governments and foundations to fund research toward a cure.

So when our friends at Pangaea Interior Design asked if we’d like to work with them on this incredible fundraiser, we jumped at the chance. Pangaea’s team will be one of 24 design teams competing to win over the judges’ panel, which includes HGTV Design Star winner Danielle Colding. Pangaea gave us a rundown of the event and her space, “The Fine Art of Dining”:

Pangea Sketch

Pangaea’s sketch of her entry space at Serving Up Style, titled “The Fine Art of Dining.”

Why did you get involved with Molly’s Fund and the Serving Up Style event?

I saw the very first Serving Up Style 5 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed seeing designers creating dining rooms that were creative, engaging and sometimes more art than functional space. It looked like enormous fun and it was my first exposure to Molly’s Fund. Prior to that I don’t think I had ever heard of Lupus. If I could do something good for a worthy charity and have some fun in the process, it sounded like a win-win proposition to me! Molly’s Fund raises money which goes directly to give much needed assistance to people suffering from Lupus. For more information on what the organization does or just to find out more about Lupus, go to

What’s your favorite part about designing a room like this? What was especially important for this project?

I love that I get to design absolutely anything I want— that is, as long as I can beg, borrow or steal the items needed for the display. It lets me flex my creative muscle and show what I can do when left to my own devices. Don’t get me wrong— I love designing for my clients and making their vision become reality. But every once in awhile, it’s fun to have a completely blank canvas and let the vision be all mine.

This year I wanted to have some architectural interest in my display that would create a dramatic backdrop for the art. My display is titled: “The Fine Art of Dining”, so finding a way to display and highlight art was important. Everything in my display is given plenty of space around it so that each element feels like art, from the sculpture and painting to the lighting elements, and even the accessories.

Sounds perfect! So why should your space win over the judges panel?

Well, my space has all that gold in it, and I think that a gold medal would be perfectly color coordinated. That’s what counts, right?

What’s the importance of a dining room when it comes to home design?

This is the place where families gather for holiday meals and where people entertain in a more formal way. A dining room should be comfortable so that people want to linger over conversation and great food. It should be a memorable space with ambience to rival the best restaurants making dining in this room feel like a truly special occasion.

What are the rewards of a project like this?

Knowing that I am part of an awareness raising event that translates into real and concrete dollars which help people with Lupus is very rewarding. The show receives over 10,000 attendees and it is a great opportunity to help people become aware of what a debilitating disease Lupus is. The show draws people to a Gala evening which is Molly’s Fund’s annual fund raiser. It is also an enjoyable opportunity to meet the public and talk about design and how designers can help clients create a home that lifts their spirit and supports their lifestyle.

Where do you start when designing a room like this, that’s a completely blank slate? Any inspirations?

I always tell my clients to find an inspiration piece and that’s what I do when starting from scratch. You have to start somewhere and that can be just about anything. This past year I found a French line of wall covering by Elitis that I absolutely loved! Believe it or not, my point of inspiration was the metallic gold wall covering in an eel skin leather texture. It is actually a vinyl wall covering and super affordable even though it looks very upscale. From there, I had to have some pretty interesting walls to put it on and I decided to create panels that wrapped the room in overlapping ceilings — all covered in gold. Once I had the backdrop, I brought in the soft blue & metallic gold rug, designed original chairs with gold upholstery and then found art that was just as bold as the room. The lighting needed to feel like fine art too so I chose pieces that are clearly hand-blown glass.

If you could give one piece of advice in design, it would be _________?

Be brave with scale. A few larger objects placed with plenty of breathing space around them will always give you a stronger and more serene look than lots of small objects, which tend to make spaces feel busy.

Stay tuned for an event recap and the reveal of Pangaea’s finished space after this weekend’s event!

Meet the New

2013 September 19

We’ve been working on something that we’re so thrilled to finally share: A revamped, retooled, renewed Check it out:

The new homepage

Our new site has been designed to bring you a better shopping experience from browsing to checkout, with new tools and features that make it easier than ever to discover and buy the things you love.

A new look: Bigger, better images to showcase our favorite designs and help you navigate between categories, brands and designers.

Better browsing: Enjoy a better shopping experience with multiple product views and a quick snapshot of colors/finishes, what’s in stock, customer reviews, dimensions and more.

Easier navigation: Find what you’re looking for faster with improved ways to narrow down products among categories, brands and designers.

Account profile: Find everything you need in one place. Securely store addresses, payment information, wish lists, gift registries and more so you can easily revisit them any time.

Order history & status: Visit your account profile to quickly get a snapshot of your previous purchases and check the status of your outstanding orders.

Lots to watch: Find videos on many of our brand, product and designer pages covering interviews, behind-the-scenes looks, how-tos, new introductions and more.:

More things to discover: Find new favorite brands, meet designers and get an up-close look at some of our favorite new products with more articles, Q&As, profiles and more.

