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Pendant Lighting with Arteriors: The Caviar Collection

2014 September 17

Since its inception in 1987, Mark Moussa and his Texas based design firm, Arteriors have provided the world with their signature look of luxury light fixtures with a contemporary twist. We can’t get enough of these fabulously unique fixtures and the Caviar collection of pendant lighting is no exception. As one might guess, the name of the collection stems from their resemblance to the culinary delight as a cluster of incandescent orbs.

See the six different styles available from the Caviar collection here, and finally see for yourself why everyone finds caviar so delicious.

Classic Caviar Pendant

$312.00-$660.00 + Free Shipping!

Caviar Pendant by Arteriors

The classic Caviar Pendant comes as a single glass orb surrounding a perforated metal shade for a stunning result. Available in small, medium, or large sizes, the pendant will work for any sized space. The Caviar Pendant looks exceptional in either polished nickel with a clear glass orb or brown nickel with smoke colored glass.

5 Star Review:

This lovely Arteriors pendant light is beautiful, functional, and the star of the kitchen, where two are installed. Both the clients and design team are in love with its uniqueness and timeless design!”-DesignObsessed, Ormond Beach FL

Caviar Multi-Light Pendant

$1,920.00-$3,120.00 + Free Shipping!

Caviar Multi-Pendant Light by Arteriors

Perfect for the entryway or foyer space, this bouquet of caviar-shaped orbs are a beautiful statement piece. Designed by New York based sculptor and artist, Laura Kirar, the Caviar Multi-Light Pendant is available in two sizes. For a smaller space, there is an option with a height of 44 inches and a diameter of 18 inches, or for a larger space, the fixture has a height of 47 inches and a diameter of 28.5 inches.

5 Star Review:

This is an absolutely gorgeous large pendant in my entrance, and really makes the entrance special. It was first recommended by a friend as an entrance statement piece. I finally saw it in person at a restaurant, and was then convinced… Two of the bulbs arrived with cracks, but no problem, Lumens/Arteriors replaced the bulbs. We also really enjoy how the light spreads in the entrance as a result of the balls directing light into different directions.” – LuckyChoice5, Marin County, CA

Caviar Adjustable Multi-Light Pendant

$2,268.00-$3,360.00 + Free Shipping!

Caviar Adjustable Multi-Light Pendant by Arteriors

Similar to the other multi-light pendant in the collection, the adjustable pendant allows a greater flexibility in hanging height depending on your ceilings. The adjustable chain can range from 52-88 inches on the small size, 48-84 inches on the medium, or 51-87 on the large. The number of orbs in each fixture also depends on the size you choose, with 13 uniform orbs on the small, 9 orbs in two different sizes for the medium, as well as 8 orbs in two different sizes for the large.

Caviar Linear Suspension

$2,760.00 + Free Shipping!

Caviar Linear Suspension by Arteriors

The Caviar Linear Suspension fixture from Arteriors is a different take on the Caviar line. Hung in a horizontal row in staggered heights, the line of seven suspended orbs is perfect for hanging above an island counter in a contemporary kitchen. The fixture has a rectangular ceiling canopy and a height of 40.5 inches.

Caviar Bouquet Multi-Light Pendant

$2,760.00 + Free Shipping!

Caviar Bouquet Multi-Light Pendant Light by Arteriors

Laura Kirar has a penchant for designing sea life inspired pendant lighting, and brings the sturgeon fish delicacy into the home with this gorgeous clustered multi-light pendant. There are 18 six inch glass bubbles hanging from a uniform length chain, providing a fantastic result. The perforated metal inner shades help to diffuse the light for a soft, warm glow emanating from the pendant. This piece would look great above a dining room table or in the entry hall of a contemporary home.

Caviar 5-Light Linear Suspension

$1,200.00 + Free Shipping!

