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New at Lumens: TamTam by Fabien Dumas

2013 March 27

Tam Tam Suspension by Marset

“Obvious and simple” functionality is at the heart of Fabien Dumas’ TamTam design for Marset, but don’t confuse “simple” with “simplistic.” Inspired by kids playing bongos in the park near his Berlin flat, Dumas worked closely with the team at Marset to develop this entirely unique and totally versatile design. A light with a sense of movement (each “drum” turns 360° to point light in any direction), it also comes a variety of color and size options. Dumas’ family relocated frequently while he was growing up, from Martinique to the French Riviera to Tahiti, and so his design sensibility has evolved to reflect constant movement, sense of possibility and a globally conscious aesthetic.

Get a feel for the TamTam Collection—and check out Dumas living, designing and eating in Berlin—in this video by the light’s Barcelona-based manufacturer, Marset.

Tam Tam by Marset


Tam Tam Wall Sconce by Marset

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