I could keep going, but we can’t wait for you to check it out for yourself, so head on over and meet the new

Project spotlight: Wasabi Restaurant in Roseville

2013 August 23

Today we’re sharing a project from Zack, one of our very own lighting designers! Zack has worked in our showroom for many years, lending his expert senses to everything from residential projects to working with interior designers to overhauling a brand new lighting scheme for a commercial space–which is just what he’s done here, at Wasabi Restaurant. The local eatery just opened their 3rd location in Roseville, CA.

The restaurant is now fitted with fitting subtle references: water, food, nature, the sea–it’s actually pretty amazing the fixtures Zack chose to fit right in with the theme and menu. “I pulled inspiration from the elements of sushi,” Zack says. “In terms of a look, I just wanted it to be fun and different.”

These statement-making fixtures from LZF, for example, are evocative of sushi rolls (Mmm, sushi roll…):

Sioux Suspension by LZF | Wasabi

 While the center of the restaurant beautifully displays Ingo Maurer’s Lacrime Del Pescatore Ceiling Light, named “Tears of the Fisherman,” and inspired by a fishermen’s net glistening in the sun:

Lacrime Del Pescatore Ceiling Light | Wasabi

 And Ross Lovegrove’s Cosmic Leaf Pendant by Artemide graces the entry like a modern slab of fish skin. Behind it are a few Urchin Pendants by Varaluz.:

Cosmic Leaf Pendant by Artemide | Wasabi

So what are the just-right ingredients for a fresh, modern sushi joint? Check out all of Zack’s picks below. Which one makes you want to take a trip under the sea, or at least head to Wasabi?

Lighting project | Wasabi in Roseville

1. Urchin Pendant by Varaluz 2. Sioux Suspension by LZF 3. Kapow! Pendant by Innermost 4. Cosmic Leaf Pendant by Artemide 5. Mini Mikado Pendant by LZF 6. A110 Pendant by Artek 7. Hanging Wok Pendant by Tech Lighting 8. Lacrime Del Pescatore Ceiling Light by Ingo Maurer

Looks we love: Brass is back

2013 August 22

Rio Pendant by Jonathan Adler

1. Bernie Series Double-Arm Wall Sconce No. 8913-8915 by Holtkoetter 2. Bash Vessel by Tom Dixon  3. A330 Pendant by Artek 4. 5220/1 & 5221/1 4. Semi-Flushmount by Holtkoetter 5. Amy Table Lamp by DelightFULL 6. Tripod Clock by George Nelson 7. Jana Desk Table Lamp by Arteriors 8. Halo Wall Sconce by Robert Abbey 9. Model 2097/30 Chandelier by Flos 10. Tenda Pharmacy Floor Task Lamp by Sonneman

This ain’t your grandma’s metal–brass is back, and we’re quite liking the look of this timeless finish in modern interiors. Paired with modern silhouettes, brass lighting is refined for today’s taste, rather than the hyper-floral, pink carpeted image that’s often evoked by the mention of brass fixtures.

Whether it blends in with a mid-century modern motif or provides a pop of glam to a more muted space, brass is one sassy addition to a room, and lighting is a great way to bring it in. We love it paired with white for a crisp, modern balance of hard and soft. In an eclectic space, it brings in vintage cues without going overboard. For clean, minimal spaces, brass can warm things up better than a silver/nickel finish. Check out a few of our favorite finds for working brass lighting into contemporary spaces:

A Tom Dixon Etch Pendant punctuates the ceilings of this cozy room:

Contemporary Bedroom by Dallas Media and Bloggers Sarah Greenman via Houzz
This glam-modern bathroom from Jonathan Adler features a suspension and sconces from his Meurice Collection.
Contemporary Bathroom by Kohler Kitchen and Bath Fixtures Kohler via Houzz
I love the way this dining space just works with a seemingly random combination of pieces. A Flos Model 2097 Chandelier is the perfect glitzy accent:

These Artek 330 Pendants add a just-right shine to a modern/industrial kitchen:

Wood, white and metal, oh my! The Billy Table Lamp by Delightfull looks right at home on this eclectic desktop:

Like the look? Click here to shop all of our brass favorites.

New at Lumens: Gus Modern

2013 August 16
Gus Modern Furniture

The Gus* Modern Jane Bi-Sectional Sofa, Hull Coffee Table and GT Rocker.

Gus* Modern is a furniture collection after my own heart, so we’re quite excited here at Lumens HQ to be able to welcome it into our selection. This modern line of sofas, tables and lots more combines a penchant for mid-century design with a modern aesthetic and practical purpose (ya know, form following function and all…). As much as I love the Mad Men scene, there’s a fine line between paying tribute to a timeless style and making something feel dated.

Gus Modern furniture uses the mid-century appeal as a jumping off point to create pieces that are fresh and fit into contemporary interiors. What often looks simple and minimal often has more complex, important details: surprising shapes and angles, upholstery in unexpected color combos, and crisp tailoring that make a piece. Point in case: The Hull Coffee Table has a sexy silhouette that’s part oval, part surfboard, part ship hull—but visually, it looks dang good.

Carmichael Loft Sofa by Gus Modern

Carmichael Loft Sofa by Gus Modern

Other favorites from Gus include the Jane Bi-Sectional Sofa (get it?), the new Carmichael Loft Sofa (great for small spaces) and Truss Lounge Chair (a very “now,” cleaned up take on the mid-century chairs often found on craigslist and at estate sales).