Caviar 5-Light Linear Suspension by Arteriors

For the final fixture in the Caviar collection, the five light linear suspension is a more orderly approach to the look. Kirar designed each of the five glass orbs to hang from an equal length cord, a few inches apart from one another to give the light a clean, symmetrical appearance. Another perfect option for illuminating a modern kitchen bar or island counter, the caviar linear suspension fixture is one piece of pendant lighting we’d love to just eat up.

Regardless of which fixture from the Laura Kirar for Arteriors Caviar Line you choose, your updated room is going to look incredible with its new pendant lights.

Just in: BDI Furniture  

2014 September 16


If only form and function always went together so seamlessly. The contemporary collection from BDI furniture includes media and office furniture that’s discreetly engineered for a sleek aesthetic. The Corridor Media Stand, for example, hides what’s inside but leaves subtle openings for remote control and sound to go through the doors.

Formally named Becker Designed Inc. after CEO and design director Bill Becker, BDI is known for function—concealing less-attractive components like cables, wheels, etc.—and form: high-quality modern design that fits in well in any space.

Here are a few of our favorites from BDI furniture:

Phase shelf: Simple and sturdy, with plenty of display space that easily pairs with other units. Five long wooden shelves and a ladder-like steel framing make it a minimal but beautiful space for storing and showcasing.

Phase shelf: Simple and sturdy, with plenty of display space that easily pairs with other units. Five long wooden shelves and a ladder-like steel framing make it a minimal but beautiful space for storing and showcasing.

Cascadia Desk: Another minimal design ideal for smaller workspaces. A neoprene-lined drawer tucks away a keyboard and mouse with a smaller drawer to keep supplies close by.

Cascadia Desk: Another minimal design ideal for smaller workspaces. A neoprene-lined drawer tucks away a keyboard and mouse with a smaller drawer to keep supplies close by.

New at Lumens: ilomio Lighting

2014 September 15
by Staff


Straight from one of our favorite design destinations, Copenhagen, ilomio lighting is the brainchild of designers Esko Schmidt-Sorensen and Peter Williamson. Marked by clean lines, simple shapes and fun punches of color, the ilomio collection is dedicated to using LED lighting in all of its fixtures.

But ilomio’s use of LEDs doesn’t mean designing a fixture and sticking an LED bulb inside. Their design process starts with the potential of the LED itself, how it is best used and how the design can enhance that. Not to mention, ilomio is also particularly eco-conscious, designing with recycled materials that are lightweight enough to minimize their impact on the environment.

The collection of bright colors allows for up to 32 available finishes and 34 cord colors, ensuring that the just-right pop of color can be paired with any space. Check out a few of our favorites from ilomio below:


Radius Halo Suspension by ilomio: Pared down to its functional essence for a supremely minimal, modern illumination.


MilkPail Single Pendant: From bucket to beauty. This pendant is a contemporary take on the everyday stainless steel milking pail, crafted from recycled aircraft-grade aluminium.

Modern Furniture Trends: The Translucent Revolution

2014 September 12

Popularized by interior design firms like Kartell, Domitalia, Essey and Gus Modern, translucent designs are taking the world of modern furniture by storm. With tables, chairs, lamps and more, you could virtually design you entire home with this new wave of “ghost” furniture. The contemporary style is effortlessly chic and its translucent material allows it to blend into any room. To see a few of the best chairs and tables that follow the transparent trend, check out this guide.

Victoria Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck for Kartell

$370.00 + Free Shipping!

Victoria Ghost Chair by Kartell

We’re loving these chairs for their fun incorporation of contemporary materials into a classic shape. The juxtaposition of transparent polycarbonate and a backrest inspired by antique medallions is a perfect way to upgrade a droll dining space to something chic and sleek. For smaller rooms that would be overburdened by large, weighty pieces, these chairs are a perfect solution. The translucent “ghost chairs” provide seating but keep the room’s aesthetic light.

While the chairs may look light, they are surprisingly comfortable and resistant to scratches. The chair comes in a variety of transparent colors including crystal, smoke grey, green, or dark orange. For an option with armrests, the Louis Ghost Chair, also from Starck, has a playfully clear take on the baroque style of Louis XV. The Louis sells for $450.00.

