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Fan Facts: How many blades do I need?

2015 August 5

The reason we love modern ceiling fans is that they push the boundaries of traditional ceiling fan design. Five wooden blades surrounding bell-shaped lights with a couple of pull chains is hardly the standard for today’s fans. In fact, you’ll find fans with anywhere from a sleek single blade all the way up to 9 blades (those are some biiiig fans).

So what does the form mean for a fan’s function? Generally, more blades mean more air movement, but deciding on the number of blades you want often lies more in aesthetic preference.

The number of blades on a ceiling fan can vary greatly. Here are a few you’ll find at, and what you can expect from each:

Fanimation Enigma Ceiling Fan

Single-blade ceiling fans: This isn’t the most common ceiling fan design, but you’ll find a few of our favorites that function on a solo blade. And can they really move air all on their own? The easy answer is a resounding yes. In fact, fewer blades can mean less drag on the ceiling fan’s motor, making it faster and more efficient in producing airflow. The Enigma Ceiling Fan by Fanimation, shown above, boasts an airflow easily comparable to that of 3- and 4-blade fans.

3- 4- and 5-blade ceiling fans

3-, 4- or 5-Blade ceiling fans: Fans with 3, 4 or 5 blades are sort of the Goldilocks of ceiling fans. They’re just right for most spaces. This is the magic number of blades to balance optimal airflow with a tolerable amount of noise and chances are, the number of blades alone won’t present a noticeable difference. If you have an average sized room, a 3-blade, 4-blade or 5-blade fan will likely give you what you need. Customer favorites shown above (from top to bottom): The Artemis Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire Fans, the Ball Ceiling Fan by Modern Fan Company and the Discus II Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo Fans.

Fanimation Odyn Fan


6 or more blades: Like Fanimation’s Odyn Ceiling Fan shown above, 6-plus blades make for a large fan, both in size and presence. The increased number of blades are ideal for larger and/or tall rooms where more blades (and a large fan size) are needed to get a sense of air movement in a big space.

So what’s the conclusion? There isn’t a hard and fast rule about the number of blades a fan has, and you’ll want to consider all of a fan’s features—blade size, pitch and span, among others—to know what would work best for your space. The great thing about today’s technology and design advancements in residential ceiling fans means any number of blades is capable of producing air movement, so you can focus on the fun stuff: a fan that’s exactly your style.

Fan Facts: Table Fans to Bring Air Anywhere

2015 July 30

You already know we’re ceiling fan’s biggest cheerleader for keeping air moving through a space (especially in summer months, if you’re having a week like we are here at Lumens HQ). But a ceiling fan might not always be a near-term possibility, depending on your home.

For this week’s Fan Facts, we have a few favorite table fans that merge modern style with perfectly portable functionality. Whether you need to cool down at your desk or bring a breeze to your living space, here are 5 of our top picks that are ready to go where you go:

Urbanjet Table Fan by Fanimation

Urbanjet Fan By Fanimation Fans
Shiny and speedy, just like the ’57 Chevy it was modeled after. Its vintage vibes come through in the glossy paint job, a chromed “grill” and a fin-shaped carrying handle. But it doesn’t skimp on function, fitted with an adjustable tilt and oscillation plus three speed settings.

Otto Fan By Carlo Borer for Stadler Form
Ideal for the modernist who didn’t think a fan could be handsome. This Swiss design pairs high-grade steel with African Saeple wood with a whisper-quiet operation and height-adjustable feet to control the angle of airflow.

Cinni Table Fan By Atlas Fan Company
Another throwback to retro design, the Cinni pays tribute to the industrial aesthetic found in the 1930s with its cage and blades, while the double curve of the arm gives it a contemporary edge. Three monochromatic finishes ensure that it fits into a variety of spaces and styles.

Fargo Fan By Fanimation Fans
This top rated (4.8 out of 5 from our customers!) love this fan for its unique air movement. The top and bottom of the fan’s globe-shaped cage pulls air in, then pushes it out laterally. The design makes it ideal for a desktop, where you can move air without creating a cyclone of papers off of your desktop.

