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Moooi Lighting—Fit for Kings?

Here at Lumens HQ, our city’s been awaiting word if our beloved NBA basketball team would be sticking around. Yesterday brought good news, and the city released a few drawings of the proposed new arena in downtown Sacramento.

Now, we know lighting ‘round here, and we’ll be darned if those aren’t Random Lights by Moooi  spotted in one of the drawings:

Drawings of the proposed arena for the Sacramento Kings | Photo from AECOM and city of Sacramento

Drawings of the proposed arena for the Sacramento Kings | Photo from AECOM and city of Sacramento

The drawings are hardly set in stone, of course, but I couldn’t help myself to think this favorite from Moooi certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice. A grand space and lively atmosphere punctuated by a statement-making light like the Random is right up our alley. We might even kick it up a notch, with even bolder designs fitted with LEDs, such as:

Heracleum II Suspension by Moooi: A little more whimsical than the Random, but with an audacious silhouette that would bring on cheers even outside the court:

Heracleum II Suspension by Moooi

Copernico Suspension by Artemide: While each of this fixtures nine aluminum rings rotate independently, we quite like the out-of-this-world when each is turned every which way, and could certainly see them hovering overhead in the city’s new hot spot.

Copernico Suspension by Artemide


Nafir Pendants by AXO Light: This new design from Karim Rashid would be a seriously sleek addition to the arena’s lounge. The thin, lengthy shape is modeled after the North African trumpet used in ceremonial music.

Nafir Pendants by AXO Light

Raimond LED Suspension by Moooi: Almost like Random’s blinged-out cousin, the Raimond is a subtle sphere by day, and a sparkly stunner by night, when each pendant is lit by 252 LED lights.

Raimond LED Suspension by Moooi


Sacramento, what do you envision the new arena looking like? Check out the rest of the sketches in the Sacramento Bee.



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