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Modern Outdoor Living with Katie Lesh

2015 June 8

Outdoor Living with Katie Lesh
Katie Lesh, a #LumensHuman and designer, recently dressed up the exterior of her Sacramento home with a variety of products from Lumens. We were so impressed with the outcome that we wanted to get Katie’s take on decorating outdoor spaces with a modern touch.

What do you consider “essentials” for hosting a summer backyard dinner party?

A relaxing setting is important – comfortable seating, great music, shade for those hot afternoons and pleasant lighting, when the sun goes down. It is nice to have a few light throws, available for guests, on chilly nights and gas lanterns can provide additional lighting as well as a source of heat. It is also important to have food and beverages easily accessible for the host and guests so one does not have to go inside to replenish. The key is to create an exterior environment that is just as comfortable as being indoors.

Solomon Bucket by ItalesseA modern patio dining set finished with green Blu Dot Hot Mesh Chairs and the Solomon Bucket from Italesse.

Blu Dot Hot Mesh

Blu Dot Hot Mesh ChairThe Hot Mesh Chair by Blu Dot is available in Black, Green, Humble Red, Natural Yellow, Off White and Simple Blue finishes.

Switch Portable Speaker by Native UnionTake your music outside with the Native Union Switch Portable Speaker. It’s Bluetooth-enabled for wireless enjoyment anywhere you need a little music. Find this speaker and more in our outdoor entertaining accessories assortment.

What is your favorite outdoor decor in your backyard? Why?

I love our lounge chairs by Loll. They are really comfortable and have a simple design that blends with any style of landscape and architecture. The white color allows us to add decorative pillows to coordinate with whatever the party theme or color scheme may be.

Loll Desings Outdoor Furniture

Loll Designs Lago Patio ChairLoll Designs prides itself on offering eco-friendly outdoor furniture as each piece in the collection is manufactured from multiple recycled plastic milk jugs.

What role does lighting play in your outdoor “scene”?

Lighting is one of the most important factors when entertaining outdoors. Having sufficient and flattering lighting around the dining table gives everyone confidence and encourages guests to stay well after the sun has gone down.

Modern Outdoor Lighting

Kichler Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting will enhance the surrounding hardscape and plant material, which draws ones eye to different areas of the backyard and gives the illusion of a larger space. Exterior fixtures can contribute ambient lighting as well as add visual interest to architectural features of the home. I love creating a scene, by adding layers of light from the walls, overhead, near the ground and even on the table.

Kichler Outdoor Spotlight

Kichler Landscape LightingSee more accenting spotlights like the above from Kichler here.

Kichler Path Light

Modern Landscape LightingIn addition to providing guiding light, pathway lighting has been said to be the mark of a good host.

Minka-Lavery Irvington SconceMounted near the backdoor, a decorative fixture like the Minka-Lavery Irvington Manor Outdoor Sconce provides the perfect touch for your patio lighting.

What do you love most about hosting in your backyard?

I love the way natural elements can add to the ambience of the party. In the background, we can hear the sounds of water softly splashing in our fountain, birds singing on the power lines, squirrels taunting our little pup from the fence, and the leaves brushing against one another as the breeze blows through. Entertaining outdoors also brings a casual element to the party that allows people to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Katie Lesh Outdoor Entertaining

What are your tips for someone trying to create a modern space for outdoor parties?

Monochromatic color schemes give the space a more modern look. For the dining table, use linens and flowers, all in the same color family. Incorporate accent pieces throughout the space that are functional and simple in design and allow the natural elements to stand out.


Chilewich Outdoor MatAccenting pieces like an outdoor mat from Chilewich or the Lighthouse Oil Lamps from Menu help bring out the character of the space.

Anything on your “wishlist” at Lumens to make your outdoor space even better?

I think an outdoor fireplace or fire pit would be awesome. People love to gather and get cozy around a fire and on chilly nights it would be ideal!

