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Picture it. Venice, Italy. 1585. This is the year Vistosi marks as the birth of their brand and the beginning of a longstanding tradition dedicated to the art of glassmaking. It’s not every day you find a company with a history spanning almost 500 years!

Moving from the Renaissance to present-day, it wasn’t until the latter half of the 20th century that Vistosi really took shape into the company we see today—one of Italy’s most prestigious glass lighting manufacturers focused on showcasing the strength, quality and versatility of hand-blown glass. Over the years, Vistosi consolidated the brand by bringing in famous designers and collaborating with some of the most exclusive fashion houses and luxury hotels in the world—names like Gucci, Bulgari and Four Seasons.

Vistosi is now headquartered just outside of Venice, with manufacturing and design workshops producing over 10 tons of glass a day. Even the metal fittings are produced in-house to guarantee quality and compatibility with their creations. As they evolved, one thing remained the same: a passion for handcrafting Murano glass in the Venetian tradition. This reverence for the craft is how Vistosi stays current with changing trends in the lighting industry, embracing new advancements in technology without losing sight of their rich heritage.

Vistosi likens glassmaking to magic. They consider it the artisan’s job to harness the moment between liquefied and solid glass to create a beautiful and functional object. We’re thrilled to add Vistosi to the wide selection at Lumens, so be sure to check out this impeccable collection of iconic, classic and innovative lighting designs (all are handmade and assembled in Italy). Here’s a look at some of our favorites:


Minigiogali Pendant

Hand-blown crystal hooks interlock to create the Minigiogali Pendant, a 1967 design by Angelo Mangiarotti in which glass is both a structurally independent element and decorative material. Each connecting piece is composed of Vistosi’s lead-free blend, reinforcing the durability and clarity of the glass once lit. The glass chain links are so strong that custom fixtures can support up to 6.5 feet of suspended length!


Diamente 50 Pendant

The Diamente 50 is a contoured piece of faceted glass, diffusing light with a refractive quality similar to a beautifully cut diamond. Vertical ridges are the distinguishing characteristic of the Diamante, cutting in to the organic silhouette of the shade with a brilliant Fresnel effect once the light is turned on. As the bright light is magnified the intricacies of the design are captured, embodying a decorative statement piece as well as a functional light source.


Implode Mini Pendant

The Implode Mini Pendant is a multi-layered bead of white Murano glass, softly diffusing the light with varying opacities. The solid shade gently fades from white to the clear bottom lip, possessing a liquid quality like a ripple on water. The fully enclosed shade captures the brightness of the light once lit, emphasizing the perfection and smoothness of the handcrafted glass.


Futura Pendant

The Futura Pendant is formed from a single piece of hand-blown Murano glass, carefully tinted during the production process to look like two separate pieces combined. A thick band of brushed metal finishes separates the translucent and opaque halves, accessorizing the glass with a strong industrial presence. The light source is obscured by the bottom half, sending an even diffusion of light around and below the cylindrical shade.


Starnet LED Suspension

The Starnet LED Suspension takes the handmade process to an innovative level, creating a stunning display between glass flutes and discreet LED technology. The chrome-plated frame shines a seamless halo of light, shining directly downward while capturing the illuminative purity of the crystals. Each glass piece is held together with round metal nodes, allowing the grid of glass to gather in a semi-geometric fashion between the parallel structures.

These are just a sample of Vistosi’s extensive collection of lighting designs. From the iconic Giogali collection to the fashion-forward LED fixtures, Vistosi offers a comprehensive range of handmade fixtures suited for highly decorative or commercial applications.

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