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The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2013 – Day 6

2013 December 6

Welcome to day 6 of our 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas! We are officially halfway through, with plenty more goodies to come. To check out the giftable lamps that have come before, you can start from the beginning. Or, if you’re eager to move forward, then read on to learn about lamp #6…

Instead of putting a lampshade on your head at a Christmas party this weekend, try putting it on your table:

6. Teca Mini Table Lamps by Flos

Sure, these might not have a woman’s leg in fishnets holding them up, but these classic shades are still sure to bring a smile to whomever receives them this holiday season.

Teca Mini Table Lamps by Flos

Teca Mini Table Lamps by Flos

Designed by Ron Gilad, the Flos Teca Mini Table Lamps are at once contemporary and playful; the sight of a fringed shade glowing inside a glass box is certainly unexpected. More than that, though, the impression is one of a display in a museum, which is entirely intentional. The name of the collection, after all, is a play on the Italian word for “reliquary,” or a container that holds ancient and/or sacred relics.

In other words, these are shades that are deserving of display and respect. They are representative of a certain point in time in lighting history. More than that, with their ornate and frilly designs, they can now be considered works of art as much as functional parts of a lamp.

The first of these lamps is the Teca Mini Victorian Grandeur Table Lamp. With its intricate embroidery, thick lace ribbing and inward curve (evocative of a tightly laced corset), you can truly see this shade casting a warm glow around a 19th century salon:

The Teca Mini Victorian Grandeur Table Lamp

The Teca Mini Victorian Grandeur Table Lamp

And then there’s the Teca Mini Renaissance Cupola Table Lamp. It too has thick ribbing, but with a more relaxed bell shape. It is also quite a bit flirtier with a thick border of red fringe:

The Teca Mini Renaissance Cupola Table Lamp by Flos

The Teca Mini Renaissance Cupola Table Lamp by Flos


The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2013 – Day 5

2013 December 5

Hey there! So we’ve made it to Day 5 of our 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas, our list of twelve of the most giftable lamps out there, perfect for Christmas or anytime. Not sure what “giftable” means? It’s all outlined for you on Day 1.

There’s no doubt that lamp #5 meets all the giftable criteria with great aplomb. It’s a cute little thing that kids might just mistake for their new toy:

5. Top Four Mini LED Lamp by LUXIT

The Top Four Mini LED Lamp by LUXIT

The Top Four Mini LED Lamp by LUXIT

When it comes to the toys I loved as a kid, LEGOs are at the top of the list. So imagine my reaction when I saw a task light that looks just like those colorful building blocks. The whole collection is glossy, cheerful and toy-like, but it’s the LUXIT Top Four Mini LED Lamp that has the proportions most evocative of LEGOs. So it was my immediate favorite of the bunch.

Its three segments make it easy to adjust the direction of light coming from the four LEDs on the top segment. It’s absolutely acrobatic, able to hold any number of positions with minimal effort on your part.

Its compact size makes this lamp even more charming…and useful. It definitely does not take up a lot of space; hunched over it stands less then 5 inches tall and 4 inches deep. You can bring it in tight for illuminating a keyboard or paperwork or keep it off to the side for more general illumination of a desktop. And you have to admit that it just looks adorable doing it. All-in-all, Top Four is the perfect task lamp for that special someone who plays as hard as they work.

Top Four Mini LED Lamp by LUXIT

(This lamp is probably my favorite for 2013, which I usually save for the finale of the 12 Lamps list. But in this case, I thought I’d sneak it in a bit early since its currently giftable price is supposed to go away mid-month. But don’t worry; my second favorite is also pretty darn cool.)

The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2013 – Day 4

2013 December 4

Moving right along, we are now on Day 4 of our 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas list. If you haven’t had the chance to read along from the beginning, take a look at the 1st day to get the lowdown on this list as well as look over the lamps we’ve already featured. Then come on back to check out our next giftable lamp.

For lamp #4, we’re going with something that both contemporary design lovers and sci-fi fans will appreciate:


4. Satellite Table Touch Lamp by Access Lighting

The Satellite Table Touch Lamp by Access Lighting

The Satellite Table Touch Lamp by Access Lighting

Whether in the darkest reaches of the galaxy or just in your own home, the Access Lighting Satellite Table Touch Lamp is able to provide bright, energy efficient light. Its design is simple, sleek and a little space-age, with a tapered column of brushed steel topped by a glass shade. The wide flare of the shade and its frosted texture help it to diffuse glare-free LED light in all directions. Adding to the cool factor is the control: simply tap the steel disc on top to turn the light on or off.