For more ways to modernize your exteriors like Katie’s, look to our complete outdoor living category. And find Blomus outdoor living accessories on sale now through June 14!

Happy #Pride Month from Lumens!

2015 June 6
by Staff

Lumens at the 2015 Sacramento Pride Festival

Happy #Pride Month from the team at Lumens! If you’re in Sacramento, come find us at the Pride Festival at Booth #606 for a special treat.

Find more information about the 2015 Pride Festival here:

Fan Facts: How to Choose a New Ceiling Fan

2015 June 5

Buying a new ceiling fan isn’t usually as easy as you might think. You have to figure out the right size ceiling fan you need, determine what kind of fan will fit with your existing lighting and decor, how much air you will need the fan to move and if you need it to provide downlighting as well. In this week’s Fan Facts, we caught up with our resident fan expert, Hugh Prosser, to get answers to these common ceiling fan questions.

How do I determine the right ceiling fan size for my space?

Generally speaking, a smaller room needs a fan with a small blade span while a large room can handle a fan with a bigger blade span. Simple, right? With that said, don’t be scared to go big even if you don’t have a defined great room or large living room.

Buying a large ceiling fan for a medium sized room is becoming a popular trend as the fan stands out as a decorative element of the room more so than just a functional fixture to move air. This allows you to have a large blade span (often 65″ or more) that will cut through air without requiring the fan to be on its highest setting. Remember, the slower the fan is turning, the less energy you will actually be using. If it is a large fan in a smaller space, you’ll rarely need to have the speed higher than the lowest setting.

Fanimation Odyn FanOydn Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

Minka Aire Spacesaver FanIn smaller areas of the house like breakfast nooks and compact office spaces, you’ll need a fan with a blade span of 36″ or smaller.

Although small, modern designs like the Minka Spacesaver Fan bring a lot of style to a room while also being able to move a significant amount of air.

Refer to our ceiling fan size chart for a quick visual to determine the fan blade span you need:

Ceiling Fan Size Chart

  • Tip: when measuring for a new ceiling fan, remember that the blade span measurement is the complete diameter of the fan. You will want to measure from one end of a fan blade to another, not just the length of the fan blade itself.
  • Do I want a traditional fan or a modern fan?

    Customers often think that because they have a traditional home, they have to restrict themselves to a fan that fits a classic or traditional aesthetic. This is a misconception and when shopping for a new fan, you shouldn’t be leery of the terms Modern or Transitional as many modern and transitional ceiling fan designs can fit a space regardless of its decor.

    Monte Carlo Empire Ceiling FanEmpire Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo Fans

    You may not have an Eames Lounge Chair gracing your living room, but it doesn’t mean that a modern designed fan won’t fit in with your existing furniture and home furnishings. Many of the modern and transitional fans we offer come in sleek, contemporary designs that fit in well with just about anything and have finishes ranging from nickel to bronze and a number of wood tones to help keep the color scheme in your space consistent.

    How do I understand the energy efficiency of a fan?

    All ceiling fans today have required energy efficiency information. This information includes Airflow, Energy Used and Airflow Efficiency.

  • Airflow: A measurement of CFM or cubic feet per minute
  • Energy Used: The amount of power (watts) being used to operate the fan
  • Airflow Efficiency: A calculation of both specifications (Airflow / Watts = Airflow Efficiency)
  • Of course, there are a multitude of factors that can affect a fan’s airflow efficiency – the number of blades, blade span (diameter) and the blade pitch (the angle of each fan blade). When shopping for your new ceiling fan, just know that the more air a fan moves and the lower the amount of energy it uses to operate, the more efficient the fan will be.

    Energy Guide Symbol

    At Lumens, you’ll want to look to the Energy Guide symbol on a product for a quick way to identify a fan’s efficiency.

  • Learn More: CFM & Airflow Efficiency
  • Do I need a light kit for my fan?

    If you already have enough light in the room where the fan will go or if having light coming from the fan will alter the mood you’re trying to establish in the room, you might want to go for a fan without a light kit. If you want more light, a fan with a light kit might be just the thing you’re looking for.

