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Lumens + Design Milk: Dining Room Reveal

2014 August 28
Zettel'z 5 Chandelier by Ingo Maurer

Jaime’s dining room reveal on Design Milk, featuring Ingo Maurer’s Zettel’z 5 Chandelier.

We were so excited to team up recently with one of our favorite bloggers: Jaime Derringer of Design Milk. Jaime and her family just moved into a brand new home in southern California, and were eager to infuse the blank walls and empty rooms with their keen modern aesthetic.

Jaime’s style is right up our alley, so we were thrilled to help with their “House Milk” project. One of the first rooms they gussied up was the guest room (more on that here), then it was onto the dining room! Jaime chose the Zettel’z 5 Chandelier by Ingo Maurer for over their dining room table—with a twist.

The Zettel’z 5 Chandelier is meant to be an interactive piece. The clips hold 80 sheets of paper, and a mix of printed and blank sheets come with the light itself. But German designer Ingo Maurer wants the end user to contribute to the design as well, with filling in the blank sheets or adding their own.

Jaime took that idea into her own hands, experimenting with a few different kinds of paper and creating totally different looks for her dining space, using the same light fixture. Check out all of her iterations right here and let us know which is your favorite!

St. Tropez by Artkalia

2014 August 26

Lighting by Artkalia can be a real showpiece in an outdoor space like hotel pools, outdoor lounge spaces and restaurants. This collection combines modern design with LED technology into portable lights that also serve as furniture and accessory pieces. A stool that glows from within. Planters that frame a doorway with light and greenery. A floor lamp that doubles as a lit sculpture.

Artkalia’s St. Tropez collection is a new group of multi-functional products that are more than just lights: they are chairs, stools, and other furniture pieces. And they are a striking design that turns heads. Here are a few of our favorite new pieces:

Deauville LED Chair By Artkalia

Deauville LED Chair: This curvy piece features an RGB LED inside, changing colors and effects for up to 8 hours.


Ela L LED Floor Lamp: At more than 5 feet tall, Ela is a serious presence in a space, with 2 LEDs inside the base and shade.

Kubbia Moderna LED Cube By Artkalia

Kubbia Moderna LED Cube: A clean-edged square that supports up toe 240 lbs. as a stool, ottoman or side table.

See all of the new items from Artkalia’s St. Tropez collection at

New Exclusive: Hennepin Made

2014 August 26

It’s no secret we’re a big fan of the craft behind lighting designs. Our latest exclusive from Hennepin Made is the perfect showcase of that: an impeccably designed collection crafted by hand just outside of Minneapolis. The small studio is led by Jackson Schwartz and Joe Limpert, whose keen design vision and fascination with materials led them to the Parallel Series, a stunning new series of pendants made with a perfect pairing of smooth metal and artisanal glass in a palette of subtle colors.

One of the things we love about Hennepin Made is their connection to their hometown roots–the studio is located on Hennepin Avenue (hence the name) and the midwest provides a unique inspiration you don’t find from many other designers.

“We don’t feel the pressure that exists on both coasts to try and fit quick trends,” Jackson said. “It’s a little more geographically isolated, which we believe allows for better reflection and focus.”

Parallel Pendants by Hennepin Made

That reflection has led them to a perfectly curated collection of pendant lighting, including our latest exclusive. The Parallel Pendants are meant to be clustered together, with various shapes and colors that mesh well in a group despite the contrast between them. The Hennepin team spent several years looking into the right materials, design and engineering for the collection.

Hennepin Made process

Joe Limpert and Jackson Schwartz at work in their Minneapolis Studio.

Be sure to read our full Q&A with Hennepin Made and check out the  Parallel Series at




This just in: Houdini Pendants by Corbett

2014 August 18

Houdini Pendant by Corbett

How did they…? This new introduction from Corbett Lighting brings a touch of magic to a space. Featuring a mini chandelier suspended in “mid-air” with a single, double or triple shade, the Houdini Pendants by Corbett Lighting are truly an escape from the ordinary. The Houdini pendants house two contrasting crystal chandeliers inside and open frame, each secured at an offset angle so they appear to be tumbling down from the ceiling.

Marrying traditional elements like mini ornate chandeliers and a silver leaf finish with the clean lines of the frame, the Houdini pendants are a unique blend of styles. Available as a single, double or triple pendant, the pendant is suspended by discreet aircraft cable, adding to the illusion that the boxes are floating all on their own. Check out the entire Houdini Pendant collection at



Fave 5: Top Desk Lamps for the Modern Office

2014 August 18

Some days, finding the motivation to sit down and put your nose to the grindstone is difficult enough. But one essential for a productive space is a good lamp. We consider an A+ desk lamp to be a must-have for any workspace, whether it’s for burning the midnight oil in a college dorm or illuminating your 9-to-5 office space. Here are five go-to favorites our customers say haven’t let them down.