The Satellite is also entirely portable. It’s only 8 inches tall and powered by three AA batteries, which allow for up to 38 hours of continuous use. So you can be sure that whoever gets this lamp as a gift can take it to infinity and beyond (if they want).

Satellite Table Touch Lamp by Access Lighting

The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2013 – Day 3

2013 December 3

Welcome once again to the 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas. Today we’re featuring our third giftable lamp. If you’re not sure what that means, we’ll give you some time to catch up and read over the rules as listed on Day 1.

Up to speed? Then on to #3:

3. Umbrella Table Lamp by Pablo

This time of year you can expect a little rain and snow. The best way we can think of to stay warm and dry? Stay inside and enjoy the Umbrella Table Lamp by Pablo.



The Umbrella Table Lamp by Pablo


The Umbrella Table Lamp was actually designed by Pablo Pardo back in 2009, but remains popular to this day due to its whimsical form and flattering light. Inspired by photographers’ lighting, the shade is a literal interpretation of an umbrella. It’s made out of lycra that stretches taut over the metal spokes of the frame. (It is also easily removable and safe for machine washing if need be.) Attached to a swivel base, the shade can be moved anywhere you need soft, diffused light.

Available in a range of shade colors and sizes, this Umbrella is the must-have accessory for any modern interior this winter season.

The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2013 – Day 2

2013 December 2

Hello again. With Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend now behind us, we move onto “Cyber Monday,” the biggest online shopping day of the year. Rather than fight the crowds at the mall, today people take to the Internet to find the best deals…and shipping direct to their doorstep. To help make your shopping experience even more convenient, I’ve compiled a list of 12 lamps (available at that will make ideal gifts this holiday season.

The list began promptly yesterday on December 1. So if you’re curious about how this whole 12 Modern Lamps thing works, take a look here.

And then we’ll move on to Day 2 of our 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas:

The Masquerade Table Lamp by Varaluz

2. Masquerade Table Lamp by Varaluz

The Varaluz Masquerade Table Lamp is a cute, colorful table lamp perfect for that secret super hero in your life.  The unique shade was inspired by Zorro’s mask; turn your head to the side and you’ll see that the various ovals and curved lines are actually a series of that distinctive disguise.

As with the rest of the Masquerade collection, this lamp is hand-cut out of recycled steel before being coated in one of four eye-catching colors.  The entire piece comes to almost two-feet tall, so there’s no chance this guy will get overlooked on a table or sideboard.

By day, Masquerade is an unassuming (albeit colorful and unusual) table lamp. But by night, when darkness descends over the land and all hope for ambient light is lost, Masquerade is there to use its lighting powers for good. It creates a mesmerizing radiating pattern of light in all directions. It’s hypnotic, playful and much better than any Bat signal.

Masquerade Table Lamp by Varaluz

The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2013: Day 1

2013 December 1

Welcome to the Lumens 4th Annual 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas!

Over the next twelve days I’ll be counting down what I believe to be this year’s best and most gift-worthy lamps. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for four years now! More than that, I can’t believe I was able to find a completely brand new selection of twelve giftable modern lamps for 2013.  In case you’re just joining us, my criteria for lamp gift-ability are:

1. You can wrap it fairly easily.

2. It’s $200 or less.

3. It will ship in plenty of time for Christmas.

4. It’s fun, contemporary and—in the best gift-giving tradition—something you might get for yourself.

If you’re curious, you can check out last year’s selections. Most of them are still available and are just as giftable today as they were back then. Then after you’re done with that, come on back and we’ll begin our round of lamps for 2013.

Since my name begins with “N,” I thought, hey, that would be good way to begin this year’s list as well:

Mr. n LED Table Lamp By Koncept

The Mr. n LED Table Lamp By Koncept

1. Mr. n LED Table Lamp by Koncept

Koncept is best known for their line of contemporary LED task lamps. But here, they’ve used their advanced LED expertise to create a fun little ambient light source.