    Wind River Neopolis FanNeopolis 5-Blade LED Ceiling Fan by Wind River Fans

    When it comes to ceiling fans with integrated light kits, you will find more and more designs moving away from incandescent or fluorescent light sources to incorporating an LED light.

  • Shop: LED Ceiling Fans
  • Just a few years ago, an LED light kit in a ceiling fan was poor at best. Now, with recent advances in LED technology, lighted ceiling fans are really starting to have great lumen output. Plus, because LEDs use 90% less in energy in watts compared to a standard incandescent bulb, there is opportunity to have a lot of light without going over the amount allowed.

    Find more helpful tips with our Fan Buyer’s Guide and for any questions about choosing a new ceiling fan, call us at 877.445.4486.

    Brand Spotlight: Savoy House Ceiling Fans

    2015 June 3

    Savoy House ceiling fans are often fitting for homes and commercial spaces surrounded with classic decor. While Savoy’s classic ceiling fans fit this traditional aesthetic, we are fans of the brand’s contemporary designs including caged fans, dual fan ceiling fans and stylish fans with integrated lights. See a few of our favorite Savoy House fans in today’s brand spotlight.

    Circulaire Ceiling Fan

    The Savoy House Circulaire Ceiling Fan proves that two heads are better than one with its contemporary dual fan blade design.
    Savoy House Circulaire Ceiling Fan
    Circulaire features a pair of solid wood blades encased by a steel protective cage that gives it a statement-making retro appearance. It’s the perfect design for small living rooms and kitchens as each blade offers a 16″ diameter. The Circulaire Fan is also damp rated, making it a great addition to covered decks and patios.

    See more: Understanding Ratings for Fans

    Polaris Hugger Ceiling Fan

    Mounted flush with the ceiling, the Savoy House Polaris Hugger Ceiling Fan is a clean, contemporary design that is able to fit a range of home styles.
    Savoy House Polaris Hugger Fan
    With a standard 52″ blade span, Polaris is useful for moving air in low-ceilinged living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. It’s available in bronze with walnut blades or a satin nickel finish with silver blades and it also includes an integrated halogen light.

    Bancroft Ceiling Fan

    New to Lumens, the Savoy House Bancroft Ceiling Fan is another clean, contemporary ceiling fan that stands out for its colossal light kit.
    Savoy House Bancroft Fan
    Bancroft’s integrated halogen light kit is actually larger than the fan’s housing and it is complemented by a sleek, 5-blade design. It will project 1125 Lumens of light and cut through air at three different speeds. It’s available in bronze or satin nickel finishes to fit with your existing decor.

    Sea Side Fan d’Lier Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    The Savoy House Sea Side Fan d’Lier combines the elegance of a chandelier with the functionality of a ceiling fan into a unique, decorative fixture that fits a variety of spaces.
    Savoy House Sea Side Fan
    It is UL Listed for damp spaces, making it safe for outdoor use on porches and covered decks or inside in mud rooms or in a half bath. It features three blades inside of a stylish metal cage, available in bronze or satin nickel finishes.

    Love this look? See more caged ceiling fans from Savoy House, Minka Aire and Matthews Fan Company.

    Ariel 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

    Combining elements of wood and metal into an airplane inspired design that fits a retro aesthetic, the Savoy House Ariel 5-Blade Ceiling Fan is the perfect choice for large living rooms and great rooms.
    Savoy House Ariel Ceiling Fan
    Ariel features a larger blade span of 58″ and efficiently cuts through air with its five solid wood blades. It also includes an integrated halogen downlight that can be capped if you prefer a fan without light.

    All ceiling fan designs by Savoy House are on sale now through June 30 at Lumens. Browse these featured designs and more Savoy House ceiling fans here.

