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Not for Sissies: CSYS Task Lamp by Jake Dyson

What’s the name again?

It’s the new CSYS Task Lamp by Jake Dyson, which takes its name from the abbreviation for “coordinate system,” or “the system of coordinates that defines an object’s position in the X, Y and Z axis.”

Again, what?

Personally, half my brain shuts down at the first mention of geometry. But in the case of the CSYS Task Lamp, the math, science and engineering behind the design is truly fascinating. It took six years of painstaking research and development to come up with the final task lamp, and it’s state of the art in virtually every way.

As the name implies, the arm is adjustable along three axes: up and down, back and forth and rotationally around the stem. The head also rotates to direct light off to the side. Such freedom of movement breaks with normal conventions, and allows you to shoot illumination in virtually any direction and control its intensity (pull up for a more generalized pool of task light, pull down for stronger, more focused light).

Then there’s the light itself. Emitting 680 lumens and with a color temperature of 2700K, the LED array sheds bright, pleasantly warm white light. More than that, the LED light source was specially engineered to last–catch this–more than 37 years. This is due to the fact that it stays cool. Jake Dyson and his team adapted heat pipe technology (used in satellites and microprocessors) as a super-efficient heat sink. It quickly draws the heat from the LED array down the length of the arm, where it quickly disperses.

The efficiency and functionality of the CSYS Task Light are so superior you’d think, okay I’m convinced. But then you actually take a look at the lamp, and then you know for sure. The form is simple and lovely. As opposed to bulkier adjustable task lamps, CSYS is slim and streamlined, its form inspired by other functional designs like the construction crane,  drawing board and elevator. For added decorative pop, its sleek aluminum arms are strategically adorned with colored polycarbonate accents.

The CSYS Task Lamp is available exclusively for a limited time through For more information, and to see a video of Jake Dyson demonstrating the use of his latest creation, please click here.


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