Apart from making him look as cute as a bug, the lower-case “n” shape of the Mr. n LED Table Lamp is a particularly inspired way to create a soft, glare-free all-around glow within a relatively small footprint. Using seamless light panel technology, the soft white light of 28 energy efficient LEDs is diffused around the entire outer curve of the lamp. The strength of this light is controlled with a simple one-finger touch dimmer on the aluminum base, which also turns the lamp on or off. The entire metal surface comes in either a cool silver or metallic black finish.

This little guy is a mere 7.5″ tall and 4.3″ wide, which means he will take up very little space on a table or desk as he puts out all that light (up to 250 lumens). Compact, bright and with a friendly, well-rounded personality, Mr. n is the perfect little lamp to give and get as a gift this year.

Mr. n LED Table Lamp By Koncept

Welcome to Miami: The 2013 ELLE DECOR Modern Life Concept House

2013 November 26

ELLE DECOR Modern Life Concept house

We are so excited to have partnered with our friends at ELLE DECOR Magazine for the 2013 Modern Life Concept House. We had a blast working with them for their 2012 showhouse in New York City, and this year brings another showstopper: a 7-bedroom, 10,000 square foot waterfront home on Miami’s Sunset Island.

Lumens and a number of other lifestyle brands worked with eight top design firms to create one-of-a-kind rooms within the home, from a playful game room to a grand dining room to an expansive outdoor space. Not to mention, the whole project gives back to the local community. All proceeds from ticket sales, plus a $15,000 donation will benefit Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be giving you an inside look at some of the designers and the spaces they created with some of our favorite products–all of which make a serious statement (Horse Lamp, anyone?). We’ll also be offering a chance to win something from each of the rooms–designs from Tom Dixon, Flos, Vibia, Swarovski and others.

The home is officially making its debut next week during Art Basel and will be open for public tours through December 15. For more information on the showhouse location and tour in information, visit

Project Profile: Danielle Colding Design Helps Redesign Long Island’s Ronald McDonald House

2013 November 14
Danielle Colding | Ronald McDonald House

Designer Danielle Colding in the Ronald McDonald House’s telephone room, which she designed to include the Berti Table Lamp by Arteriors. Photo by James Ransom.

Lumens trade partner Danielle Colding is an NYC-based interior designer and the season 7 winner of HGTV’s Design Star. Having worked on projects from revamping residential spaces to custom event planning, Danielle has mastered the art of mixing sophisticated style with eclectic interiors. We’re enamored with her approachable-elegance aesthetic but she’s also very sweet and was kind enough to share one of her recent projects with Lumens.

Danielle and her team recently participated in Project Design 2013, an effort to revamp the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, which provides a home for seriously ill and injured children and their families while receiving treatment. For the project, Danielle and 25 other leading interior designers took on the home’s original 18 bedrooms, plus the kitchen, breakfast room, 5 common areas, first-floor restrooms and 3 laundry rooms. The designers donated their time and resources to turning their respective spaces into ones to promote comfort, healing and happiness for the 1,000+ families it serves each year.

Danielle recently caught up with us to tell us more about the Ronald McDonald House and her work in NYC.

What role does design play in a project like the Ronald McDonald house?

Design is the motivating force for the renovation of the house as a whole. In particular, it is about creating soothing and inspiring spaces that promote healing. Design is all about creating a sense of comfort and well-being and nowhere is that more important than at a place like The Ronald McDonald House.

What’s was important for you to consider as you planned the spaces you worked on in the house?

For me the most important thing to think about was making sure to marry the functional requirements with great, classic design. Also, the real goal was to make something kid-friendly yet sophisticated. Color, pattern, and texture were key in all of my designs in the space.

Danielle Colding | Ronald McDonald House

One of the laundry rooms redesigned by Danielle and her team. Photo by James Ransom.

What aesthetic were you going for? Any inspirations?

Unlike the other designers, I had seven common spaces to design—all of which were very functional common rooms. I tackled three bathrooms, three laundry rooms, and a telephone room, a cozy throwback to the days before cell phones, where parents could communicate directly with the hospital staff. In doing so many rooms it was my goal to show versatility above everything. I wanted to show the varied ways spaces could be approached and still fit into the landscape of the overall house. I am not usually a theme girl but I will say one of my laundry rooms was based around water… it was the real influence behind the design.

What is memorable about this project?

The most memorable part of the project was the real camaraderie among the designers. It is not often you work in tandem with other designers in the way we did for this project. It was such a bonding experience, and we were all motivated by doing it all for such a good cause.