Five Star Review:

“This chair is delivered as described. It is high quality and very sleek looking. My client loved it so much she ordered a second one for her NYC apartment as a desk chair. Love it!”

Crystal Chair by Arter & Citton for Domitalia

$921.60 (Set of 4) + Free Shipping!

Crystal Chair by Domitalia

For a dining set of four transparent chairs, the Crystal Chairs by Domitalia are fabulous. The material aesthetic of the chairs is similar to that of Starck’s ghost chairs, but the lines of the crystal chair are more organic. While the ghost chairs reference the antique shapes of the baroque era, the crystal chairs has a more sensual, modern form. For a space with a funkier existing style, the crystal chairs would be a good fit. The chairs come in either a plain transparent as well as a transparent smoke, purple, or amber. These stackable chairs are 100% Italian with a height of around 34 inches.

Grand Illusion Table by John Brauer for Essey

$470.00-$510.00 + Free Shipping!

Grand Illusion Table by Essey

For a truly unique statement piece, John Brauer’s Grand Illusion Table takes the ghost furniture trend to another level. The handmade table is constructed by pouring liquid acrylic so when it cools, the results are a one of a kind piece. The Danish design company, Essey subscribes to the school of Symbolic Functionalism in which “an object’s function should be representative of natural form.” The translucent illusion of a floating table is another way to lighten the visual weight of a room while still maintaining the functional surface area of a larger table. It is available in either clear or ice white, has a diameter of 17.3 inches and height of 20 inches.

Acrylic I-Beam Table by Gus Modern

$345.00 + Free Shipping!

Acrylic I-Beam Table by Gus Modern

This small side table takes cues from the shape of classic steel I-beam girders, but renders them in a transparent acrylic. For those seeking to incorporate more modern furniture in their home, this small piece is an easy way to get started. To demonstrate how sleek and clear the piece actually is, all of its edges are flame polished and the inch thick acrylic panels are connected using a durable and invisible, UV-cured adhesive. Designs by Gus Modern reference mid-century modernism in combination with elements of industrial style. The Canadian design is equipped with bumpers to prevent scratches on the floor and has a height of 18 inches.

Who says you need to see to believe? These transparent pieces of modern furniture are one trend that we can’t get enough of.

Currently On Sale

Beginning this week, you can SAVE 10% on select dining room furniture pieces from Copeland Furniture. You can also continue saving on all recycled outdoor furniture pieces from Loll Designs through the end of the month!

Finding the Right Chandelier, Room by Room

2014 September 10

Depending on the size of your room and the height of your ceilings, you’ll need a different type of chandelier fixture to look appropriate in your space. We have a wide selection of different styles of chandeliers to choose from, from the most traditional looks to avant-garde or contemporary fixtures. Take a look at some of our recent favorites to get an idea of the right chandelier for your space.

The Dining Room

Generally speaking, the dining room tends to be one of the more formal space in the home. Your dining room lighting can hang lower than fixtures in other rooms because it is only hanging over the dining table, but you don’t want it to hang so low that it begins to touch near the tabletop. Another thing worth considering is the fixture’s brightness. A chandelier with dimming capabilities is going to be better suited to dinner parties or any other gathering where harsh light would be uncomfortable.

Berna Chandelier by Metropolitan Lighting

For a dining room chandelier that will wow your guests, check out the new Berna 32-Light Chandelier by Metropolitan Lighting. This stunning fixture is a modern take on the traditional candelabra style fixture, replacing ornate filigreed stems with sleek and sophisticated fluted glass arms. The transparent arms extend from a polished chrome base for a contemporary appearance. The fixture is 27 inches tall and 35.5 inches in diameter. Available for $3990.00 + Free Shipping!