Pssst: There’s just a few days left to take advantage of the Gus Modern Summer Sale and save 20% on select upholstery, including some of their best-selling pieces for the living room and more.

School Table and Chairs by Gus Modern

School Table by Gus Modern

Truss Lounge Chair by Gus Modern

Truss Lounge Chair by Gus Modern

IN-EI by Issey Miyake for Artemide

2013 August 6
Mendori Table Lamp by Issey Miyake

Mendori Table Lamp by Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake has long been a fixture in the fashion world, having made his mark in women’s clothing, perfume, watches and more. The designer’s signature in haute couture—specialized garment pleating—has now made its way into contemporary lighting design in a new collaboration with Artemide.

Developed in partnership with Reality Lab, the IN-EI by Issey Miyake collection is comprised of nine table, free-standing and suspension lamps designed and folded to play on the interaction and mathematics between light and shadow (IN-EI stands for “shadow, shadiness, nuance” in Japanese). Each fold is calculated to pinpoint the just-right interaction between light and dark, resulting in a stunning line of intricate, delicate designs. The collection also has the environment in mind–each fixture is lit using LEDs, and built from a fabric that’s derived from recycled PET bottles that has a better transparency than paper alone.

The IN-EI by Issey Miyake collection just made its debut in the US and is available by special order only.

Mogura Table Lamp by Issey Miyake

Mogura Table Lamp by Issey Miyake

Mendori Table Lamp folding

Unfolding Issey Miyake’s Mendori Table Lamp.

Bye Bye Bugs: A New Reason to Love Portable Fans

2013 July 19

Higher temperatures and energy bills aside—there’s a new reason to keep a handy fan nearby. The New York Times reported this week that the gentle breeze from an electric fan could be a “poorly known strategy” for keeping mosquitoes and other bugs at bay during summer get togethers.

Indeed, the Mosquito Control Association endorses the approach: “Mosquitoes are relatively weak fliers, so placing a large fan on your deck can provide a low-tech solution.” The group says mosquitoes fly slowly — from roughly 1 to 1.5 miles per hour, depending on the species, making it quite a feat to take on the wind generated from even a lil’ ol’ fan. We’ll embrace any solution that doesn’t involve strong scents or wrapping yourself in netting.

So, is this common knowledge for all of your summer soirees? Either way, if we’re going to beat the heat (and the bugs!) here are a few of our favorite ways to do it:

(Note: While portable fans can go where you go, it’s important to note that they aren’t necessarily rated for outdoor and shouldn’t have a permanent home in your backyard).

Portable table and floor fans at

1. Otto Fan by Stadler Form, $200 2. Cinni Table Fan by Atlas Fan Company, From $323  3. Charley Floor Fan by Stadler Form (now discontinued) 4. Arden Floor Fan by Fanimation, $329 5. Urbanjet Fan by Fanimation, $149

New at Lumens: Modern Forms Lighting

2013 July 18
Dawn Indoor/Outdoor LED Wall Sconce by Modern Forms

Dawn Indoor/Outdoor LED Wall Sconce by Modern Forms

A light should be more than just a light, and modern forms from WAC Lighting is just that. This new line of (mostly) vanity and outdoor fixtures takes advantage of the most up-to-date technology and ensures that function isn’t sacrificed for form (though, the form certainly has something going for it, too). The future-forward collection is meant to blend in with the fresh aesthetic of today’s interiors, whether ultra-modern of contemporary casual.

A few reasons we love the Modern Forms lighting collection:

  • Collection includes 160 styles, 5 powder-coat finishes, and a variety of sizes for many styles and applications.
  • Supreme engineering creates everything we love about good lighting: consistent quality, lumen output and a high color rendering index.
  • Sustainable OLED nanotechnology creates light that is brighter and greener.
  • All fixtures feature instant on/off and dimming capabilities.
Forq Indoor/Outdoor LED Wall Sconce by Modern Forms

Forq Indoor/Outdoor LED Wall Sconce by Modern Forms

Shelley Ward, the mastermind behind the Modern Forms lighting line, said the design of the collection started with the LEDs and worked with that, as opposed to creating a fixture’s design and then fitting it with an LED bulb.

“Here, we designed with flexibility of the light source in mind, and that allows us to do things that wouldn’t work with just any off-the-shelf light source,” says Ward. “We wanted the LED sources of the Modern Forms fixtures to be customized to each design.”

Neo LED Bath Bar by Modern Forms

Neo LED Bath Bar by Modern Forms

For example, the Neo LED Bath Bar (above) uses LED flat-panel technology that creates generous light output, even though the fixture itself is just a half-inch deep. And pairing LEDs with the 13th century-style Piastra glass in the Vetri Bath bar (below) creates a beautiful illumination you wouldn’t get with any ol’ bulb.

Vetri LED Bath Bar by Modern Forms

Vetri LED Bath Bar by Modern Forms

Check out the complete collection from Modern Forms at

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