Max Fan/Heater by Stadler Form
Max Fan/Heater By Matti Walker for Stadler Form
This fan is anything but a summer fling–it can move from keeping you cool in the warmer months right into being a handy heater in the cooler months. The cheerful, modern color palette also make it easy to incorporate the fun design into your decor.

Fan Facts is a weekly series brought to you by Lumens’ resident fan expert Hugh Prosser. With 20 years of experience in the lighting and fan industries, he’s our go-to guy for fan-related questions. 

For any questions about table fans, ceiling fans or how to find the right one for your space, please call us at 877.445.4486.

One Jonathan Adler Lamp, 5 Unique Styles

2015 July 28

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Jonathan Adler’s Ventana Chandelier is one of the NYC designer’s most recognized early lighting designs—and one of the most versatile. With clean lines, a refined silhouette and crisply tailored linen shades, it’s no surprise that this is one of our customer’s go-to fixtures, no matter your taste or room in the house. It’s a classic-meets-modern, bold-meets-refined style that looks as good in a ’50s ranch house as it does in a sleek NYC loft.

Here are five different room styles where Jonathan Adler’s Ventana Chandelier fits right in.

Ventana 2-Tier Chandelier by Jonathan Adler via Design Sponge by Jonathan Adler via Emily Henderson

Bright & Modern

Designer Emily Henderson stripped the shades off this Ventana Chandelier for this master bedroom makeover. The result? A room that is equal parts masculine and modern, tied together with the finishes on the chandelier that can be found through other parts of the room. The mix of clean lines and textures in a calm, airy space make for an envious retreat at the end of the day.

Image via Emily Henderson

Ventana 2-Tier Chandelier by Jonathan Adler via Design Sponge


Ventana’s clean shape contrasts well with the traditional/vintage cues of this dining room. The homeowners told Design*Sponge that their home mixes fun, bohemian style (her style) with a more modern aesthetic (his style), and this room expertly showcases that balance.

Image via Design Sponge

Ventana Ivory 2-Tier Chandelier by Cardea Building Co

Cool & Coastal

The bold pops of ocean blue in this living room take center stage, and the chandelier blends seamlessly with the easygoing gray walls. With a 42” diameter, this chandelier often becomes the focal point of any room, but the coordinating colors and tones of this space compared to the fixture keep it from being overwhelming.

Image via Cardea Building Co.


Ventana Oval Chandelier by Jonathan Adler via Linda McDougald Design

Contemporary & Feminine

A refined space like this calls for a refined fixture overhead. The Ventana Oval Chandelier looks dressed for the occasion in this sunny space, anchoring the neutral tons and subtle floral accents. The end result is a comfy space that’s pretty and polished, and can easily be changed up with a swap of art and accessories.

Image via Linda McDougald Design

Ventana Ivory 2-Tier Chandelier by Jonathan Adler

Happy Luxury

While Adler’s designs fit in to a wide range of styles, this signature aesthetic. Here, the Ventana Ivory 2-Tier Chandelier is showcased among the intrepid features that mark an Adler space: Subtle combinations of shapes and materials, elegant detailing, with bold color sprinkled throughout.

Which style is your favorite? Visit to see the entire Ventana Collection from Jonathan Adler, with several chandelier styles, plus wall sconces, table and floor lamps.

Dining With Copeland Furniture

2015 July 15

Today’s modern dining room is composed of eye-catching lighting, decorative accents and of course, furniture in the form of a dining table and chairs. While we love the modern furniture designs from brands like Kartell or Domitalia, we have also been loving the luxurious hand-finished wooden designs from Vermont’s Copeland Furniture.

Copeland Furniture at Lumens

Who is Copeland Furniture?

Since the company’s inception in 1976, Copeland Furniture has been a praised manufacturer of well-made and well-designed furniture. Hailing from Bradford, Vermont, Copeland utilizes the plentiful natural hardwood resources to make high-quality wood furniture fit for the bedroom, the office, the living room and the dining room.

Take a look at three of our favorite pieces in the Copeland dining room furniture collection.

Estelle Chair

Copeland Furniture Estelle
Made from solid American black walnut or cherry hardwood, Estelle is the perfect companion to any modern dining table. The Copeland Estelle Chair features curved and tapered lines in an elegant design with a hand-applied finish in autumn cherry, cognac cherry, natural cherry, natural walnut, saddle cherry or smoke cherry.

