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Whenever I hear that Tom Dixon is releasing new designs, I know for certain that I’m going to want some—if not all—of them. I am a big fan of industrial modern design, which is Tom Dixon’s specialty. For nearly 15 years, he has taken his love new materials and British industrial manufacturing processes and brought them together to create highly dazzling and highly desirable lighting, furniture and accessories.

But don’t just take my word for it. Read on to see some of the latest Tom Dixon lighting designs for 2016. And as expected, I want all of it:

Curve Collection

TDXP135449_alt04The Curve Collection is the culmination of years of metalwork experimentation by Tom Dixon. It is a space age-looking collection of wall and pendant lighting made out of thin sheet metal. Thousands of pinprick perforations actually make the curved metal appear translucent when lit. The play of light surrounding the Curve fixtures is diffuse yet dazzling.

Stone Collection

TDXP135855_alt05Marble has been used for millennia to create buildings and works of art. Put a bulb in it, and it also makes rather fantastic lighting. All of the marble Stone Collection fixtures give off an ethereal glow when lit from within. The Stone Wall Sconce is particularly impressive; it has a ring of marble that appears to float around the light (it’s mounted on clear glass), and creates halos of light across the wall.

Flask Collection


flask-pendant-smoke-family-with-screw-tables-landscape_2_2_1For those of you who like a little science mixed in with your modern design. The 3 shapes of the Flask pendants are inspired by flasks used in laboratories. Transparent Smoke or iridescent Oil glass is paired with a clear rippled glass bottom, which creates mesmerizing water-like rings of light on a tabletop. The fun shapes are great to mix-and-match in a cluster or row.

Copper Pendants

TDXP135447_alt04If there’s one thing for which Tom Dixon is best known, it’s his metal sphere pendants. This year, the copper option is joined by new sizes and shapes. While the original is well over a foot in diameter, the new Copper Small Pendant is less than 10 inches. You can also have that sphere flattened (Copper Wide Pendant) or stretched out (Copper Tall Pendant). All of these offer another fun way to mix-and-match shapes in a custom cluster.

Melt Collection (new)

TDXP135856_alt04This collection is just the coolest. The fluid-looking Melt Pendants have been joined by new copper portable lamps. Like the pendants, the polycarbonate shades of the table and floor lamp are metallized in such a way that they look solid when turned off (and match the copper bases), but when turned on become translucent and shimmering, like molten lava.

Etch Collection (new)

TDXP135454_alt06The Etch Collection just keeps on going and going…. The latest additions to Etch are also the smallest. The new Etch Mini Pendant is available as a single or in a spiraling group of 5 pendants. While small, each geometric pierced metal shade manages to create light play that’s just as amazing as the original pendant size.

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