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The latest addition to is BuzziSpace. With a quirky name, Buzzispace is at first glance, a fairly simple range of fixtures–but you’ll find unexpected depth to these designs with a closer look. Here are a few things to know:

Straight out of Antwerp: Often overlooked as a hub of design, Belgium has a unique sense that is embodied by the forms seen in the BuzziSpace line. There is a worldliness about the designs informed by a melange of cultures and ideas. Drawing from Scandinavian simplicity and Moorish patterns, the designers at Buzzispace merge their world views and come out with something completely their own.

Lighting from furniture: Many great designers working across mediums, and Buzzispace is a perfect example of that. The studio was founded on the need for smaller scale office solutions for the growing numbers of open plan workspaces. They have developed their lighting line with the same principals of scale and materials they use for the workplace systems.

Feel the magic: What really stands out about this line is their use of materials, and when I say materials, I mean just that. Buzzispace designs use a unique and proprietary fabric, lovingly referred to as BuzziFelt. This material lends not only a unique textural and visual depth to the fixtures, but also the added benefit of absorbing noise–the material was developed for Buzzispace’s workplace systems to combat noise build up in large, open spaces.

Taking it home: So, you might ask, how a brand designed and scaled for an office matter to my home? Buzzispace’s technology can also be used in a residential home, like in a two-story great room, an open stairwell or echo-y hallway. These are the perfect spaces to add a fixture of this material to absorb excess sound and and add a warm, homey touch. The wide range of finishes and detail colors give enough options to make it work in your space or, even better, make it stand perfectly out.

Here’s a closer look at some of Buzzispace’s key products:

BuzziShade Pendant


Even though this is offered in both a medium and large size, both sizes are of generous size. The medium is a good size for over a dining table or in an eat-in kitchen to add a cozy vibe, while the large is perfect for creating an intimate feel in an over-scaled living room.

BuzziLight Mono Pendant



This fixture takes the concept of the lantern and scales it up. While the same light rendered in metal or wood could be clunky or overwhelming , the Buzzilight Mono Pendant uses felt for a billowy and playful effect with a large, statement-making footprint. These would look great grouped in multiples for creating drama in double height entry.

BuzziLight Alhambra Pendant


The Alhambra Pendant is one of the real showstoppers of the Buzzispace collection. The Moorish patterning creates gorgeous light play with an avant garde size. Line them up over a long table in a large dining room to create a dramatic dining escape.

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