Audrey Table

Copeland Furniture Audrey Table
We couldn’t mention dining room furniture without the Copeland Audrey Table. This unique dining table features a double-X leg design, providing stability and plenty of leg room for you and your guests. It pairs well with any of Copeland’s dining chairs and is also offered as an extension table for larger dining rooms. Audrey is made from solid American black walnut or cherry and is finished in autumn cherry, cognac cherry, natural cherry, natural walnut, saddle cherry or smoke cherry.

Sarah Chair

Copeland Sarah Chair
The Copeland Sarah Chair is a comfortable chair design that can fit into a variety of dining room styles. It features a clean design, crafted from solid cherry hardwood that is extracted from the best hardwood Vermont has to offer. Sarah is available in finishes ranging from cognac cherry to a smoke cherry and its fabric seat is offered in cafe microsuede, ebony leather, sand microsuede, white leather, celedon microsuede, oyster microsuede or coffee leather.

Browse the complete collection of modern furniture from Copeland Furniture at Lumens to find everything you need to furnish your dining room, living room, office and more.

Fave 5: Kitchen Island Lighting

2015 July 6

Providing ample lighting over a kitchen island is a necessity in modern kitchens. A well-lit kitchen island can act as a workspace while cooking, a place for friends and family to gather or simply a functional element of the kitchen. From a cluster of contemporary mini pendants to an energy efficient LED fixture, you are sure to love these five options for your kitchen island.

Larmes Collection by ET2

ET2 Larmes
The Larmes collection from ET2 Lighting is an assortment of ceiling fixtures that take their name from the French word for teardrops. These decorative teardrop fixtures are available as a linear suspension, a multi-pendant cluster or a single glass pendant and they are guaranteed to make a statement in modern kitchens.

Flute 3 Pendant by FontanaArte

Flute 3 Pendant by FontanaArte
Designed in 1999 by Franco Raggi for FontanaArte, the Flute 3 Pendant has been one of our favorite fixtures for kitchen islands for over a decade. This 3-light design features polished chrome reflectors cloaked by clear borosilicate shades that can fit into any style of kitchen.

Long & Hard by Flos Lighting

Long & Hard Suspension by Flos
From acclaimed designer Philippe Starck comes the Long & Hard Suspension for Flos Lighting. Designed in Italy, this 58.5″ linear fixture is constructed from a durable, die-cast aluminum frame and features bright-white LED as its light source. It’s fit for modern spaces and adds an eye-catching element to kitchen islands.

Brevis LED Linear Pendant by Cerno

Brevis Linear Pendant by Cerno
For the energy efficient kitchen, look to the Brevis LED Linear Pendant by Cerno. Designed by Nick Sheridan, this minimalist, clean-lined suspension packs a lot of light output into a thin linear frame. It features five integrated LEDs and is available in black anodized or brushed aluminum finishes to fit contemporary settings.

Bling Linear Suspension by LBL Lighting

Bling Linear Suspension by LBL Lighting
The LBL Bling Linear Suspension makes a dramatic statement with a series of transparent crystals hanging at varying heights and angles. Composed of 26 round crystals with sandblasted interiors and decorative metal accents, this suspension is sure to add a bit of bling to your kitchen island.

These are just five of our favorites to hang over the kitchen island. Be sure to shop the complete kitchen lighting selection for more options.

Fan Facts: Understanding Fan Blade Direction

2015 July 3

Modern ceiling fan designs offer an option to spin the blades clockwise or counter-clockwise through the use of a small directional switch located near the fan motor housing. By choosing to spin a fan’s blades in a specific direction, you will ensure the fan is operating as efficiently as possible for a given time of year.

Ceiling Fan Direction Switch

Depending on the type of fan design you have, you may find it useful to have the fan running year-round to move air throughout your home during all four seasons. Take a look at the tips below to learn how to use your ceiling fan’s direction to your advantage.

