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New Arrivals from Jonathan Adler

2014 October 21


Oh, Jonathan Adler. Let us count the ways. Mr. Adler continues to surprise and delight with every new lighting fixture he designs, and these latest introductions are no exception—blending luxury with retro and a hint of playfulness.

Check out some of the new statement-making chandeliers that just arrived from Jonathan Adler:


Vienna Chandelier: This beauty looks like it’s ready for a Great Gatsby party–and we like it. Paying homage to Italian glass artisans, the delicate “cloud” is made from clusters of white pulegoso glass, dangling from a brass chain. Each glass panel has countless bubbles in the molten glass, which gives it a spongey, irregular texture that creates the opaque appearance that is the pulegoso signature.


Puzzle Chandelier: An inventive wow piece that blends ’60s modernism with ’70s Italian glamour. This fixture is strong and architectural, with a cluster of brass sheets geometrically composed together around its light source, for warm, reflective light.
Rio Chandelier: This one would be right at home over Don Draper’s dining table, right? That’s the mastery of Jonathan Adler, who has many designs that bring a little retro flair while still being chic and modern enough for today’s interiors. This one in particular has an upbeat mid-century vibe, with 8 globes emerging from a central stem. A choice of 3 finishes–brass, polished nickel and bronze–changes the look and makes it a versatile fixture for many different spaces.
Be sure to check out all of our Jonathan Adler lighting favorites at

New at Lumens: Iacoli & McAllister

2014 October 21
by Staff


This Seattle-based design duo met in 2007 and quickly bonded over a shared design aesthetic—and we’re thrilled that said aesthetic has now made its way to Blending minimalism, beauty and functionality, Iacoli & McAllister has designed lighting and much more with a “never-seen-that-before” edge, primarily fabricated through welding, laser cutting and etching.

The pair takes a reductive approach to design, balancing positive and negative spatiality while keeping proportion, scale and color in mind. Iacoli & McAllister also pays special attention the fabrication of each product, exploring different mediums and industrial processes. The result is clean and chromatic pieces that tow the line between minimal artistry and major wow factor.

Here’s a look at a few of the new additions for Iacoli & McAllister:


Spica Large Pendant by Iacoli & McAllister: This modern fixture takes contemporary minimalism to another level. Named after the brightest star in the Virgo constellation, it showcases a simple, standard incandescent light bulb inside a powder-coated steel frame. Available in 3 finishes: black, brass, copper and white wrapped in thin brass wire (swoon).


5-Piece Frame Cluster: One of the designs that shot Iacoli & McAllister to the top of design minds, the Frame Cluster Pendants group together open volumes of plated steel, clustered in sets of 2 all the way up to 11 in one bunch. These bold fixtures are available in a variety of metal finishes, and also in vibrant aqua, mint or tomato if color is more your thing.

To see all of the new additions from Iacoli & McAllister, visit

Fave Five: Furniture Picks in the Design Event

2014 October 21

Our Semi-Annual Design Event Sale is fully underway and not only are we offering the best sale in modern lighting, we also have a huge selection of contemporary furniture on sale. With so many design-oriented brands on sale with products from noteworthy craftsmen like Philippe Starck, Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton, there can be a lot of options to choose from — here are our five favorite furniture picks included in the sale.

Masters Chair from Kartell – ON SALE TODAY

Masters Chair by Philippe Starck

The Masters Chair from Kartell is by far one of our favorite pieces of modern furniture. Designed by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet, the Masters Chair pays tribute to iconic designs before its time — the Series 7 Chair by Arne Jacobsen, the Tulip armchair by Eero Saarinen and the Eiffel Chair by Charles Eames. The Masters Chair combines pieces of these designs to form one ultra-contemporary chair.

What Shoppers Are Saying About the Masters Chair:

These are perfect dining chairs, indoors or out. They are extremely comfortable as well as stylish. Light-weight and easy to care for (even with pets), they are a fun addition to a dining table especially in the interesting colors which offer accent to the room. They also are not overbearing with the open lattice backrest, without detracting from comfort.

