New introductions from Modern Forms

Last year, we were super excited to meet Modern Forms, a new collection of LEDs from WAC Lighting. These weren’t just any new-fangled LED lights. Modern Forms lighting was designed by thinking of the LEDs first, then creating shapes and silhouettes to complement the light source rather than hinder it. Often, it’s the other way around—lighting is first designed, then an LED bulb stuck in it to make it energy efficient.

Modern Forms wasn’t looking to sacrifice the function by way of form. But thanks to smart design and this forward-thinking approach, we’re really feeling the form as well. These lights are simply designed to fit in with today’s interiors, from the innovative engineering on the inside, to the clean and contemporary aesthetic on the outside.

The 2013 collection consisted mostly of outdoor and bath and vanity fixtures, but this year, Modern Forms has brought in something for every room: Pendant lights, wall sconces and more.

Here are a few new intros we especially love:

Aries LED Wall Sconce by Modern Forms

Well, this is a beauty. Named for the fire sign, the Aries LED Wall Sconce by Modern Forms is minimal and simple without being the least bit boring. It also comes in a number of finishes—black, white, silver and a deep “Ferrari red”—that either kick up or dial back on the design.

Mariba LED Pendant by Modern Forms

The Marimba LED Pendant by Modern Forms steers away from the clean-and-straight designs of some of the brand’s other fixtures, but certainly doesn’t overdo it. We love the hint of metallic (gold on the black version, silver with the white version) on the inside of the 7 drum shades. Clustered pendants can look chaotic, but this iteration is totally buttoned up, with just the right amount of flare.

Void Indoor/Outdoor LED Wall Sconce By Modern Forms

One of the things that sets Modern Forms apart is the flexibility of their wall fixtures to go indoor or outdoor. The new Void LED Wall Sconce is one such example. This sparsely detailed fixture features an ethereal ring of ambient light, but also a functional downlight that’s perfect for lighting hallways or paths.

Check out all the new arrivals from Modern Forms and let us know which is your favorite.


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