Using Ceiling Fans in the Summer

The use of a ceiling fan is most popular during the warmer months of the summer and you will want to set its direction to spin counter-clockwise to operate at its highest efficiency. When a fan’s blades spin counter-clockwise, they will blow air downward to create a cooling effect and will complement the efforts of your air conditioning system. Not only will this help keep your house cool, it allows you to raise your thermostat by 2 degrees and save close to 15% in energy costs (estimated by the EPA).

Kichler Lehr Ceiling FanLehr Ceiling Fan by Kichler

Larger Fans, Larger Savings

In living rooms and great rooms, you will want to consider a large ceiling fan. A fan with a blade span of 60″ or more moves a lot of air and will help you save a significant amount of money when it’s set to spin counter-clockwise during the summer.

Using Ceiling Fans in the Winter

Why would I use a ceiling fan in the winter?

It’s a common misconception that you cannot use your ceiling fan during the winter. As long as the blades are spinning in the recommended direction, you will find your ceiling fan to be exceptionally helpful in circulating warm air throughout the house. Plus, with heating bills that can add up during the colder months, using a ceiling fan in the winter can help you save money.

In the winter, you will want your fan blades to spin clockwise and operate the fan at its lowest setting. Reversing the direction of your fan’s blades is especially useful in rooms with high ceilings where a significant amount of cool air is lingering. By setting your fan’s blades to spin clockwise, you can turn down the thermostat and effectively move warm air in the space.

Find more helpful tips with our Fan Buyer’s Guide and for any questions about ceiling fan direction, call us at 877.445.4486.

This Just In: Original BTC

2015 June 29

Original BTC LogoLighting from England’s Original BTC has just arrived at Lumens and we are excited about these decorative fixtures. Here’s a few new products from Original BTC that have immediately caught our attention.

Diner Linear Pendant

Original BTC Diner Linear Pendant
Merging a contemporary personality with a traditional ceiling light design, the Original BTC Diner Linear Pendant is the ideal fixture for rustic and modern dining rooms. Handmade in the heart of England, the Diner Linear Pendant features a solid brass frame surrounded by tapered glass planes and is illuminated with four exposed light bulbs. For a truly traditional aesthetic, you’ll want to pair this fixture with vintage reproduction light bulbs.

Task Table Lamp

Original BTC Task Table Lamp
Original BTC’s Task Table Lamp is a classic task lamp shape that features a hand-spun aluminum shade with a polished chrome body. It’s nostalgic of 1940s design and appears as if it could have come straight from a WWII bunker. The Original BTC Task Table Lamp includes a switch for your convenience and it is offered in putty grey, black or polished aluminum finishes.

Hector 21 Table Lamp

Hector 21 Table Lamp
Practical and sophisticated British design is easily found in the Original BTC Hector 21 Table Lamp. This decorative table lamp is molded by hand in England with a clay base and shade that is stamped with a textured grid pattern. It’s also accompanied by an aluminum body that can be adjusted to direct its light.

Titan Pendant

Original BTC Titan Pendant
Classic 1940s industrial British design is brought back to life in the Original BTC Titan Pendant by Peter Bowles. This hand-spun metal pendant light is another familiar design that allows you to fulfill an industrial aesthetic in your home with its metal shade and soft task lighting. It is offered in a small and large size, as well as putty grey, black or polished aluminum finishes.

Rise & Fall School Light Pendant

Rise & Fall School Light Pendant by Original BTC
If you love the look of copper in lighting design, you will want to see the Original BTC Rise & Fall School Light Pendant. Designed by Peter Bowles for Original BTC, the Rise & Fall School Light Pendant is a brilliantly finished copper fixture that with a design that feels familiar. It features an adjustable suspension with a matching copper counterweight that allows you to raise and lower it wherever you need it, making it the perfect pendant for modern kitchens and dining rooms.

These are just a few of the eye-catching British designs we have seen so far from Original BTC. Head over to to browse the full collection.

New Favorites from Rich Brilliant Willing

2015 June 26

Rich Brilliant Willing LogoWith one of our favorite design studios being on sale this month, we wanted to take a minute to highlight our favorite new products.

About Rich Brilliant Willing

This design studio was started in 2007 by design enthusiasts and friends Theo Richardson, Charles Brill and Alexander Williams. The team creates modern furniture pieces, home accessories and decorative light fixtures that have been featured in residential and commercial spaces all over the world. Lighting from Rich Brilliant Williant goes beyond interesting; they create innovative fixtures that are contemporary, eye-catching and often energy efficient through the use of LED.

