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Luce Italiano…has kind of a nice ring to it, right? Anytime I get acquainted with a new Italian lighting brand I start to think in Italian, and then I start to feel worldly and sophisticated. And there’s a reason for that–the Italians have quality, craftsmanship and design down to an exact science, especially when it comes to light.

With that said, there’s always room for change, and that’s what In-Es Art Design brings to the table. A relatively new kid on the block (the company has been on the scene since 2003), In-Es Art Design is the brainchild of Ocilunam, the sole designer and artist behind the brand. Ocilunam moves away from the Italian standards of hand-blown glass and metalwork, and takes his designs to a new level of atmospheric light with fabrics, resins and paints.

He splits up his portfolio into a few distinct collezionesLuna, Lavagna, Cemento and Trama, just to name a few–but one thing is for sure: Ocilunam adores the moon. Using a unique combination of resin and fiberglass (fittingly named Nebulite), he has harnessed the glow of a lunar landscape in many of his designs. Now available at Lumens, let’s take a look at some of In-Es Art Design‘s key products:

Lavagna Pendants

Even though I think of “lasagna” every time I read or write about this collection, Lavagna actually means “blackboard” in Italian…and has nothing to do with the food. The Nebulite makes an appearance on the brightly painted interiors of each shade, but it’s the blackboard paint on the outside that makes this collection really cool. Now you can write, draw and doodle all you want on your favorite light fixture!

T.Moon Table Lamp

INEP136667_alt01Here is where the Nebulite material comes in to full force. When left unpainted in white like this, the full moon seems to have been shrunk in to a pocket-sized model. The fibrous material perfectly recreates the rocky landscape of the moon when lit.

Jazz Stripe Pendant

INEP136521_alt06This family of fixtures is a slight departure from its more stellar companions, featuring a shade covered in hand-knit wool. The interior shade is still composed of Nebulite, achieving a soft glow, but the wool is the more dominating material in this design.

Paint Cemento Table Lamp

INEP136541It’s clear that Ocilunam also has a fascination with different painting effects. Not quite as interactive as the Lavagna blackboard paint, the Cemento collection uses a matte grey paint that manages to feel industrial and soft at the same time. Available in larger floor models as well, these adjustable lights can aim bright spots of light with different colored interiors.

Luna Pendant

INEP136494_alt04What better way to sum up In-Es Art Design’s product range than to end with the full moon itself. I think the Luna Pendant is Ocilunam’s most sincere statement of his admiration for the moon, creating gentle illumination wherever it is suspended. Maybe if we look close enough we can see the Man in the Moon.

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