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Gala 2-Light LED Chandelier by Rich Brilliant Willing
Jeff Romero
Written by Jeff Romero

Rich Brilliant Willing LogoWith one of our favorite design studios being on sale this month, we wanted to take a minute to highlight our favorite new products.

About Rich Brilliant Willing

This design studio was started in 2007 by design enthusiasts and friends Theo Richardson, Charles Brill and Alexander Williams. The team creates modern furniture pieces, home accessories and decorative light fixtures that have been featured in residential and commercial spaces all over the world. Lighting from Rich Brilliant Williant goes beyond interesting; they create innovative fixtures that are contemporary, eye-catching and often energy efficient through the use of LED.

Gala 2-Light LED Chandelier

Gala 2-Light LED Chandelier by Rich Brilliant Willing
The Gala 2-Light LED Chandelier is a unique chandelier design featuring hand-blown glass globes of warm LED light. Each globe attaches to a black aluminum frame and can be arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically. We’re loving the 2-light configuration, but the Gala design is also offered as a single pendant, a 3-light chandelier or a 5-light chandelier.

Gala 5-Light LED ChandelierGala 5-Light LED Chandelier

Mori Squash Pendant

Mori Squash Pendant by Rich Brilliant Willing
As part of the new Mori collection from RBW, the Mori Squash Pendant captures our attention with its warm light from an integrated LED module. Its shape, as well as other products in the same collection, is inspired by the silk cocoons spun by the Bombyx mori moth. Its size allows it to work well on its own or it can be grouped together with other pendants of the Mori collection.

Rich Brilliant Willing Mori Pendants

Palindrome 6-Series LED Suspension

Rich Brilliant Willing Palindrome
Rich Brilliant Willing explores the irregular side of lighting design with its Palindrome series of adjustable suspension lights. The Palindrome 6-Series LED Suspension is an awe-inspiring fixture that will have you gazing at the ceiling due to its mysterious shape. The fixture is made from bendable industrial steel tubes capped off with six points of warm LED light that can be rotated to fit your fashion. Each bend of Palindrome can be customized to your liking and it is also offered in a 2-light, 4-light and 8-light configuration.

6-Series Palindrome by Rich Brilliant Willing

Akoya LED Pendant

Rich Brilliant Willing Akoya Pendant
We introduced the Akoya LED Pendant from Rich Brilliant Willing in February through our New Products segment and it has quickly become of one our favorite pendant designs. Akoya’s design is shaped and inspired by a Japanese fresh-water pearl and it is made from hand-blown opal glass featuring a perforated metal shade in army green, dark blue, light blue, off white and red finishes. It is available in a small size (14″ diameter) or a large size (28″ diameter) and works well in modern kitchens and dining rooms or commercial spaces.

Rich Brilliant Willing Akoya 28 Pendant

Learn more about this design studio in our exclusive interview with the founders here. And shop all lighting from Rich Brilliant Willing on sale now through 6/30 at Lumens.

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  • Some amazing lighting here! I have to say I really like the look of the Mori Squash Pendant – I could imagine it in so many places, from a beautiful hotel lobby to even a classy nursery. It looks so soft!

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