Gala 2-Light LED Chandelier

Gala 2-Light LED Chandelier by Rich Brilliant Willing
The Gala 2-Light LED Chandelier is a unique chandelier design featuring hand-blown glass globes of warm LED light. Each globe attaches to a black aluminum frame and can be arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically. We’re loving the 2-light configuration, but the Gala design is also offered as a single pendant, a 3-light chandelier or a 5-light chandelier.

Gala 5-Light LED ChandelierGala 5-Light LED Chandelier

Mori Squash Pendant

Mori Squash Pendant by Rich Brilliant Willing
As part of the new Mori collection from RBW, the Mori Squash Pendant captures our attention with its warm light from an integrated LED module. Its shape, as well as other products in the same collection, is inspired by the silk cocoons spun by the Bombyx mori moth. Its size allows it to work well on its own or it can be grouped together with other pendants of the Mori collection.

Rich Brilliant Willing Mori Pendants

Palindrome 6-Series LED Suspension

Rich Brilliant Willing Palindrome
Rich Brilliant Willing explores the irregular side of lighting design with its Palindrome series of adjustable suspension lights. The Palindrome 6-Series LED Suspension is an awe-inspiring fixture that will have you gazing at the ceiling due to its mysterious shape. The fixture is made from bendable industrial steel tubes capped off with six points of warm LED light that can be rotated to fit your fashion. Each bend of Palindrome can be customized to your liking and it is also offered in a 2-light, 4-light and 8-light configuration.

6-Series Palindrome by Rich Brilliant Willing

Akoya LED Pendant

Rich Brilliant Willing Akoya Pendant
We introduced the Akoya LED Pendant from Rich Brilliant Willing in February through our New Products segment and it has quickly become of one our favorite pendant designs. Akoya’s design is shaped and inspired by a Japanese fresh-water pearl and it is made from hand-blown opal glass featuring a perforated metal shade in army green, dark blue, light blue, off white and red finishes. It is available in a small size (14″ diameter) or a large size (28″ diameter) and works well in modern kitchens and dining rooms or commercial spaces.

Rich Brilliant Willing Akoya 28 Pendant

Learn more about this design studio in our exclusive interview with the founders here. And shop all lighting from Rich Brilliant Willing on sale now through 6/30 at Lumens.

Fave 5: Imperfect Designs We Love

2015 June 24

Who said design always had to be perfect? Imperfect glass and metal creations from Tom Dixon, Caleb Siemon and Terzani impress us with their unique shapes and unstructured forms, as well as their ability to make a statement in modern spaces. Check out five of our favorites fitting this design style in today’s Fave 5.

Happy Kiss Pendant
by Siemon & Salazar

Happy Kiss Pendant by Caleb Siemon
The Happy Kiss Pendant by Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar is the prime example of this design trend. With the reflective and malleable qualities of glass, this design duo is able create an illustrious pendant that resembles a piece of suspended rock candy.

Happy Kiss Pendant

When lit, the hand-formed ripples in the glass create an attractive display of refractive light that is ideal over the kitchen table, in the living room or in the entryway. Each Happy Kiss Pendant is approximately 4″ round by 4″ tall and it is available in amber, aubergine, clear, gold topaz, lime green, opaline, sargasso and steel grey glass colors.

Zuri Pendant
by LBL Lighting

LBL Zuri Pendant
The Zuri Pendant by LBL Lighting is another unique glass-blown design fitting this fashion. Zuri displays a wrinkled appearance from its glossy Italian glass being meshed with thin coatings of metal. Its wrinkled shape makes a stunning statement and when lit, it appears translucent with the bulb fully visible. Zuri is offered in black, copper or silver glass with bronze or satin nickel hardware finishes.

Copper Zuri Pendant by LBL

Mizu Pendant by Terzani

Terzani MIzu Pendants

Make a luxurious statement with the Mizu Pendant from Terzani. The handmade design of Mizu was inspired by the way sunlight reflects off of water and it shimmers over kitchen islands, dining tables and entryways. On its own or grouped into a cluster, each Mizu Pendant is handmade in Italy and no two pieces are ever the same.