For not a lot of money, you get a statement piece. It’s plastic but the ergonomics are really nice. This chair serves as my daily office chair. I spend hours at a time in it with little to no fatigue or soreness. Unlike my previous chair, this one is elegant, durable and lightweight. It’s so stylish and comfortable that I’m thinking about getting the bar height version for my dining area.

Panton Chair Classic From Vitra – ON SALE TODAY

Panton Classic Chair by Vitra

We can’t discuss our favorite modern furniture without mentioning Verner Panton’s most celebrated design — the Panton Classic Chair for Vitra.

The Panton Classic Chair was designed in 1959, went into production with Vitra in 1967 and has been a classic piece ever since. The chair is designed with one solid piece of molded plastic and is available in three distinct colors: white, black and red.

A version of the chair was re-engineered in 1999 to be molded from a single piece of dyed polypropylene and features a matte finish instead of the Classic’s glossy lacquer finish. It’s also available in a version suited just for kids — the Panton Junior Chair.

Series 7 Chairs From Fritz Hansen – ON SALE TODAY

Series 7 Chairs by Fritz Hansen

Designed by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen, the Series 7 Collection of chairs is an iconic family of modern furniture. Often called the father of mid-century modern Danish design, the collection of chairs in Series 7 embody classic Danish design Arne Jacobsen was known for. Series 7 is available in a variety of finishes and veneers, ranging from armchairs to stools intended to be used at the kitchen counter.

Gel-T Chairs From Domitalia – ON SALE TODAY

Gel T Chair by Domitalia

The Gel-T Chairs from Domitalia are relatively new to Lumens, but they have quickly become a favorite of ours. Designed and made in Italy, the Gel-T Chair by Domitalia is light colored and lightweight — a perfect touch for the modern dining room. And if space is an issue, these chairs can easily be stacked and pushed aside when they are not being used. They are made with a durable steel frame and the seat is available in a variety of colors: white, black, transparent blue, transparent green, transparent orange, transparent red and transparent smoke (pictured above).

Stool 60 With Colored Top From Artek – ON SALE TODAY

Stool 60 by Artek

Designed in 1933 by Finnish designer Alvar Aalto, Stool 60 is a classic piece of furniture and is available today through Artek. Stool 60 by Alvar Aalto for Artek is famous for its incredibly simple, yet impactful design — three L-shaped wooden legs supporting a round wooden seat.

Aalto’s classic design celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2013 and in honor of its anniversary, Artek released a colored top version (pictured above) as well as a full color collaboration with designer Mike Meire. Both Stool 60 Colored Top and Mike Meire’s Stool 60 are available at Lumens.

You can see Mike Meire’s take on Stool 60 below:

Whether you are shopping for an iconic piece of furniture or something new for the upcoming holidays, be sure to check out the selection of furniture in the Design Event.

New from Artemide

2014 October 14
by Staff

Never one to disappoint, Italian lighting leaders Artemide have introduced a few new fixtures we’re really excited about. From head-turning suspension lamps to lights that double as works of art, here’s a look at a few of our favorite new introductions.

Scopa Suspension By Neil Poulton for Artemide

Scopa Suspension By Artemide

Scopa Suspension by Neil Poulton for Artemide
This stunning, semi-absent sphere changes its silhouette depending on the angle from which you look at it—from one side it may resemble a crescent moon, and another a sphere with a bite taken out of it. The sphere is made up of round LED plates that creates 360 degrees of illumination. The piece was originally designed with 12 modules to create a round shape; Scottish designer Neil Poulten removed six of them to create a balanced between what was there and what was not.

