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New at Lumens: Copeland Furniture

2014 August 4
Astrid Bedroom Collection by Copeland Furniture

Astrid Bedroom Collection by Copeland Furniture

We love a good it-started-in-a-garage story, and Copeland Furniture is one such tale. The company started out in the 1970s as a one-man operation and grew to the contemporary furniture manufacturer they are today, staying true to their east coast roots. Each piece comes from Bradford, Vermont, down to its design, manufacturing and even sometimes its inspiration.

Kyoto Dining Collection from Copeland Furniture

Kyoto Dining Collection from Copeland Furniture

Copeland Furniture is the real deal: solid, natural hardwood furniture that is modern and minimal, pulling influences from arts & crafts, shaker and Scandinavian design influences. Each piece is impeccable, from the mid-century modern look of the Astrid bedroom collection to the clean style of the Japanese-style Kyoto dining furniture. We also especially love the Audrey dining room set, with mid-century simplicity meshed with Asian-influenced curves.

Not to mention, the hardwood used to produce Copeland’s collection is harvested within 500 miles of their facilities and is FSC-certified and the winner of a number of awards for their sustainable practices. Check out the full collection from Copeland right here.

Call it a Comeback: Spanner Chair by Gus Modern

2014 August 1


As much as we love something fresh and new, a well-done design revival can’t be beat. Our friends at Gus* Modern have re-introduced the Spanner Chair, an original 1950 design by Russell Spanner. This unique silhouette is a classic among Canadian mid-century modern furniture, and went out of production a number of decades ago.

The Spanner Chair features a seat made from woven cotton strapping, in 3 colors, and a sturdy, solid birch frame with exposed bolts and finger-joint details available in both a light and dark finish.

Lounge Chair With Arms - drawing

The first 100 chairs that were produced were released as a numbered, limited edition series. At Lumens, you’ll find these special edition chairs in Black and Light Birch and Green and Dark Birch.

Are there any design icons you’d like to see make a comeback?

Big Fans for Big Spaces

2014 July 25

Confession: We like big fans and we cannot lie.

There’s big fans, and then there’s biiiiig fans. We’re talking air movin’, statement-makin’ behemoths for your ceiling—those with a blade span anywhere from 60 inches up to a 80+ inches. But oversized ceiling fans aren’t just for turning heads. The utility of these bad boys is perfect for high ceilings, large rooms and big, open spaces.

If you have a space calling for a grand fan, here are a few of our favorites:

Oversized Fan - Lehr Ceiling Fan by Kichler

Lehr Ceiling Fan by Kichler: A dramatic design with 7 blades reaching 80 inches across. It’s also rated for wet locations, which means it’s good for big interior rooms OR an outdoor patio or deck space. The DC motor means the six speeds run at a fraction of the power consumption of typical fans.

Oversized fans - Slipstream XXL by Minka Aire Fans

Slipstream XXL Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire Fans: The blades stretch a whopping 7 feet across. It’s wet-rated for outdoor use, so would be ideal for moving air on a big deck, patio or gazebo. It’s also runs on a DC motor, so the extreme airflow is extremely energy efficient as well.

Oversized fans - Artemis XL5 by Minka Aire Fans

Artemis XL5 Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire Fans: The big brother of the much-loved Artemis Ceiling Fan, this reiteration features a wide 62-inch blade span and DC motor. You’ll know its part of the Artemis family by the five signature “flying vanes” (blades) that artfully wrap around the center.

Oversized fan: Dragonfly Patio Ceiling Fan by Quorum

Dragonfly Patio Ceiling Fan by Quorum: Stagnant summer air got ya down? Enter the Dragonfly, with water resistant canvas blades to add a little summer breeze to your covered outdoor area.

Oversized fans - Odyn Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

Odyn Ceiling Fan by Fanimation: Big in diameter, but small in height. While Odyn’s arms stretch a big 84 inches across, the overall height of the fan is just under a foot and a half. A powerful DC motor uses minimal electricity and if needed, an energy-saving LED provides overhead light.

As they say: Go big or go home.

DwelLED by WAC Lighting

2014 July 24

The move toward energy-efficient LEDs is nothing new, but we love to see the new ways they continue to be used. An LED light isn’t really just about using a certain type of light source, and more and more brands are backing up and starting from the beginning when it comes to using LEDs. That means designing the whole fixture around it, making sure it enhances (and is enhanced by) the design itself.

Enter the new dwelLED collection from WAC Lighting. These decorative fixtures were designed with LEDs in mind and are meant to integrate in a variety of spaces: indoor or outdoor, modern to transitional, reading lights to pendants. And they’ve all been built especially to use warm, white light from LEDs.

Here’s a look at a few of our favorites from the dwelLED collection:
Rocket dwelLED Pendant by WAC Lighting

Rocket dwelLED Pendant: Not only do we love the sleek metallic finishes (brushed nickel, chrome and light bronze), the conical body gives it a retro-esque silhouette. We’d love these over a kitchen island for bright LED task lighting on the surface below.

