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The New R&R: Bath Design Trends for 2017

Sarah C
Written by Sarah C

Leading up to 2017 we saw the rise of the luxury bath, and so far, this trend has evolved in to a range of highly personalized spaces with their own unique form of escapism, for master and half baths alike. All with impeccably curated décor, surprising color schemes and inventive spatial planning, it’s safe to say the bathroom has come a long way from simply being the “wash closet.” I’d suggest getting your candles and bath bombs ready because these five up-and-coming bath trends that will have you ready for some R-and-R, ASAP. Check ‘em out!

Tile with Style

Long gone are the days of boring linoleum in the bathroom…and 2017 is flaunting this shift from plain flooring to the use of creative tiling with flair. From small geometric tiles to large squares bursting with color and pattern, there seems to be no limit to how avant-garde your floor’s personality can become.

Image via

Matte Black

Image via. Designed by Amee Allsop. Photography by Glen Allsop.

Highly graphic and a far-cry from the polished metal faucets we all grew up with, matte black hardware and accents are popping up in all kinds of contemporary bathscapes. Matte finishes in general are a hot ticket right now, but matte black seems to possess a certain je ne sais quoi once it is styled in a bathroom. When paired with stark white like this, the result manages to be eye-catching and subtle all at once, instantly elevating the space with modern contrast.

Floating Storage

Image via. Designed by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd. Photography by Derek Swalwell.

Open shelving has been a design trend for some time, but it is being seen more and more in the bathroom. This type of storage not only frees up more space, but it also gives the look of a floating sink, making your bathroom seem all the more modern and sophisticated. With all this room, you can proudly put your monogrammed towels on display without needing to stow them until guests arrive.

Bathroom or Throne Room?

Freestanding bathtubs are making a comeback this year, and as the bathroom becomes your own personal oasis, we are seeing them literally being put on a pedestal, creating a neatly laid out hierarchy of relaxation in the bathroom.

Here, this vintage-inspired bathtub even has its own headboard, directing the eye to the importance of its position in the space.

Image via. Photo: Sabon Home

The Multi-Purpose Bath

We thought we had seen our fair share of showers that double as bathtubs before, but now it is all about combining your basin-style jacuzzi with the walk-in shower. This stunning combination also happens to be a space-saving option as well, meaning you can have your cake and eat it too if your current home doesn’t have the real estate for a full scale master bath.

Image via. Photo by: Susan Schwab, Design by company kd.

Some of these ideas may seem a little far-fetched for the average home owner, but ultimately 2017 is predicting a change from lofty luxury to a more personal luxury in the bathroom. We learned that a simple swap of hardware or a daring tile patterned floor can upgrade your bathscape to the current trends in design while also being a reflection of your own personality and style.

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