    Unique Outdoor Lighting Options To Consider

    2015 June 1

    At Lumens, we are fascinated with modern lighting design and when it comes to exterior lighting options, our interests remain the same. However, we occasionally come across designs that may be considered unusual or unexpected when used in contemporary settings. Aside from commonplace outdoor sconces, landscape lighting fixtures and outdoor-friendly ceiling fans, there are a number of statement-making LED lighting options that have recently caught our attention from Artkalia and Smart & Green.

    Outdoor Lighting Options from Artkalia

    In 2008, a team of designers and collaborators came together to develop energy efficient lighting pieces meant to make a statement in outdoor spaces. Today, Artkalia offers a line of decorative LED fixtures that are perfect as illuminated accents for the outdoor dining table, next to the pool or as a lawn decoration.

    Artkalia Ela LED Floor Lamp
    The Ela LED Floor Lamp from Artkalia takes its shape from that of a classic floor lamp, but it is designed to have a big presence outside. This shock-resistant and water-resistant lamp is over five feet tall and offers colorful lighting from its two integrated LEDs.

    Artkalia Ballia LED Ball
    Add some fun to your backyard with the Ballia LED Ball by Artkalia. This rechargeable, shockproof and waterproof ball of LED light is great for the pool or as a centerpiece on the table. It offers a variety of RGB colors and effects to add a playful touch to your outdoor decor.

    Artkalia Tripoddia Stool
    A light fixture or an accent table? The Tripoddia LED Stool by Artkalia can act as a stool for your outdoor lounge chair or as a side table to hold your whatever you might be sipping on. This intriguing LED stool is rechargeable, cordless, shockproof and waterproof.

    See all lighting from Artkalia here.

    Outdoor Lighting Options from Smart & Green

    Following a similar design style as Artkalia and also founded in 2008, Smart & Green offers a line of interesting fixtures that are energy efficient and can go anywhere. Smart & Green’s innovative technology allows for the design of fixtures that are durable, shockproof, waterproof and easily rechargeable.

    Smart & Green Dew Lamp
    The Smart & Green Dew Lamp is a drop of energy efficient LED light that complements both indoor and outdoor spaces. With its 35 LEDs, the Dew Lamp can colorfully light up dim spaces or act as a decorative accessory for the pool.

    Smart & Green Cube LED Lamp
    The cubic structure of this Smart & Green lamp is the perfect accenting touch for contemporary outdoor areas. On its own, the Smart & Green Cube LED Lamp provides ample and colorful lighting for the patio table or next to the pool. Alternatively, you can scatter multiple cube lamps to create a really impressive outdoor lighting display.

    Smart & Green Tower LED Lamp
    The Smart & Green Tower LED Lamp is comprised of 12 energy efficient LEDs inside of a waterproof and durable polyethylene structure. It stands at 25″ tall and offers colorful, bright light for the deck or patio. While we love it for outdoor use, it can also make a statement indoors.

    See all lighting from Smart & Green here.

    All lighting by Smart & Green is on sale now through June 14th during our Summer Sale. You’ll also want to look through the complete outdoor living category for patio furniture, planter boxes, decorative birdhouses and more ways to modernize your outdoor space.

    Fan Facts: Damp vs. Wet Rated Fans for Outdoors

    2015 May 29
    by Hugh Prosser

    Shopping for an outdoor fan can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with Damp Ratings or Wet Ratings. While most indoor fans carry a Dry Rating and can quickly become damaged with outdoor use, fans that are damp rated or wet rated are safe for outdoor locations. We took a minute to catch up with our fan expert, Hugh Prosser, for today’s Fan Facts to help you understand outdoor fan ratings and proper cleaning techniques.

    Damp Ratings vs. Wet Ratings

    Many outdoor fans are suitable for Damp Locations and are ideal for covered outdoor areas. One should expect years of trouble free operation with a Damp Rated ceiling fan, even if it is installed in humid applications or near the ocean where salt is an issue. Damp Rated fans are made to handle the moisture that comes with an outdoor application, however, they should never be in direct contact with water, rain or snow.