Ilio Floor Lamp by Artemide

Ilio Floor Lamp by Artemide

Ilio Floor Lamp by Ernesto Gismondi
A perfect punch of saturated color is at the heart of this simple floor lamp from Ernesto Gismondi. The fixture uses a basic shape and design, letting the 7 color variations draw attention to the aluminum cylinder, which supports a 39-watt LED optical engine at the top. Almost 6 feet tall, the light provides enough indirect light to provide the general illumination of a room.

Hoshigame Table Lamp by Artemide

Hoshigame Table Lamp by Artemide

Hoshigame Table Lamp by Issey Miyake
One of our favorite introductions for Artemide last year was the IN-EI collection from fashion icon Issey Miyake. Each lamp is made using 3D mathematical principals, resulting in a fixture that’s appears as fine as paper and draws on the play between shadow and light. The newest addition to the collection is the Hoshigame Table Lamp (star tortoise), which can the folded flat or expanded into a three-dimensional half star shape over an LED bulb.

Just in: Vitra Furniture

2014 October 14

We’ve long loved Vitra for its breadth of modern accessories, including Nelson clocks, the Eames House Bird and the many quirky designs from Alexander Girard. Now, you’ll find much more from Vitra at, as we’ve added a number of new and classic furniture pieces, including lounge chairs, dining furniture, tables and more. Here’s a look at a few new additions we’re especially excited about:

Grand Repos Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Vitra

Grand Repos Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Vitra

Grand Repos Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Antonio Citterio
With “wings” wrapping around the head and seat, this recent design from Antonio Citterio is a contemporary take on the classic wingback chair. But it’s not just all looks: the Grand Repos collection was built for supreme comfort. Generous padding, inviting armrests and a high backrest make this chair ideal for a lazy afternoon. Plus, a synchronized mechanism under the upholstery that adjust automatically to the user’s weight provides support to let the sitter move from upright to reclined smoothly and seamlessly. Available in 26 upholstery options.

Wood Table by Vitra

Wood Table by Vitra

Wood Table by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby
This new introduction from Vitra takes it back to basics, with minimal parts and ornamentation that make it a stable, easy piece for a variety of spaces. But while the Wood Table might appear simple, its fine detailing is what makes it stand apart: the oval profile of the solid wood legs; the rounded underside edge of the tabletop; and the aluminum bridges that connect the legs to keep the tabletop from warping. Available in 3 finishes and 4 sizes.

Heart Cone Chair By Verner Panton for Vitra

Heart Cone Chair By Vitra

Heart Cone Chair by Verner Panton
One of the most famous Vitra designs, created by Verner Panton in the late 1950s. Panton spent some time experimenting with bright colors and geometric silhouettes (just ahead of the pop art movement), and one of the results was this almost cartoonish, heart-shaped chair that some interpret as a take on the classic wingback chair. Available in 8 fabrics, from subtle black or brown to a vibrant yellow or grassy green.

Our Favorite Modern LED Desk Lamps

2014 October 7

LEDs are the way of the future given their extreme efficiency when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Making that switch can reduce CO2 emissions by hundreds of pounds each year for a single lamp. With some LED bulbs lasting up to 50,000 hours, it seems like a no brainer that LEDs are poised to take over. Take that efficiency and pair it with a great, contemporary design and you will have one good looking lamp. Here are some of our favorite modern LED desk lamps from a few noteworthy designers.

Trapeze LED Table Lamp by Light & Contrast – ON SALE TODAY

$331.50 through 10/31!

Trapeze Table Lamp by Peter Stathis

Designed by Peter Stathis, the Trapeze LED Table Lamp is a testament to the marriage of aesthetics and functionality. Stathis has won over thirty international awards for lighting thanks to his commitment to using cutting edge technology. His designs are featured in museums like the New York Museum of Modern Art and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

His Trapeze Lamp is easily adjustable by moving the rounded ends of the rods for a smooth and intuitive adjustment. The thin head of the lamp contains 102 LED lights to light up your desk workspace. It comes in three attractive colors, charcoal, orange, or white, and in two different sizes. The small lamp has two adjustment points and the larger size has three. To adjust the lighting level, there is a touch dimmer on the head of the lamp.