The Bedroom

Cameron Island Chandelier by Fredrick Ramond

If ornate detailing fails to strike a chord with you, you might enjoy the clean lines and simple design of the Cameron Island Chandelier by Fredrick Ramond. This Frederick Ramond designed piece draws on a subtly nautical aesthetic to deliver a gender neutral fixture that is perfect for the bedroom. The chandelier combines the primarily bold wood with polished chrome accents and drum shaped, textured fabric shades to balance the visual weight of the design. The fixture is 21.5 inches in height and 23 inches in diameter. Available for $589.00 + Free Shipping!

This piece is going to look perfect for your bedroom lighting in a room that strives for no frills minimalist sophistication.

Entryway & Foyer

Capsule Chandelier by Varaluz

For a brand new look and exclusively available at Lumens, the Capsule Chandelier designed by Ron Henderson for Varaluz has an exceptionally chic take on mid-century modern style. Calling to mind the atomic styles of the Cold War era, this fixture’s shining torpedo shaped bulbs are a guaranteed conversation starter. Exposed bulbs give off a bright glow from the fixture. It is available in either champagne with champagne glass or chrome with smoke glass. Depending on the size of your foyer, you can choose from a style with either nine or fifteen lights extending from the nucleus of the fixture. The nine light option has a height of 18 inches and the fifteen light option has a height of 24.74 inches. Available for $549.00 + Free Shipping!

You’ll even be doing the environment a favor by choosing this fixture, as the materials are 70% recycled steel and 100% recycled glass. Varaluz is committed to making eco-friendly light fixtures and the Capsule collection is no exception. Make a splash the second visitors walk into your home with the Capsule Chandelier.

The Living Room

Zettles 5 Light Chandelier by Ingo Maurer

For an attention grabbing living room light fixture, the Zettel’z 5-Light Chandelier by Ingo Maurer is a funky contemporary piece. The fixture is actually interactive with paperclips holding about 80 sheets of Japanese paper with expressions of love and desire. Only half of the sheets are actually printed, as the designer encourages the owner of the chandelier to bring out the poetic side in himself or herself and jot down their own romantic musings. The result is a fascinating interplay of light and shadow that becomes a uniquely personalized fixture. This German made piece is 47.2 inches in height and gets rave reviews from owners:

This fixture is unique, reminds us of an Alexander Calder mobile and fits beautifully in our modern, minimalistic style home. It hangs above our dining room table and we have already had one guest add their unique comments to a blank slip of paper. The company sends enough papers so that you really have the choice to go all blank, all written or a mix. We were looking for a blend of something artistic, sculptural and functional. This chandelier met all three criteria.

The Zettel’z 5-Light Chandelier is available for $1080.00 + Free Shipping!

Additional Resources

The best chandelier boils down to whatever your personal style consists of and the layout of the room you are adding it to. Hopefully this little room by room guide gave you some new ideas for the kind of contemporary or modern chandeliers you want in your home.

For additional ideas and inspiration, we encourage you to shop by room. Here you will find our handpicked selections to make finding the perfect chandelier an easy task.

Fave Five: New Pendant Lighting Under $250

2014 September 9

Working on a tight budget doesn’t have to mean opting for basic lighting options. As new arrivals for fall come rolling in, we rounded up five favorite options that come in under the $250 mark (retail price!). Here are a few fresh budget-friendly pendant lights to consider for your upcoming projects:

The Wright Stuff Pendant by Varaluz

Wright Stuff Pendant by Varaluz, $199. Inspired by the linear designs of a certain well-known architect, the abstract lines of this pendant are just the right amount of funky.


Linnet Barrel Pendant by LBL Lighting, $224. Pared down to bare bones, the subtle embellishments of this LBL pendant creates an industrial look inspired by traditional lampshade constructin.


Capsule Cluster Pendant by Varaluz, From $219. This latest exclusive from Varaluz is a perfect mix of modern design with vintage-inspired torpedo shaped shades.