    Kichler Hatteras Outdoor Ceiling FanHatteras Bay Patio Ceiling Fan by Kichler

    Although you should expect years of trouble free operation with a Damp Rated fan, it doesn’t mean you can “install it and forget it” – a fan in this type of environment needs to be cleaned on a regular basis due to its exposure to moisture. Regardless of the motor finish or the type of blades the fan has, if it is not maintained properly, it will corrode and oxidize.

    See also: UL Listings For Lighting & Ceiling Fans

    To prevent the fan from corroding, a basic cleaning of the motor and blades a few times each month should keep your fan looking good. Do not use any harsh cleaning materials as they have the potential to damage the fan’s finish. For ceiling fans offered in glossy finishes, you can apply a quick coat of car wax occasionally on the metal parts of the motor housing to keep them looking polished. With regularly cleaning of the fan, it will maintain its appearance and functionality for years.

    Fanimation Zonix OutdoorZonix Outdoor Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

    If maintaining a Damp Rated fan sounds like too much work or your ceiling is too high, we recommend that you buy a Wet Rated ceiling fan. Unlike a Damp Rated fan, Wet Rated fans are weather resistant and okay for all outdoor applications. Wet Rated fans are safe to be exposed directly to snow or rain, as they are made with finishes that help to avoid rust and corrosion. Cleaning a Wet Rated fan is also easy – simply spray it with a regular garden hose to free it of cobwebs, debris, etc. Please remember to turn the power off to the fan first for safety.

    Other Great Resources

    Look to our complete Fan Buyer’s Guide for additional help on choosing a ceiling fan. From tips to understanding how to choose the right size of a fan to understanding what airflow efficiency means, you’ll find it here. And for help in picking out the right outdoor fan for your space, please contact us at or call our fan experts at 877-445-4486.

    Designer Spotlight: Philippe Starck

    2015 May 27

    Philippe StarckAs a designer of modern lighting, furniture and decorative home accessories for iconic brands like Kartell and Alessi, Philippe Starck has become a household name among design enthusiasts and he is one of our favorites.

    In today’s designer spotlight, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite works from this prolific French designer.

    Philippe Starck Designs for Kartell

    Masters Chair by Philippe StarckMasters Chair by Philippe Starck for Kartell

    Philippe Starck has designed several pieces of modern furniture for the Italian brand Kartell and the Masters Chair is one of his best offerings. This well known chair design is a tribute from Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet to the Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen, the Tulip Armchair by Eero Saarinen and the Eiffel Chair by Charles Eames. The Masters Chair takes elements from each of these three iconic designs to produce a contemporary piece of furniture you will love.

    He is also responsible for the Ghost Chairs offered by Kartell. Each chair design in the Ghost collection is made with an intricate form that is created by polycarbonate into a single mold forming a durable, scratch and weather resistant chair.

    Kartell Louis Ghost ArmchairLouis Ghost Armchairs by Philippe Starck for Kartell

    Philippe Starck Designs for Flos

    In addition to designing contemporary furniture pieces for Kartell, Philippe Starck has also created several decorative light fixtures for Flos including the Long & Hard Suspension, the Miss K Table Lamp and the Ktribe collection.

    Flos Long & Hard SuspensionLong & Hard Suspension by Philippe Starck for Flos

    Flos Miss K Table LampMiss K Table Lamp by Philippe Starck for Flos

    Flos Ktribe S2 PendantKtribe S2 Suspension by Philippe Starck for Flos

    Philippe Starck Designs for Baccarat

    On the luxury side of the lighting spectrum, Philippe Starck has also created several eye-catching crystal lighting pieces for Baccarat.

