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New at Lumens: John Beck Steel

Sarah C
Written by Sarah C

When I started reading up on John Beck Steel’s backstory, I quickly learned that I wasn’t dealing with your average design brand. These guys have some major street cred when it comes to welding and manufacturing steel, and it all started with the man himself, John Beck, 20 years ago. Based out of his hometown of Edwardsville, IL (fittingly in the Midwest where the steel industry boomed in the 20th century), John Beck Steel is a small studio with a handful of employees…and they all have the same attitude about steel.

“Our weapon of choice is hot rolled steel. We’ve touched, welded, sanded, polished, destroyed, worked and reworked tons of it. We’ve even begged it for mercy. Most of it we leave bare simply because it needs nothing else to be so sexy. If you’re one of us and think no interior is complete without a healthy dose of steel…[then] let’s break some rules.”

I recommend forgetting anything you ever associated with steel, not because John Beck won’t tell you like it is—strong, industrial, tough, etc.—but because you want to hear his opinion loud and clear to see just how cool and raw his designs are. Now available at, John Beck Steel “bares his soul” with a collection of edgy lighting you won’t be able to resist. Here are some of our favorites:

Hex One Mini Pendant


If only I could own as many as are pictured here. The Hex One Mini Pendant is, you guessed it, made entirely of hot rolled steel. You could go in the direction that it is shaped like a hexagon, but I like to think of it more like it puts a spell on you the moment it is lit. If you look closely, each pendant has slight variation in color due to the staining and buffing process done by hand.

Stick Sconce


For holding such a small Edison-style bulb, the Stick Wall Sconce commands a lot of attention with a tall structure made of steel. A modern-day torch, if you will. Not into hardwiring? No problem. The Stick is available in a plug-in version as well.

Big Peter Pendant


The Big Peter Pendant is a good way to get in to the mind of John Beck Steel. Who else would think to add a skull to the pull chain of a pendant? It manages to be a little morbid while being super cool…I don’t know about you, but I’ve already named the skull Peter.

Beatty Shotgun Pendant


You can tell that someone had to let off some steam with this fixture. The Beatty Shotgun Pendant is actually just a cylinder of steel shot multiple times with Benelli 12 gage shotgun. That’s what we have now, but check out what John Beck had to say about it: “All the shotgun pieces were originally supposed to be done with a machine gun. Turns out machine gun’s ain’t so easy to get!”

It’s safe to say that John Beck Steel’s designs are unlike anything you see in the lighting industry. His unpretentious attitude and quick humor just adds to the appeal of his steel creations, and we can’t wait to see what they roll out next.

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Sarah C

Sarah C

Ever since receiving her first home décor magazine at a young age, Sarah has been drawn to the design world, leading her to work creatively as the Print Marketing Manager at YDesign Group. When she is not gushing over interior design on the interwebs, she is usually writing about it. In her off time you can find her hiking, enjoying a nice long brunch, and exploring the awesomeness of Northern California. IG: @sarahwinningham

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