Flair dwelLED Pendant, $248.50. Smooth and simple, with a pretty silhouette and warm LED light for an energy-efficient, glare-free glow.


Claesson Koivisto Rune Pendant, $220. A colorful (10 shades) collection of aluminum pendants with a traditional shape and modern materials like the coordinating textile cord.

Just in: Luna Steplight Pendant by Graypants

2014 September 9

Luna Steplight Pendant by Graypants

We love a new creation from our favorite make-something-out-of-nothing design studio, Graypants. The Seattle-based design team just introduced the Steplight Pendants, a group of 4 pendant shapes carefully created from a single sheet of solid aluminum. The Luna Steplight Pendant (shown here) is one, and each pendant is mostly left its raw, untreated state for an eco-friendly industrial look.

In typical Graypants fashion, the Steplights are assembled without tools, adhesives of fasteners, which allows them to be efficiently flat packed. The aluminum has (mostly) been left it its raw, untreated state, other than a good buffing and clear coat.


While we love the trash-to-treasure aspect of the Steplights, its the packaging for these fixtures that sets it apart. The Steplights were designed from the package up so that it required minimal shipping materials, little space and was ultra efficient. Instead of a mostly empty box stuffed with protective packaging, the Step-Pack by Graypants uses a compact, bundled stack of corrugated layers. Each layer reveals the pieces to the Steplight, along with assembly instructions and assembly jigs. This innovating solution is light and inexpensive to ship, more respectful of the environment and more gratifying to the user who can play a small part in the design when they receive it.

Check out the Luna Steplight Pendant by Graypants on

New exclusive: Slend by Bover

2014 September 8

Slend by Bover

Our latest exclusive hails from Barcelona, home of designer Christophe Mathieu and Bover, the two names between this brand new design. The Slend Collection is a sleek and striking pendant collection, with three ever-so different silhouettes that stand out on their own or create a cohesive group when clustered together. “It’s a decorative product, but at the same time it accomplishes an architectural function,” Mathieu said of the design.

Having worked with Bover for more than a decade, Mathieu aimed to design something that fit seamlessly in with the brand’s contemporary-meets-elegant line of lighting fixtures. The Slend collection was designed specifically with commercial spaces in mind: hotels, stores and restaurants, ideally used in clusters in a waterfall shape. The long, striking shapes would fit right in above a bar or in a reception area.

Check out our full Q&A with Christophe Mathieu about his new design at

Slend Collection by Bover

Our Five Favorite Ceiling Fans

2014 September 3
by Jeff

Choosing the right ceiling fan for your space can be a tough process. Factors such as ceiling height, room color, your personal decorative aesthetic and local climate all need to be taken into account to find a fixture that’s a good fit. We’re here to help you get started with the Lumens guide to our five favorite ceiling fans at the moment. With fans from designers like Minka Aire, Ron Rezek, Kichler, Monte Carlo, Matthews Fan Company and Craftmade, your home’s style is in good hands.

1 – Slipstream Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire, $539.95 + Free Shipping

Slipstream Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire

The Slipstream Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire has an industrial style that’s perfect for modern spaces. The eight all-weather blades are 65 inches in diameter, so this retro looking design is well suited for a larger space that needs air circulation.

What customers are saying about the Slipstream Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire:

The Minka Aire product is stylish, functional and a good value. We have used them for both high end residential and hospitality projects in the US and Mexico. More importantly, is one of our primary go to vendors. Our trade account executive Robert is outstanding. His communication is fast, follow-up excellent, and a pleasure to do business with.

2 – Flute Ceiling Fan by Modern Fan, $384.00 – $484.00 + Free Shipping

Flute Ceiling Fan by Modern Fan Company

This refreshing Flute Ceiling Fan has a sleek design from Ron Rezek, perfect for either indoor or outdoor spaces that need a little urban flair. The fluted fan design is available in maple, white, or nickel finish, so it could work in a fairly wide variety of spaces.