What Shoppers Are Saying About the Trapeze Table Lamp:

This lamp is very cool and has adjustable brightness. The tension loosens up pretty easily but can be retightened without much ado. It LOOKS awesome and my 7yr old daughter LOVES it as a reading light, very versatile.

Tolomeo Mini LED Task Lamp by Artemide – ON SALE TODAY

$527.00 through 10/31!

Tolomeo Mini LED Task Lamp by Artemide

Designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, the Tolomeo was originally created in 1986. Since then, the iconic lamp has gone through some revisions to arrive at this current miniaturized version using energy efficient LED lighting. The desk lamp is very adjustable and rotates 90 degrees in either direction in addition to its integrated touch dimmer. Made from polished aluminum with stainless steel internal and external tension control cables, the Italian-made lamp is a beautiful addition to any contemporary desk space.

What Shoppers Are Saying About the Tolomeo Mini LED Lamp:

The LEDs are very bright and my wife can use the light for her bedtime reading. It is very sturdy and the craftsmanship is exactly what you would expect Artemide. Although the price is on the steeper side, it is worth the investment.

Otto Watt LED Table Lamp by Luceplan – ON SALE TODAY

$397.50 through 10/31!

Otto Watt Desk Lamp by Luceplan

Designed by Milanese architects Paolo Rizzatto and Alberto Meda, the Otto Watt LED Table Lamp demonstrates their keen senses of style and aesthetics. Rizzatto’s works can be found in magazines and museums around the world like the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the New York Museum of Modern Art, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. He’s won the Italian Premi Compassi d’oro award four times and the International Competition of Design for his works.

The light from the Otto Watt is easily dimmable and the user can also turn the lens to adjust the color temperature of the light from warm to cool. Available in either black, mirror, or white finish, this lamp is versatile enough to fit well in the office or the home.

See behind the design of the Otto Watt:

What Shoppers Are Saying About the Otto Watt:

Gorgeous design, executed well. Adjustable temperature transcends typical LED limitations and dimmability allows user to tailor intensity for mood, task, and ambient light.

Edge2 LED Task lamp by Blackjack Lighting

$199.20 + Free Shipping!

Edge2 Task Lamp by Stephen Blackman

Designed by renowned artist and engineer Stephen Blackman, the Edge2 LED Task Lamp is an exceptionally modern and attractive way to light up your desk. The ultra-thin lamp is both light and durable, and doesn’t require a counterbalance for adjustment. The body is the lamp is made from a die formed magnesium alloy. The appearance has a plated matte black finished and stands around 20.1 inches tall. Among LED desk lamps, the Edge2 is exceptional.

What Shoppers Are Saying About the Edge2 Task Lamp:

5-Star Review: The angle of the arm to the base and the light head to the arm are adjustable through mechanical plastic hinges that are nicely weighted. One feature that should contribute to the longevity of the unit is that the metal light head acts as a heat sink conducting heat away from the LEDs. The color of the LEDs is easy on the eyes and the light is evenly distributed on the work surface. A clean angular design that functions well.

Whatever your style may be, there are plenty of efficient LED lamps to choose from.

New at Lumens: Decode

2014 October 6
Heavy Pendants by Decode

Heavy Pendants by Decode

Emerging design studios continue to wow us with each passing year, and Decode is another that’s been on our radar. Founder Samuel Wilkinson graduated from design school in London in 2007 and founded Decode to near instantaneous success. His Heavy Light is one that put the company on the map, made from slip-cast concrete and providing a foreshadow to the surge of concrete designs we’ve seen since.

Heavy Pendant by Decode

The underside of Decode’s Heavy Pendant. The fixture is left inverted in the mold during the drying process, allowing the form to develop air pockets and marble-like patters on the inside.

The Heavy Light takes a traditionally industrial material—concrete—and brings it to a whole new level, showcasing the natural pattern and color variations in each fixture.