Equo Gen 3 Task Lamp by Koncept

Equo Gen 3 Desk Lamp by Koncept, $198

5-Star Review: “It’s a beautiful finish and so minimal it’s not intrusive at all…the light spreads to nearly the entire desk when higher and…is good for lighting up a desk while staring at a computer screen.”

Koncept has led the way in LED task lamps, and one of their more recent introductions, the Equo, has continued to well, show us the light. Adjusting the tilt of this lamp is light and easy, and a touch strip along the stem makes it especially simple to control power and brightness. Available in 3 finishes and warm or cool light option.

Pixo Table Lamp by Pablo Designs

Pixo Task Lamp By Pablo Designs, $199-$205

5-Star Review: “This desktop lamp is probably the best investment I’ve made thus far. It has a classic timeless design that I love. The simplicity and lines make it easy to place in every room not just your desk.”

The Pixo Table Lamp is simple, yet everything you need in a desk lamp: a moveable arm and head to direct light where you need it; a handy USB charging port in the base; warm, bright, LED light; and a subtle rainbow of 7 colors to choose from. With base just 5 inches in diameter, it takes up little desk real estate and is sleek enough to fit in with any office style.

Tizio Classic Task Lamp by Artemide

Tizio Classic Task Lamp By Artemide, From $565

5-star review: “Had Tizio lamps in the 80’s and unfortunately sold them when we moved offices. Have tried several other desk lamps since but nothing beats a Tizio.”

This Richard Sapper design from 1972 has earned its place as a favorite among architects and designers. Never-out-of-style features like a smooth, feather-light adjustability and a sleek, industrial form ensure it’s a welcome addition to the desktop, no matter what the era. It’s also a true modern classic, included in the permanent 20th century design collections at the New York MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum.

CSYS CSYS Task Lamp By Jake Dyson

CSYS Task Lamp By Jake Dyson, $990

5-star review: “Like everything else that Dyson produces, Jake Dyson seems to have the inherent family trait of creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing product. Simply stunning and outstanding quality.”

What James Dyson did for vacuums, his son Jake Dyson did for desk lamps. The designer spent six years deep in the research and mechanics that led to the CSYS LED Task Light, which bring together sleek design and the latest technology. He even nailed the mechanics involved to keeping the light right where you position it (no more dropping lamp shade) for ultra-precise, seamless movement.

Kelvin LED Task Lamp by Flos Lighting

Kelvin LED Task Lamp with Table Base By Flos Lighting, $545

5-star review: “The lamp is a perfect example of form meeting function. The lamp arm’s reach is long and the heavy base lets you take advantage of that reach without worrying the lamp will tip over.”

Designed by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen, the Kelvin Lamp was made with industrial design in mind, but works wonders on the everyday desk space. With a pantograph arm, 2 steel cables and 30 LEDs, it sounds like it was built for a machine shop. Also available in a mini version and a “Green Mode” version, which includes an integrated daylight sensor that allows the lamp to project only what light is needed.

New: Skyline Collection from Hammerton Studio

2014 August 18
by Sarah
Skyline Linear Suspension by Hammerton Studio

Skyline Linear Suspension by Hammerton Studio

With a look reminiscent of a big-city vista, Hammerton Studio’s new Skyline Collection is a clean, contemporary ode to the modern skyscraper.

This new line juxtaposes smooth layers of precision-cut metal, Hammerton’s impeccable artisan glass and crisp linen for a cool, urban appeal. You’ll also notice a bit of Asian influence in the design—that look was inspired by pagoda-style outdoor lighting that was made popular in the mid-20th century.

The style is available as an indoor and outdoor wall sconce, pendant, chandelier and semi-flushmount light in addition to the linear suspension shown above. Check out the whole Skyline Collection by Hammerton Studio right here.

Skyline collection by Hammerton Studeio

Skyline Chandelier, Skyline Outdoor Wall Sconce and Skyline Cover Wall Sconce by Hammerton Studio.

Fermob Celebrates Bistro Chair’s 125th Anniversary

2014 August 11
by Sarah

Bistro Chair by Fermob

Bistro Chair by Fermob

You may not even look twice now when you see one in coffee shops, public parks, and even your own backyard. But Fermob’s Bistro Chair is the bistro chair that started it all, originally designed in Europe in 1889. They became especially popular among lemonade and mobile food vendors, and today you’ll still spot them in places like Bryant Park and Times Square in NYC and in cafes all over Paris.

The Bistro Chair has become somewhat of a cult icon in its time. It’s a rare day-to-day design that is exactly the same as it was over a century ago, with the exception of adding a rainbow of available colors). The timelessness of it—simple, functional design—has kept it well in style for all of these years. Along with the rest of Fermob’s outdoor furniture collection, the Bistro Chair comes in a rainbow of 24 bright, cheery colors.