Flip dwelLED Swingarm Wall Sconce

Flip dwelLED Swingarm Wall Sconce: Bold and simple, this wall light references the tenets of Bauhaus design. The engineering of the design is highlighted as much as its sleek angular aesthetic, with a flip-fold functionality that folds neatly agains the wall when not in use. When you need it, the extendable arm swings out and the head pivots to configure for reading or task lighting.

Tao dwelLED Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce

Tao dwelLED Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce

Tao dwelLED Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce: This architectural piece is durable enough for indoors and out, with a simple rectangular frame that showcases a slim window for light to wink through.

Back in Brass: Tom Dixon’s Beat Lights

2014 July 18

Brass Beat Lights by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon’s Beat Lights have become an instantly recognizable icon in modern design. The 4 distinct shapes were inspired by the sculptural simplicity of brass cooking pots and traditional water vessels, and can be spotted in modern homes all over the web (plus a slew of commercial spaces we well). The simple versatility of the Beat lights make them a striking addition to any room.

Which is why we couldn’t be more excited to see this new iteration of the much-loved collection: BRASS. Brass came back, and then it, well, didn’t really go anywhere. We are still loving the look of brass lighting and its ability to add the juuuuust right amount of retro appeal to a room. These modern beauties are actually just stripped down to their natural alloyed state (i.e. not coated like the Black or White versions), so the outer shade matches the brass interior we’ve come to know and love. Each shade is formed via a manually intensive technique that involves the spinning and beating of metal to create the hammered interior; the outside is brushed and lacquered until it’s a warm shade of “I looove goooold!”

Not to mention, the craft behind each fixture comes right from the source–the pendants are spun and handbeaten by renowned skilled craftsmen of Moradabad in Northern India. The Brass Beat Lights are available in the same signature silhouettes: Fat, Tall, Stout and Wide.

So what do you think? Are you on the brass bandwagon? It’s a pretty good-looking place to be.



Boy’s Room Makeover with Kartell

2014 July 18
by Sarah
FLY Suspension for Kartell

This kid’s room makeover features the FLY Suspension Light, designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell.

A kid’s room is seemingly one of those most fun places to get your modern design on–you can freely use bright colors, quirky accessories and a subtle theme to bring a space together. We love this boy’s room makeover that we recently partnered on (our FLY Suspension by Kartell is the overhead light). Starting with a camp theme, interior designer Baiyina Hughley wanted to create a space that the boy could continue to grow into but still paid tribute to his current favorite toys and activities.

When it came to lighting, Hughley looked for something light and bright to combat the lack of direct sunlight in the room. The FLY Suspension is a sizable overhead light, ensuring it provided plenty of brightness. She also added a number of task and ambient lighting to create various options in the room.

In short? We love it! Any kid would be a happy camper in this room. Check out the rest of this fun room makeover right here.

New introductions from Modern Forms

2014 July 10

Last year, we were super excited to meet Modern Forms, a new collection of LEDs from WAC Lighting. These weren’t just any new-fangled LED lights. Modern Forms lighting was designed by thinking of the LEDs first, then creating shapes and silhouettes to complement the light source rather than hinder it. Often, it’s the other way around—lighting is first designed, then an LED bulb stuck in it to make it energy efficient.

Modern Forms wasn’t looking to sacrifice the function by way of form. But thanks to smart design and this forward-thinking approach, we’re really feeling the form as well. These lights are simply designed to fit in with today’s interiors, from the innovative engineering on the inside, to the clean and contemporary aesthetic on the outside.

The 2013 collection consisted mostly of outdoor and bath and vanity fixtures, but this year, Modern Forms has brought in something for every room: Pendant lights, wall sconces and more.

Here are a few new intros we especially love:

Aries LED Wall Sconce by Modern Forms

Well, this is a beauty. Named for the fire sign, the Aries LED Wall Sconce by Modern Forms is minimal and simple without being the least bit boring. It also comes in a number of finishes—black, white, silver and a deep “Ferrari red”—that either kick up or dial back on the design.

Mariba LED Pendant by Modern Forms

The Marimba LED Pendant by Modern Forms steers away from the clean-and-straight designs of some of the brand’s other fixtures, but certainly doesn’t overdo it. We love the hint of metallic (gold on the black version, silver with the white version) on the inside of the 7 drum shades. Clustered pendants can look chaotic, but this iteration is totally buttoned up, with just the right amount of flare.

Void Indoor/Outdoor LED Wall Sconce By Modern Forms

One of the things that sets Modern Forms apart is the flexibility of their wall fixtures to go indoor or outdoor. The new Void LED Wall Sconce is one such example. This sparsely detailed fixture features an ethereal ring of ambient light, but also a functional downlight that’s perfect for lighting hallways or paths.

Check out all the new arrivals from Modern Forms and let us know which is your favorite.


Lumens exclusive: The Crystalline Collection by Niche Modern

2014 July 7
Crystalline Pendants by Niche Modern

The Crystalline Series by Niche Modern

The bold, bright colors of our latest exclusive collection have summer written all over it. Meet the Crystalline Collection for Niche Modern, a brand-new series of pendant lights inspired by the layering and angles of crystal structures.

