Our Favorite Modern LED Desk Lamps

LEDs are the way of the future given their extreme efficiency when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Making that switch can reduce CO2 emissions by hundreds of pounds each year for a single lamp. With some LED bulbs lasting up to 50,000 hours, it seems like a no brainer that LEDs are poised to take over. Take that efficiency and pair it with a great, contemporary design and you will have one good looking lamp. Here are some of our favorite modern LED desk lamps from a few noteworthy designers.

Trapeze LED Table Lamp by Light & Contrast – ON SALE TODAY

$331.50 through 10/31!

Trapeze Table Lamp by Peter Stathis

Designed by Peter Stathis, the Trapeze LED Table Lamp is a testament to the marriage of aesthetics and functionality. Stathis has won over thirty international awards for lighting thanks to his commitment to using cutting edge technology. His designs are featured in museums like the New York Museum of Modern Art and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

His Trapeze Lamp is easily adjustable by moving the rounded ends of the rods for a smooth and intuitive adjustment. The thin head of the lamp contains 102 LED lights to light up your desk workspace. It comes in three attractive colors, charcoal, orange, or white, and in two different sizes. The small lamp has two adjustment points and the larger size has three. To adjust the lighting level, there is a touch dimmer on the head of the lamp.

What Shoppers Are Saying About the Trapeze Table Lamp:

This lamp is very cool and has adjustable brightness. The tension loosens up pretty easily but can be retightened without much ado. It LOOKS awesome and my 7yr old daughter LOVES it as a reading light, very versatile.

Tolomeo Mini LED Task Lamp by Artemide – ON SALE TODAY

$527.00 through 10/31!

Tolomeo Mini LED Task Lamp by Artemide

Designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, the Tolomeo was originally created in 1986. Since then, the iconic lamp has gone through some revisions to arrive at this current miniaturized version using energy efficient LED lighting. The desk lamp is very adjustable and rotates 90 degrees in either direction in addition to its integrated touch dimmer. Made from polished aluminum with stainless steel internal and external tension control cables, the Italian-made lamp is a beautiful addition to any contemporary desk space.

What Shoppers Are Saying About the Tolomeo Mini LED Lamp:

The LEDs are very bright and my wife can use the light for her bedtime reading. It is very sturdy and the craftsmanship is exactly what you would expect Artemide. Although the price is on the steeper side, it is worth the investment.

Otto Watt LED Table Lamp by Luceplan – ON SALE TODAY

$397.50 through 10/31!

Otto Watt Desk Lamp by Luceplan

Designed by Milanese architects Paolo Rizzatto and Alberto Meda, the Otto Watt LED Table Lamp demonstrates their keen senses of style and aesthetics. Rizzatto’s works can be found in magazines and museums around the world like the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the New York Museum of Modern Art, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. He’s won the Italian Premi Compassi d’oro award four times and the International Competition of Design for his works.

The light from the Otto Watt is easily dimmable and the user can also turn the lens to adjust the color temperature of the light from warm to cool. Available in either black, mirror, or white finish, this lamp is versatile enough to fit well in the office or the home.

See behind the design of the Otto Watt:

What Shoppers Are Saying About the Otto Watt:

Gorgeous design, executed well. Adjustable temperature transcends typical LED limitations and dimmability allows user to tailor intensity for mood, task, and ambient light.

Edge2 LED Task lamp by Blackjack Lighting

$199.20 + Free Shipping!

Edge2 Task Lamp by Stephen Blackman

Designed by renowned artist and engineer Stephen Blackman, the Edge2 LED Task Lamp is an exceptionally modern and attractive way to light up your desk. The ultra-thin lamp is both light and durable, and doesn’t require a counterbalance for adjustment. The body is the lamp is made from a die formed magnesium alloy. The appearance has a plated matte black finished and stands around 20.1 inches tall. Among LED desk lamps, the Edge2 is exceptional.

What Shoppers Are Saying About the Edge2 Task Lamp:

5-Star Review: The angle of the arm to the base and the light head to the arm are adjustable through mechanical plastic hinges that are nicely weighted. One feature that should contribute to the longevity of the unit is that the metal light head acts as a heat sink conducting heat away from the LEDs. The color of the LEDs is easy on the eyes and the light is evenly distributed on the work surface. A clean angular design that functions well.

Whatever your style may be, there are plenty of efficient LED lamps to choose from.

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