(Odd but true) Modern Design Doppelgangers

It’s a bit of a reversal of the kid’s song that has been running through my head today (“One of these things is not like the other”).  In the wide, wide world of modern design, the same color, shape and look IS sometimes repeated. And, even more interesting, sometimes these design doubles are actually very different things that look uncannily like each other.

Intrigued by this pattern of odd but true duplicates, I recently started a list of the Design Doppelgangers I found at Lumens.  Here’s my top five.

1. The two that started it all.
This is the 1st Doppelganger that I found – an amazing pairing of a Spore doorbell and an Omikron wall sconce.

Square Doorbell Button by Spore Touch Me Wall Sconce by Omikron

2. Two shapes too similar to resist.
The bold green color is just one of the ways this Alessi egg cup and Leucos wall sconce intersect.

Katerina P22 Wall Sconce by Leucos Lighting Goldfish Egg Cup by Alessi

3. A repeating shape and pattern…oh, my!
Once you hone your eye for Design Doppelgangers, you start seeing so many fun ones, like this George Nelson clock and Thomas Paul rug.

Flora Tufted Pile Rug by Thomas Paul Sunflower Clock by George Nelson

4.   A distinctive similarity of perspective and shape.
The inventive Shuffle Table is intriguingly suggestive of some Troy Lighting pieces available by custom order through Lumens.

Shuffle Table by &Tradition Troy Lighting Fizz Pendant

5.    The twin of my beau.
Since I have a not-so-secret crush on the handsome and fun-loving  “Jack” (from Tom Dixon), I had to search out his Design Doppelganger, which turned out to be lil’ Tripod Trivet by Alessi.

Jack Light by Tom Dixon Tripod Trivet by Alessi

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