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New exclusive: Slend by Bover

Slend by Bover

Our latest exclusive hails from Barcelona, home of designer Christophe Mathieu and Bover, the two names between this brand new design. The Slend Collection is a sleek and striking pendant collection, with three ever-so different silhouettes that stand out on their own or create a cohesive group when clustered together. “It’s a decorative product, but at the same time it accomplishes an architectural function,” Mathieu said of the design.

Having worked with Bover for more than a decade, Mathieu aimed to design something that fit seamlessly in with the brand’s contemporary-meets-elegant line of lighting fixtures. The Slend collection was designed specifically with commercial spaces in mind: hotels, stores and restaurants, ideally used in clusters in a waterfall shape. The long, striking shapes would fit right in above a bar or in a reception area.

Check out our full Q&A with Christophe Mathieu about his new design at

Slend Collection by Bover

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