Organic, Fluid Design: Aqua Ell from Artemide

Aqua Ell by Artemide

The Aqua Ell Collection by Artemide

We’re kind of in love with the new Aqua Ell collection from Artemide. It’s sleek, it’s striking…dare I say it’s sexy? And yet the form is does indeed have the soothing qualities of, well, aqua.

Designer Ross Lovegrove wanted this collection to be made from only the essentials–pure aluminum. That basic concept created a raw and organic appeal that complements the fluid form and finish.

The aluminum’s mirrored, polished chrome finish is showy and subtle at the same time–striking design with the quiet reflections of its surroundings. For the floor and table lamp, the stem and base knew where the real star quality lays—both are finished in satin chrome so as to not take away from the shade’s provocative gloss.

What do you think? Artemide lighting has a long history of delivering favorites in design lighting—where do think the Aqua Ell ranks?

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