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New from Flos: String Lights

Round String Light Pendant by Flos

Deceptively simple, the new Flos String Lights are equal parts minimal and bold. Designed by Michael Anastassiades, a Cypriot designer based out of London with a penchant for simple geometric shapes, the String Lights were inspired by European outdoor café lights and telegraph lines. Anastassiades’ version uses the wiring to “draw” sleek, clean lines across a space, making the wire as much a part of the design as the light itself (Wallpaper* Magazine likened it to an Etch A Sketch, which is pretty spot on).

The lights can be hung in infinite configurations, creating geometric shapes and clean lines between the walls of a space. Anastassiades said using the wire creates a relationship with the architecture of a space, becoming part of the lines that define it (i.e. the walls, doors, windows and ceiling).

Emitting warm LED light, the Flos String Lights are available both with a wall/ceiling canopy that allows you to control te light by touching the cable directly above the light (see the video below). A base version has an electronic on/off floor switch or can also be controlled via Bluetooth from an Android or Apple application.

Round String Light Pendant by Flos

Round String Light Pendant by Flos

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