What customers are saying about the Flute Ceiling Fan from the Modern Fan Company:

We bought this fan for our pretty traditional bedroom that secretly yearns to be modern. It is a good compromise. Also we have central air but hate that closed in feeling, so this moves the air very nicely without being obtrusive.

3 – Juna Ceiling Fan by Craftmade Fans, $304.20 – $311.40 + Free Shipping

Juna Ceiling Fan by Craftmade Fans

The Juna Ceiling Fan from Craftmade Fans has curved blades to give the fan a dynamic, contemporary appearance. These ceiling fans from Craftmade combine a long product lifespan with exceptional geometric design. The unique swept blades come in a variety of colors including polished nickel with flat black, galaxy, stainless steel with brushed nickel, white, as well as stainless steel with walnut.

What customers are saying about the Juna Ceiling Fan from Craftmade Fans:

Lumens has great customer service! I love my new fan! The fan is stable, quiet and sleek looking for our new house. I like to easy remote control, simple.

4 – Gusto Ceiling Fan by Modern Fan, $384.00 – $504.00 + Free Shipping

Gusto Ceiling Fan by Modern Fan Company

Perfect for larger spaces or rooms with sloped ceilings, the sleek and understated Gusto Ceiling Fan from the Modern Fan Company is a contemporary design that looks fabulous but won’t overwhelm the space. The Gusto fan is available in bright nickel or gloss white finish with an energy efficient design.

What customers are saying about the Gusto Ceiling Fan by Modern Fan Company:

This fan will take center stage on a screened porch at our home currently under construction. The house is a current interpretation of a Mid-Century Modern style. This fan and its sister, the Velo truly hit the mark.

5 – Ridley Ceiling Fan by Kichler, $518.00 + Free Shipping

Ridley Ceilng Fan by Kichler

The Ridley Ceiling Fan by Kichler has a softer industrial design with a modern-looking chrome motor base and wooden oak-shaped blades. The fan has features motor control with three different speeds as well as light dimming, all of which is remote control operated. The Ridley fan would look great in your bedroom or entryway, particularly if you already have a blend of metallic and wooden accents in your space.

What customers are saying about the Ridley Ceiling Fan by Kichler:

Wooden blades and industrial modern style fan looks great in my kitchen! The stainless steel housing provides a nice complement to my stainless steel appliances. Full range dimmer switch provides great light control, from accent to task lighting. Fan is quiet on low and medium, and still smooth and quiet compared to other fans on high.

Choosing the right modern ceiling fan doesn’t need to be as difficult once you have the information to compare styles. Hopefully you now have a better idea of which fan would look best in your space and you can start enjoying a new ceiling fan in your home. For additional help, see our complete guide on how to choose a ceiling fan.

New at Lumens: Furniture by Domitalia

2014 August 29

Designed and made 100% in Italy, Domitalia is dedicated to the merits of Italian furniture design: original forms, innovative materials and manufacturing, clean and sensual lines. This collection of “comfort living” pieces like unique side chairs, multi-functional tables and quirky outdoor furniture that can be found in homes as well as a number of restaurants.

Check out a few of our favorite Domitalia pieces below:


Archie-L Table By Arter & Citton: A gorgeous blend of rich wood and industrial steel, the Archie-L Table was built for friends with room for up to 10 people. The solid oak or walnut top sits atop an angular base in a deep grey Anthracite finish.

Coquille-L Chair by Orlandini & Radice: Inspired by a scallop shell (“coquille” in French), this curvy beauty is upholstered in soft Dark Grey wool on a whitewashed or walnut-stained ashwood base.


Echo Chair by Arter & Citton: With unique curves, these polypropylene seats are stackable and work indoors or out. We love the available color palette, in neutral tones plus an apple green and true purple hue. Also comes in a barstool version.


Asso Extension Table: A seemingly simple beechwood frame, this table is all about function. Take a dinner party from 4 guests to 10 with a simple extension of the self-storing leaf.

Check out all of the Domitalia furniture collection at

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