Decode's Vessel Pendant was designed around another Samuel Wilkinson design, the Plumen 001 CFL bulb.

Decode’s Vessel Pendant was designed around another Samuel Wilkinson design, the Plumen 001 CFL bulb.

You might also know Wilkinson from the slew of British Design Awards he’s won since launching Decode. But if not for that, you probably recognize one of his earlier designs, the Plumen 001 Lightbulb. This twisted CFL bulb well-received by design enthusiasts, and was the center of one of Wilkinson’s designs for Decode: The Vessel collection was designed specifically to house the Plumen Bulb.

Check out the full Decode Lighting collection at

Just in: Michael McHale Designs

2014 October 6
Tribeca Bar Linear Suspension By Michael McHale Designs

Tribeca Bar Linear Suspension By Michael McHale Designs

Michael McHale’s journey to becoming a lighting designer is a bit of a Cinderella tale. In 2007, the then-entertainment lawyer went shopping for a light for his New York apartment. Underwhelmed by what was out there, he left empty handed and with a vision that he could do a better job himself. Since then, he’s done just that, creating a grit-meets-glam collection from crystals and steel pipes.

There’s a clear dichotomy in the materials found in Michael McHale’s designs: shimmering, luxurious fully-leaded crystal. Traditional, flame-tipped candelabra bulbs. Reclaimed pipes from construction sites. But the drenching raw, industrial steel in ooh-la-la crystal is a stylistic balance of high and low, and works in a variety of spaces. The crystal chandelier look blends right in with traditional spaces; more modern looks can play off the industrial loft aesthetic.

Here’s a look at a couple of our favorites from Michael McHale Designs:

Tribeca Bar Linear Suspension By Michael McHale Designs

Tribeca Bar Linear Suspension: A popular and versatile design, this fixture features vintage blackened steel gas pipes drenched in high-quality European crystal. The Tribeca Collection includes a number of other styles as well, including a mini pendant and X-chandelier.

Crystal Gear Pendant By Michael McHale Designs

Crystal Gear Pendant: This pendant steps away from McHale’s signature plumbing pipes and instead uses a 3D printed “gear” made out of a eco-friendly, renewable bioplastic. But the design doesn’t stray too far from the Michael McHale look: between the two gears is a ring of optically pure Bohemian crystals that “shifts gears” from gritty to glitzy.

Michael McHale is new at Lumens and part of our semi-annual Design Event, on now. Save 10% on all Michael McHale Designs thru October 31, 2014.

New Arrivals for the Design Event

2014 October 3

Our semi-annual #designevent is underway and it is packed with fresh new designs from some of our favorite lighting and furniture designers including Rich Brilliant Willing, Artemide and Scandinavian lighting company, ilomio.

MilkPail Single Pendant by ilomio

SAVE 10% on all lighting by ilomio through 10/31!

MilkPail Pendant by ilomio

The MilkPail Single Pendant from ilomio, designed by by Esko Schmidt Sorensen and Peter Williamson, is inspired by a stainless steel milking pail, fitted with LEDs and is available in a variety of color options. It’s made with eco-friendliness in mind using recycled aluminum in the fixture’s shade. On sale now for $378.00!

Aspect Pendants by Schmitt Design

SAVE 15% on all lighting by Schmitt Design through 10/31!

Aspect Pendants by Schmitt Design

The Aspect Pendants by Brian Schmitt for Schmitt Design offer comforting geometric glow with their faceted shape and won a 2012 Dwell On Design Award for Best Lighting. The Aspect design is available in a slender pendant shape, a thick pendant shape and as a candle votive for the perfect tabletop accessory. The Aspect pendants are on sale now starting at $335.75!

Slend Suspension Lights by Bover

SAVE 15% on all lighting by Bover through 10/31!