    Baccarat Zenith ChandelierZenith Unfocused Chandelier by Philippe Starck for Baccarat

    Baccarat HIC! PendantHIC! Pendant by Philippe Starck for Baccarat

    Baccarat Our Fire Candle Holder Our Fire Candle Holder by Philippe Starck for Baccarat

    Philippe Starck Designs for Alessi

    Finally, Philippe Starck is the mind behind classic Alessi designs like the Juicy Salif Citrus Juicer and the Max le Chinois Colander. These designs have found their home in modern kitchens all over the world and we have to thank Philippe Starck for these creative accessories.

    Alessi Juicy Salif Citrus JuicerJuicy Salif Citrus Juicer by Philippe Starck for Alessi

    Alessi Max le Chinois ColanderMax le Chinois Colander by Philippe Starck for Alessi

    Be sure to check out all designs by Philippe Starck at Lumens and see his official website for more information.

    Brand Spotlight: Fanimation Fans

    2015 May 22

    It’s Fan Friday at Lumens and we want to spotlight one of our favorite brands for modern fan design, Fanimation. Started by Tom Frampton all the way back in 1984, Fanimation is an American-made brand for decorative fans that now operates out of Indiana and is ran by Frampton’s son, Nathan Frampton. The company offers a variety of fan designs ranging from art deco inspired floor fans to eye-catching fans that will have you staring at the ceiling.

    See why we love these five fan designs from Fanimation in today’s spotlight.

    Zonix Ceiling Fan

    Fanimation Zonix Ceiling Fan
    The Fanimation Zonix ceiling fan embraces the sleek, modern design we love and it is a best seller at Lumens. Zonix is a 3-blade design that features a 52″ blade span with 4 different forward/reverse speeds for year-round use. Its cherry walnut or satin nickel blades are reversible and it can be mounted to flat ceilings or sloped ceilings. Zonix is offered in oil-rubbed bronze, polished nickel or satin nickel finishes and it is also offered in an outdoor version and an LED version.

    Zonix LED FanFanimation Zonix LED Ceiling Fan

    Zonix Outdoor Ceiling FanFanimation Zonix Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    Beckwith Ceiling Fan

    Fanimation Beckwith Ceiling Fan
    The Fanimation Beckwith is a unique ceiling fan design that also resembles a decorative drum pendant. Winner of the 2015 Award for Design Excellence, Beckwith is a one of a kind, innovative fan with a 13″ blade span, 3 fan speeds and a 4-bulb integrated light fixture. It’s available in aluminum or oil-rubbed bronze finishes and is the ideal fan for modern kitchens and bedrooms.

    Odyn Ceiling Fan

    Fanimation Odyn Ceiling Fan
    The Odyn Ceiling Fan by Fanimation is an extra large fan with a huge blade span of 84″. Although it has a significant diameter of 7 feet, it’s only 18″ tall and mounts close to the ceiling. Odyn is ideal for industrial spaces, large living rooms, open great rooms or outdoors as it is damp rated for exterior use. It’s available in brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze finishes.

    Fanimation Odyn Ceiling Fan with LightFanimation Odyn Ceiling Fan with Light

    Arden Floor Fan

    Arden Floor FanThe Arden Floor Fan by Fanimation fits a restoration aesthetic and works well in living rooms, bedrooms or contemporary office spaces. Although Arden is a decorative floor fan, it is highly functional and is able to circulate fresh air throughout an entire room. It features a walnut tripod base supporting an oscillating 5-blade fan with a 3-speed rotary switch.

    Fanimation Urbanjet Fan

    Urbanjet Desk Fan

    The Fanimation Urbanjet exemplifies retro style with its design inspired by a ’57 Chevy. Urbanjet is perfect for modern office desktops and it oscillates air through a room at three different speeds. It’s available in baby blue, milky ivory, mysterious black, sonic silver or a spicy red to help match your existing decor.

    All fans by Fanimation are on sale now through Tuesday, 5/26. Shop these featured fan designs and more from Fanimation here.