Mizu Pendants by Terzani

It is available as a single light, 3-light, 5-light, 7-light, 15-light or 26-light configuration in clear or gold glass colors.

Spore S Pendant by Leucos

Leucos Spore S Pendant
Also made in Italy, the Spore S Pendant by Iosa Ghini for Leucos is another glass-blown fixture that takes on a distinctly imperfect shape. Adding to its already unique appearance are small etched elements inside of the clear glass shade that stand out when the fixture is lit. Spore S is the perfect decorative pendant over the dining table, in modern kitchens or in commercial spaces.

Melt Pendant
by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Melt
The Melt Pendant by Tom Dixon was a conversation piece at this year’s Salone del Mobile for its exquisite shape and eye-catching design. Melt appears as if it is suspended in a molten hot state, giving it a stunning distorted form.

Melt Pendant by Tom Dixon

When lit, the Melt Pendant takes on another appearance by refracting light from each bend and fold. It is offered in a small version (10″ by 10″) or a large version (19″ by 19″) and is available in chrome, gold or copper metallic finishes.

Tom Dixon Melt Pendants

Fan Facts: Choosing An Energy Efficient Fan

2015 June 19

If you are investing in a new ceiling fan for your home, you will want to find a design that operates efficiently and conserves as much energy as possible. In this week’s Fan Facts with our resident fan expert, Hugh Prosser, we give you tips to find an energy efficient fan by understanding different fan motor types, looking out for the Energy Star label and properly acknowledging a fan’s airflow metrics.

DC Motor Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans with a Direct Current (DC) motor are the most efficient type of fans available today. In opposition to AC powered ceiling fans, DC ceiling fans require less energy to operate — up to 70% less energy — by only requiring electricity to start up the motor of the fan while a magnetic drive keeps it spinning. DC powered fans also offer up to six fan speeds compared to the common three speeds found in AC ceiling fans.

Skylon Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo Fans

DC motor ceiling fans like the Skylon Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo Fans appeal to a contemporary aesthetic, while also providing escalated efficiency to help you conserve electricity. In addition to Monte Carlo Fans, manufacturers like Emerson and Casablanca Fans also offer noteworthy fan designs with DC motors.

  • Read More: Why Choose A DC Fan
  • Energy Star Logo

    Energy Star Ceiling Fans

    Instead of guessing at the efficiency of a fan design you like, you can look to the official Energy Star label to know with certainty that it operates as efficiently as possible. Ceiling fans with an Energy Star Qualified label are guaranteed to be efficient by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and to earn the label, each fan must pass a series of rigorous performance tests.

    Additionally, Energy Star ceiling fans must come with a minimum 30-year motor warranty, a one-year component(s) warranty and a 2-year lighting kit warranty.

    Loft Ceiling Fan by Emerson FansDesigns like the Loft Ceiling Fan by Emerson Fans (pictured above) will include an Energy Star rating in the details of the product page.

    Energy Star fans make it easy for you, the consumer, to identify a ceiling fan design that is built to reduce its impact on the environment while simultaneously reducing your energy bill.

  • Read More: Energy Star Qualified Fans
  • Understanding CFM & Airflow Efficiency

    We covered how to understand Airflow Efficiency in our guide on How To Choose a New Ceiling Fan with the key points being the following:

  • Airflow: A measurement of CFM or cubic feet per minute
  • Energy Used: The amount of power (watts) being used to operate the fan
  • Airflow Efficiency: A calculation of both specifications (Airflow / Watts = Airflow Efficiency)
  • Energy Guide SymbolWhen shopping for a new ceiling fan at Lumens, you will want to compare and contrast the energy consumption differences by viewing the Energy Guide information for each fan. This helpful information will provide you with the fan’s airflow (by cubic feet) and electricity use (in watts) to give you a calculated airflow efficiency. By properly determining a fan’s airflow efficiency, you will be able to make a well-informed decision when buying your new ceiling fan.

    For any questions about understanding the energy efficiency of a ceiling fan to make sure you choose the best option, please call us at 877.445.4486.

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