Ombre: The Fading Trend is Sticking Around

Ok, I’ll admit I’m a fan of the ombre trend that picked up in popularity about a year ago. You may have seen the look on fashion blogs and interior decorating websites, and it’s is definitely sticking around this season. From ombre fingernails to modern furniture, there’s more than a few places to spot a good example of the ombre technique.

But personally, I’m getting a little desperate for more than the average DIY ombre side table or curtain. Been there, done that.

So I’ve found a few unique and unexpected pieces that use the ombre look, ranging from fixtures to furnishings, perfect for fresh decorating inspiration. Leave your comments below and share your own creative use of the ongoing trend.

Mademoiselle Chair Moschion Daisies by Kartell

One of the most creative ways I’ve seen of how to express the ombre look is with the Mademoiselle Chair Moschion Daisies by Kartell. Playful daisies grow up (or float down?) the chair to enliven the transition from black to white. Not only does the look experiment with color fading, but it blurs professional vs. recreational decorating schemes as well, working in a lot of different spaces from the office to the college dorm.

A Grounded Look for Water-Like Wallpaper

Ombre walls can give a room a sense of relaxed movement, a sort of “go with the flow” appearance. This partition wall features a soft transition from white to gray to blue and back again, creating a sense of water ebbing and flowing along the inside of a room. But what really makes the look work are the three Foscarini Aplomb Pendants hung equidistant and level with each other. This composition anchors the airy tenure of the beautiful ombre wallpaper and provides a grounded focal point for the eyes, thus giving the wall more presence and impact than it might otherwise have without it.

Lighted Cube

Here’s an example of how to display the popular ombre trend with light rather than color. The fading of light to dark can be taken literally with the by Max Kistner for Ameico. The handy storage container appears white when unlit, but once it’s turned on, the gentle gradation from dark to bright brings an unexpected element to the playroom or family room. And since it’s wet rated, the LUX-us makes a great planter, creating dramatic uplighting at night. What a romantic way to light the perimeter of a pool…

Are you a fan of the ombre technique? How do you use it?

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