The new collection introduces 4 new pendant light shapes, and a palette of new colors as well: Chartruese, Rose and Condesa, plus favorites like Gray, Clear and Amber. Niche Modern creative director Jeremy Pyles wanted to take color to the next level, away from the more muted (albeit beautiful) transparent shades they were used to.

But one thing Pyles did stick with was his philosophy in simplicity. The Crystalline series omits any excessive details in favor of clean silhouettes and smooth curves and angles.

“One of my goals when designing the Crystalline series was to really do things we hadn’t done before in glass,” he said.  Many of Niche Modern’s past designs have been round and voluptuous, and this collection–particularly the Axia and Delinea–showcase angular shapes. The silhouette can be tough to achieve in glasswork, but Niche’s in-house team of artisans crafts each pendant by hand, allowing for careful attention to detail.

The best part of the Crystalline Collection is that each product looks great on its own, but they work wonderfully together. As a whole, the collection’s shapes, colors and layers are designed to mesh together in perfect harmony.

All of Niche Modern’s pendants are born in Beacon, New York, following the company’s mantra of “made, not manufactured.” Since each piece is carefully and slowly made by human hands, Niche Modern pendants are works of art, made right here in the USA.

Be sure to check out our Q&A with Jeremy Pyles and our videos for a closer look at the process behind each Niche pendant.

Niche Modern Trove Pendant

Niche Modern Trove Pendant in Condesa


Niche Modern Axia Pendant

Niche Modern Axia Pendant in Rose

Calla Pendant by Niche Modern

Niche Modern Calla Pendant in Amber

Delinea Pendant by Niche Modern

Niche Modern Delinea Pendant in Chartreuse

New at Lumens: Ai Lati Lights

2014 July 3
Drum Metal Wall/Ceiling Light by Ai Lati Lights

Drum Metal Wall/Ceiling Light by Ai Lati Lights

Sferis Pendant by Ai Lati Lights

Sferis Pendant by Ai Lati

While we love a head-turning decorative light to get us through the day, a well-designed basic fixture is hard to find. Enter Ai Lati Lights, an Italian lighting company with a focus on blown triplex opal glass. The medium is renowned for its silky-smooth translucence and impeccable diffusion of light, making it a perfect blend of form and function in Ai Lati’s wall lights, pendant lighting and more.

The design philosophy behind Ai Lati is simple: timeless architectural shape that are flawlessly crafted by hand. The line is incredible clean and offers something for every space, making it a great go-to for a range of rooms and projects. And even though the majority of the collection is centered around clean, white silhouettes, there are a few flirtations with color. The Elba Wall/Ceiling Light and the Drum Wall/Ceiling Light both add a pop of color with a tinted polycarbonate mount in a range of primary hues.

Shop the full Ai Lati Lights collection at

Elba Wall/Ceiling Light By Ai Lati Lights

Elba Wall/Ceiling Light By Ai Lati Lights

Super and Popular by Alessi

2014 May 22

Super and Popular Collection by Alessi
For more than 90 years, Alessi has created a line of household goods that are born somewhere between manufacturing and art. Known as the “Italian design factory,” Alessi collaborates with a bevy of celebrated designers to create products that range from clever and modern to sleek and formal. The Alessi catalog spans hundreds of products, including memorable pieces from Philippe Starck, Michael Graves, Frank Gehry, Achille Castiglioni and a long list of others that reads like a who’s who in modern design.

This year, Alessi is celebrating a collection of its most widely recognized pieces that have made a name for themselves in the contemporary scene. The “Super and Popular” collection is just that—a curated group of the best of the the best from Alessi. These few dozen product represent the company’s history in design, re-celebrating them down to the specially redesigned packaging that highlights the product and designer’s history.

Here’s a look at a few of our favorites from the collection. Don’t miss the Alessi Spring Sale on now thru May 26!

Alessi Kettle with Bird Whistle

Kettle with Bird Whistle by Michael Graves
In the 1980s, Alessi’s Kettle with Bird Whistle became the first product in the line to be created by an American designer. It’s also Alessi’s most popular product, having sold over two million units worldwide. The design is a mix of classical and pop influences, and the whistling bird is just bewitching enough to fit right in with the playfulness found in Alessi’s line of goods. The Kettle with Bird Whistle is part of a number of permanent museum collections, including the London Design Museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Juicy Salif by Philippe Starck
A little reminiscent of an other-worldly creature, Philippe Starck’s Juicy Salif is one of the icons of design in the 1990s. The unconventional design earned it a spot in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York’s MoMA, and a number of other collections around the globe. Although its fully functional as a citrus squeezer, its intriguing physique makes it a display-worthy piece for the kitchen.

Anna G Corkscrew by Alessi
Anna G. Corkscrew
It could be argued that no one pulls off anthropomorphic design as well as Mr. Alessandro Mendini. The designer is a big fan of using the human figure and face in his design, taking portraiture from art to an architectural level of design. His Anna G. Corkscrew for Alessi is a 1994 design, with a strong cult following thanks to her quirky and easy-to-recognize silhouette. Anna’s success even led Mendini to bring a number of other “characters” to his Alessi collection, such as Alessandro M. Corkscrew and the Parrot Sommelier.

Check out the full Super and Popular Collection from Alessi right here.

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