    Fave 5: Iconic Alessi Products

    2015 May 20

    Alessi is an iconic name when it comes to modern home accessory design. From a variety of decorative accessories for the tabletop to a very well known teapot design and everything in between, Alessi boasts a rich catalog of products we love from noteworthy designers including Michael Graves, Alessandro Mendini, Philippe Starck and more. In today’s Fave 5, we wanted to highlight our five favorite products from the Italian design factory.

    Kettle With Bird Whistle by Michael Graves

    Michael Graves Kettle
    Calling it a design icon does not do the Michael Graves tea kettle justice. Designed in 1985 by Michael Graves, this kettle has been a top seller for Alessi since its inception. It features a youthful design with a stainless steel pot and bird spout that whistles when water has come to a boil. Although it is an icon among design enthusiasts, it is also a completely functional tea kettle and well reviewed by people who own it. It’s available in black, blue or super white and is part of the Michael Graves collection for Alessi.

    Kastor Pencil Sharpener by Rodrigo Torres

    Kastor Pencil Sharpener
    The Kastor Pencil Sharpener by Rodrigo Torres for Alessi is a unique accessory that is perfect for the modern office. Named for the French word for “beaver”, Kastor is a fun pencil sharpener complete with eyes, paws and a tail and it is ready to gnaw away at your pencils. If you prefer to use pens in your office setting, Kastor can also act as a decorative paperweight.

    Juicy Salif Citrus Juicer by Philippe Stark

    Alessi Juicy Salif Citrus Juicer
    Philippe Starck is a household name when it comes to modern design and has created products for the best names in design including Alessi, Kartell and Flos. Among his contributions to Alessi is the Juicy Salif Citrus Juicer, a handheld tool for creating fresh-squeezed juice while also establishing its presence as a contemporary piece of your kitchen’s decor. It was originally designed in 1990 and has since become a staple of the Alessi collection.

    Phillippe Starck Juicy SalifImage via

    Anna G. Corkscrew by Alessandro Mendini

    Anna G. CorkscrewAnna Gong CorkscrewAnna G. Corkscrew by Alessandro Mendini
    We couldn’t mention Alessi without talking about Alessandro Mendini’s contributions to the brand. This iconic, award-winning designer for Alessi is behind the complete Anna G. collection of modern kitchen accessories, as well as the Alessi Parrot Corkscrew and the Alessi Moka Stovetop Espresso. The Anna Gong collection from Mendini is said to be inspired by his girlfriend at the time of each piece’s inception and as a result, a clearly defined face is found in each product of the collection. Aside from its fun and colorful design, the Anna G. Corkscrew makes opening a bottle of wine easier than you could imagine.

    Alessi Parrot CorkscrewThe Alessi Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew by Alessandro Mendini

    Moka Alessi Stovetop EspressoThe Alessi Moka Stovetop Espresso by Alessandro Mendini

    Blow Up Basket by Fratelli Campana

    Alessi Blow Up Basket
    The Blow Up Basket by Fratelli Campana for Alessi is another favorite of ours that can be found in contemporary spaces all over the world. This recognizable basket is made from multiple hand-welded stainless steel rods into an accessory piece that is perfect as a tabletop centerpiece or fruit holder. It’s part of a larger family of products from the Campana Brothers that also includes a mirror, clock, table, umbrella stand, magazine holder and floor mat.

    Alessi Blow Up MirrorThe Alessi Blow Up Mirror

    Alessi Blow Up ClockThe Alessi Blow Up Clock

    Alessi Blow Up TableThe Alessi Blow Up Table

    All accessories by the Italian design factory are on sale now through Tuesday, 5/26. Shop the complete collection from Alessi here.

    Small Scale, BIG Style

    2015 May 18

    We’re celebrating our favorite studio design brands this month at Lumens and wanted to take a minute to dive a little deeper into why we love the small scale, big style attitude of these designers.

    Niche Modern

    Niche Modern Haus
    As a Beacon, NY based design studio that focuses on glass-blown fixtures, Niche Modern has brought a number of gorgeous glass pendants to the modern lighting market and become one of our favorite brands to work with. The company was actually founded accidentally by Jeremy Pyles and Mary Welch in 2003 while opening a home furnishings store in Manhattan, but we are grateful for their designs and the contemporary niche they fill.