Slend Suspension by Bover

Slim, sleek silhouettes meant to be clustered together. Designed by Christophe Mathieu, the Slend Suspension Lights by Bover are thin pendants composed of spun aluminum designed with the intention to complement each other in multiple groupings. Slend is available in brilliant black, brilliant white and polished aluminum finishes. The Slend collection is on sale now starting at $639.20!

Read More: Behind the Design of the Slend Suspension

Branch Triple Chandelier by Rich Brilliant Willing

SAVE 15% on all lighting by RBW through 10/31!

Branch Triple Chandelier by Rich Brilliant Willing

Plywood and perforated metal give the Branch Triple Chandelier by Rich Brilliant Willing an industrial edge that will make it stand out in any room. Branch is 30″ wide by 24″ tall and 26″ around. It’s available in three distinct finishes – earth, gold and natural. On sale now at $1,466.25!

Read More: Behind the Design of Rich Brilliant Willing

Crystal Gear Pendant by Michael McHale Designs

SAVE 10% on all Michael McHale Designs lighting through 10/31!

Crystal Gear Pendant by Michael McHale Designs

New York’s Michael McHale Designs is new to Lumens and one of our favorite designs is the Crystal Gear Pendant. Unlike Michael McHale’s other industrial designs using steel plumbing pipes in the fixture, the Crystal Gear Pendant is manufactured with eco-friendly bioplastic and features a multitude of high quality crystals. It is 8″ tall by 12″ round and is truly a stunning piece. On sale now at $1,250.10!

Halo Table Lamp by Artemide

SAVE 15% on Artemide through 10/31!

Halo Table Lamp by Artemide

Designed by Karim Rashid for Artemide, the Halo Table Lamp offers warm light in a fixture that can be tilted up to 90° in either direction. It’s perfect as a conversation piece in the living room or as a reading light in the bedroom. On sale now at $709.75!

Other Great Options

Browse all of the new designs included the Design Event and save up to 40% on our favorite lighting, furniture and accessory products through the end of October.

The Hope Suspension by Luceplan

2014 October 1

The Design Event, our semi-annual sale, kicked off today and features the very best designs in modern lighting, furniture and home furnishings. There are many noteworthy design pieces featured in the sale and one of our favorites is the Hope Suspension by Francisco Gomez Paz and Paolo Rizzatto for Luceplan.

Hope Suspension

On Sale Through October 31!

Hope Suspension by Luceplan

Luceplan’s Hope Suspension is the perfect piece to wow everyone and it carries an impressive design story (see video below). Whether it is placed over the dining table or as your entryway lighting piece, its polycarbonate prismatic Fresnel lenses are bound to glimmer and impress.

The Hope Suspension is available in three sizes to accommodate the space you have: 24″, 28″ and a larger 43″ for foyers and entryways. The fixture appears to made from panels of glass, but it is actually constructed with multiple polycarbonate prismatic Fresnel lenses that offer the same glimmering effect. By designing the Hope Suspension with these lenses, designers Francisco Gomez Paz and Paolo Rizzatto are able to achieve the look of a large glamourous glass chandelier, but without the bulk and weight. Its design also makes it incredibly easy to assemble.

What Our Shoppers Are Saying About the Hope Suspension:

I wanted an iconic yet well priced light fixture and this one was perfect! I even got it on sale! Amazing. So happy.

The beautiful Hope chandelier by Luceplan just arrived. It was packed perfectly to prevent damage and came with easy-to-follow instructions. This was the most convenient shopping I’ve ever done. Ordering was easy, the item shipped quickly and the price was competitive. The fixture transforms my foyer and provides the perfect degree of illumination. Thank you, Lumens.

We’re confident you will love the look of the Hope Suspension as much as these shoppers do.

Other Great Options

The design of the Hope is also available as a flush ceiling light, a medium-sized ceiling/wall light, a wall sconce and a floor lamp. Browse the Hope collection to find the perfect fixture for you.

Be sure to shop our semi-annual Design Event to find the Hope Suspension and all other great designs on sale.

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