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Gus Modern Furniture

The Gus* Modern Jane Bi-Sectional Sofa, Hull Coffee Table and GT Rocker.

Gus* Modern is a furniture collection after my own heart, so we’re quite excited here at Lumens HQ to be able to welcome it into our selection. This modern line of sofas, tables and lots more combines a penchant for mid-century design with a modern aesthetic and practical purpose (ya know, form following function and all…). As much as I love the Mad Men scene, there’s a fine line between paying tribute to a timeless style and making something feel dated.

Gus Modern furniture uses the mid-century appeal as a jumping off point to create pieces that are fresh and fit into contemporary interiors. What often looks simple and minimal often has more complex, important details: surprising shapes and angles, upholstery in unexpected color combos, and crisp tailoring that make a piece. Point in case: The Hull Coffee Table has a sexy silhouette that’s part oval, part surfboard, part ship hull—but visually, it looks dang good.

Carmichael Loft Sofa by Gus Modern

Carmichael Loft Sofa by Gus Modern

Other favorites from Gus include the Jane Bi-Sectional Sofa (get it?), the new Carmichael Loft Sofa (great for small spaces) and Truss Lounge Chair (a very “now,” cleaned up take on the mid-century chairs often found on craigslist and at estate sales).

Pssst: There’s just a few days left to take advantage of the Gus Modern Summer Sale and save 20% on select upholstery, including some of their best-selling pieces for the living room and more.

School Table and Chairs by Gus Modern

School Table by Gus Modern

Truss Lounge Chair by Gus Modern

Truss Lounge Chair by Gus Modern

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