    See also: Behind the Design of the Niche Modern Haus Series

    Michael McHale Designs

    Michael McHaleAlso hailing from the state of New York, Michael McHale Designs is a small lighting studio that takes industrial components and mixes them with decorative lighting elements to create a diverse selection of chandeliers and pendant lighting. Founder Michael McHale also created his brand by accident while shopping for a light fixture for his NY apartment. Frustrated that he could not find what he was looking for, he decided to become a lighting designer himself. The company’s decorative lighting line includes fixtures using luxurious European crystal mixed with galvanized piping, as well as a collection of Raw fixtures that are unapologetic about their straightforward industrial nature.

    See also: Behind the Design of the Raw Collection by Michael McHale


    Brokis Shadow Pendants
    Founded in 2010 by a group of glass artistans in the Czech Republic, Brokis is a new line to Lumens that we are loving. The company’s designers create gorgeous, hand-blown glass pendant lighting and lamps that are stunning in modern spaces. The Shadow collection of pendant lighting combines Bohemian glass-blowing practices with the classic form of the French atelier pendant, while the Muffin collection of pendants and table lamps use Bohemian glass with beautiful natural oak bases. If you love the look of hand-blown glass, you will want to see the complete offering from Brokis – exclusively available at

    Pablo Designs

    Pablo Swell Pendants
    San Francisco’s Pablo Designs hardly seems like a small studio with its noteworthy designs like the Tube Top Table Lamp, Circa Pendants and Piccola Table Lamp. Founded in 1993 by Pablo Pardo, Pablo Designs has impressed us over the years with its high quality design work, unmatched innovation and use of energy-efficient LED lamping. The company continues to impress us to this day with products like its latest offering, the Swell pendant collection. For any modern lighting needs in residential or commercial spaces, look to the options available from Pablo.

    See also: Behind the Design of the Swell Pendants by Pablo Designs


    Bocci 14 Series Pendant
    Founded by designer Omer Arbel in 2005, Bocci is a small studio based out of Vancouver, Canada with its office being located next to the Pacific Ocean. Who wouldn’t be inspired and creative working right next to the ocean? The company’s name translates to the word “buds” in English and it is apparent in the lighting products the company offers. Bocci’s 14 Series, 21 Series and 28 Series look like small “buds” of light and can be grouped into clusters of statement-making decorative lighting.

    Standard Socket Spun Pendants

    Standard Socket

    Seattle-based Standard Socket is a relatively new company in the decorative lighting space, only getting its start in 2012. Although young in the space, the company is growing its name and offers an impressive collection of modern lighting. Standard Socket enlists a diverse roster of up-and-coming talented designers to create a wide variety of skillfully crafted light fixtures. From the copper finished Spun Pendants to the origami-like Chipboard Pendant, we are loving the creativity this young company is fostering.


    Luxxbox Helm PendantsFounded by designer Jason Bird, Luxxbox is a small studio lighting brand with offices in Northern California and Australia. The company offers a collection of modern pendant lighting that gives any space a cutting-edge aesthetic. Perfect for commercial applications, the Flirt Pendant and Helm Pendant from Luxxbox are both captivating and attractive pendant designs that are bound to make a statement. Although Jason Bird also designs contemporary furniture for Luxxbox, his Helm and Flirt pendant designs are offered exclusively at Lumens.

    Castor Design

    Castor Dead Stock Lamps
    Castor is another Canadian lighting studio that was founded by former punk rockers looking to design light fixtures from recycled materials. Based in Toronto, Castor finds its inspiration from salvaging items like fire extinguishers, fluorescent tube lights and old lamp parts and then re-purposes them into decorative light fixtures. Although Castor is a small design studio, we appreciate that they have made an even smaller impact on the Earth through the use of creative recycling.

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