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Perfect, crisp tailoring, sparkling crystal and statement-making chandeliers are a few signs of luxury—and no one knows those details better than Baccarat. With 250 years (you read that right) of crystal work under their belt,  the French legend is well-versed on creating lighting that transforms the elegance of a room, and we’re excited to introduce a few new beauties to the collection.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Lady Crinoline Chandelier by Baccarat

Lady Crinoline Chandelier: A modern rendition of the 19th century Crinoline Chandelier, one of Baccarat’s most classical pieces. This new iteration from Jean-Marc Gady showcases Baccarat’s tradition of luxury with a minimalist edge, with a ring of 42 spiked crystals catching the light reflecting down from a stainless steel ring.


Tuile De Crystal Suspension: Designed by Arik Levy, this stately piece features layers of crystal tiles resembling roofing. Each tile is hand cut by master French artisans, marked by two distinct designs: one, with chaotic, overlatpping cuts into the crystal that playful diffuses and reflects the light within; and two, vertical etchings that recall the tradition of crystal design.   Levy created the Tuile to be more “architecturally friendly,” i.e. more harmonious in a space than many ultra-delicate chandeliers. (designboom has a great video and Baccarat studio tour with Mr. Levy explaining more about his design).


Torch 4-Light Suspension: Another Arik Levy design, this mobile lamp was inspired by Alexander Calder sculptures, floating like a feather with the crystals reflecting the surface below.

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