To commemorate its 125th year, Fermob created its own Eiffel Tower in Paris, constructed entirely out of cherry red bistro chairs. The “Bistro Tower” was on display right in front of the international landmark, and for the rest of this week, can be seen at Paris Plages, an area in the city that creates temporary artificial beaches along the river. The reproduction uses no fewer than 324 chairs to reflect the Eiffel Tower’s 324 metres in height. Quite a beauty, isn’t it?

Next time you spot a Bistro Chair (we bet it’s sooner than you think), feel free to wish it a very happy birthday!

Space-age, all the rage: Varaluz’s new Capsule Collection

2014 August 11

Capsule Collection by Varaluz

We’re excited to introduce a brand-new exclusive collection from Varaluz: The Capsule collection, a sputnik-inspired silhouette with curvy ’70s-esque shades that showcase the exposed bulbs inside. To create this latest  collection, its designer and company founder Ron Henderson took a little trip back in time to age three, to what he calls “space-age memories”:

“I was lucky to be just old enough to remember watching the takeoff and subsequent lunar landing,” he says. “I think I was three, but it has stayed with me.” The memory has endured well enough to inspire a pretty compelling new lighting collection. Elongated glass spheres shoot out in every direction, evoking a classic mid-century aesthetic. “The idea was a more atomic-era take on our Pinwheel cluster pendants,” says Henderson, “and it got a little carried away from there. Cocktails and requisite discussions of a highly personal and inappropriate nature may also have contributed.” (Editor’s note: Ha!)

Not one to be limited by the utter appropriateness of a three-year-old’s sense of awe at the moon landing, Henderson drew on some other inspiration as well for the collection (which includes three pendants, one ceiling/wall fixture and one wall sconce). Add some hallucinogens and health food and—BAM!—you have a light: “It’s a clever play on drugs, vitamins, space exploration and time,” Henderson adds. “And really, aren’t those captivating themes to work into a light fixture?” We think so.

Equally captivating is Henderson’s dedication to the environment. In keeping with his commitment to create “super fun fixtures for you that are kind to good old Mother Earth,” the Capsule collection is made using 70% recycled steel and 100% recycled glass.

It’s also available in two distinctive finishes, to suit all kinds of interiors. “The chrome is expected,” says Henderson of the finish options, “although the smoke glass may not be—but as a fan of the ’60s and ’70s it’s hard not to love it. Meanwhile, the Champagne is gorgeous and bright and fun and warm. I will probably find uses for both in my living spaces.”

Which one will you use? Check out the whole Capsule collection, only available at Lumens.

Capusule Chandelier by Varaluz

The Capsule Chandelier by Varaluz in Champagene.

Varaluz Capsule Cluster Pendant

Capsule Cluster Pendant by Varaluz in Chrome with Smoke Glass.


New from Rich Brilliant Willing

2014 August 4

We’ve yet to meet a Rich Brilliant Willing design we didn’t love. This Brooklyn design studio was founded in 2007 and has been experiencing international design accolades ever since. A few new introductions perfectly showcase the group’s distinctive approach: simple and intelligent design that brings out the very best in modern environments.


Take the new Radient collection, for example. The Radient Wall Sconce is at once architectural and minimal, with a circle of solid wood backlit by energy-efficient LEDs. The design is also available as a sculptural table lamp, in 3 wood shades and 2 geometric shapes.


We also love the ultra-industrial Branch Triple Chandelier, a tripod-shaped pendant with three bent plywood “branches,” each wrapped in a perforated metal shell in a trio of warm metal options.

You’ll find Rich Brilliant Willing designs in a number of swanky interiors, including Yelp’s San Francisco headquarters, New York’s Conrad Hotel and Bo London Restaurant in the UK. We love that the Rich Brilliant Willing team always keeps up guessing, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

New at Lumens: Copeland Furniture

2014 August 4
Astrid Bedroom Collection by Copeland Furniture

Astrid Bedroom Collection by Copeland Furniture

We love a good it-started-in-a-garage story, and Copeland Furniture is one such tale. The company started out in the 1970s as a one-man operation and grew to the contemporary furniture manufacturer they are today, staying true to their east coast roots. Each piece comes from Bradford, Vermont, down to its design, manufacturing and even sometimes its inspiration.

Kyoto Dining Collection from Copeland Furniture

Kyoto Dining Collection from Copeland Furniture

Copeland Furniture is the real deal: solid, natural hardwood furniture that is modern and minimal, pulling influences from arts & crafts, shaker and Scandinavian design influences. Each piece is impeccable, from the mid-century modern look of the Astrid bedroom collection to the clean style of the Japanese-style Kyoto dining furniture. We also especially love the Audrey dining room set, with mid-century simplicity meshed with Asian-influenced curves.

Not to mention, the hardwood used to produce Copeland’s collection is harvested within 500 miles of their facilities and is FSC-certified and the winner of a number of awards for their sustainable practices. Check out the full collection from Copeland right here.

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