We’re big fans of your design work. Do you have any go-to inspiration resources?

Oh yes! I am a huge Pinterest girl! It is such a great resource and quite addictive. I also, try to stay up on what’s going on in the fashion and art worlds. and are favorites. Also, is my daily source for cool design.

Any design trends you’re seeing/loving?

The jewel tones continue to be everywhere—still love emerald and deep teal. Various shades of pink and purple has also emerged as winning colors. We are also seeing a ton of industrial style light fixtures—It is not a new trend but one I love and think can be the basis of a great space. Lastly, I have seen a return to many traditional fabrics but used in new combinations and in inventive ways. Mixing patterns has allowed some of these old standbys to find their ways into modern palettes. Chintzes and more delicate floral patterns have really come back in full effect. But now it’s all about how you mix them in to the design.

Any design “mistakes” that make you cringe?

The one I cannot abide by is matching too well. I am not a fan of furniture sets or coordinating too well. I have learned that one the hard way, as I am a reformed matcher myself. But spaces are much more interesting when there are some things that are off a bit.

What does your own home look like?

My home is super eclectic. I have inherited a ton from my mother’s home so it is a real mix of modern and antiques. I am definitely not a minimalist! There are books, art, and photographs everywhere. It has a really lived in and cozy feel.

Here’s a look at the additional laundry rooms and baths that Danielle took on for Project Design 2013. For more from the Ronald McDonald House in Long Island, click here.

Danielle Colding | Ronald McDonald House

A bathroom designed by Danielle and her team in the Ronald McDonald House.

Daneille Colding | Ronald McDonald House

A laundry room designed by Danielle and her team in the Long Island Ronald McDonald House.

Daneille Colding | Ronald McDonald House

Danielle’s 3rd laundry room design.

2nd bathroom design from Danielle Colding.

2nd bathroom design from Danielle Colding.

3rd bathroom design.

3rd bathroom design.

How its done: Aim LED Suspension by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Flos

2013 November 1


Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Flos’ new Aim LED Suspension sort of defies what we commonly think of in a hanging ceiling lamp. Instead of being tucked away, the cables for each light become the main decorative element, able to be gathered, looped, swagged in any number of sculptural forms. The cables work to control the height and position of each LED light, since the fixture hangs naturally, much like a plant. The idea behind the lamp was to offer an infinite variety of adjustments to meet any number of adjustments with a single fixture.

The image above I stumbled upon on Pinterest, and I think it might be my favorite look for Aim that I’ve seen so far. It’s perfect task lighting for an island/food prep area without being too…tasky (not a word). I love that they bring a statement to this clean space without being distracting. The cabinets are actually what’s being promoted in this picture (from Swedish cabinet manufacturer Ballingslöv) but my eye went right for the lights.


For more lighting we love found around the web, follow our Spotted board on Pinterest.

Brands we love: EcoSmart Fire (and a special offer!)

2013 October 25
EcoSmart Fire

MIX Fireplace by Marc Veenendaal for EcoSmart Fire

We’re excited to welcome EcoSmart Fire to our offerings at Lumens, just in time for enjoying cooler evenings with one of the beauties by your side. These high-end, freestanding fireplaces work indoors and out, ideal for modern homes not fitted with a built-in or to warm up outdoor residential and commercial spaces. The collection ranges from camp-like fire pits to barely-there glass fixtures and portable pieces that can move around the house—all designed with modern taste in mind. These fireplaces are made to use bioethanol fuel, which means no chimney, flue, or outlet is necessary, and the fuel burns cleanly without leaving behind smoke, soot or carbon monoxide.

And for a few more days, EcoSmart is offering special pricing (up to 80% off!) on a Lighthouse Fireplace with a FireRange purchase of $990. The Lighthouse Fireplace comes in 3 sizes and is ultra-portable, so you can (safely!) bring the flame indoors and out. Click here for more details and to take advantage of this great pricing before October 31.

Lighthouse Fireplaces by EcoSmart Fire

Lighthouse Fireplaces by EcoSmart Fire


Bulb Fireplace by EcoSmart Fire

 Cube Jr Fireplace By Marc Veenendaal for EcoSmart Fire

Cube Jr Fireplace by Marc Veenendaal for EcoSmart Fire

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