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Modern Furniture Trends: The Translucent Revolution

Popularized by interior design firms like Kartell, Domitalia, Essey and Gus Modern, translucent designs are taking the world of modern furniture by storm. With tables, chairs, lamps and more, you could virtually design you entire home with this new wave of “ghost” furniture. The contemporary style is effortlessly chic and its translucent material allows it to blend into any room. To see a few of the best chairs and tables that follow the transparent trend, check out this guide.

Victoria Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck for Kartell

$370.00 + Free Shipping!

Victoria Ghost Chair by Kartell

We’re loving these chairs for their fun incorporation of contemporary materials into a classic shape. The juxtaposition of transparent polycarbonate and a backrest inspired by antique medallions is a perfect way to upgrade a droll dining space to something chic and sleek. For smaller rooms that would be overburdened by large, weighty pieces, these chairs are a perfect solution. The translucent “ghost chairs” provide seating but keep the room’s aesthetic light.

While the chairs may look light, they are surprisingly comfortable and resistant to scratches. The chair comes in a variety of transparent colors including crystal, smoke grey, green, or dark orange. For an option with armrests, the Louis Ghost Chair, also from Starck, has a playfully clear take on the baroque style of Louis XV. The Louis sells for $450.00.

Five Star Review:

“This chair is delivered as described. It is high quality and very sleek looking. My client loved it so much she ordered a second one for her NYC apartment as a desk chair. Love it!”

Crystal Chair by Arter & Citton for Domitalia

$921.60 (Set of 4) + Free Shipping!

Crystal Chair by Domitalia

For a dining set of four transparent chairs, the Crystal Chairs by Domitalia are fabulous. The material aesthetic of the chairs is similar to that of Starck’s ghost chairs, but the lines of the crystal chair are more organic. While the ghost chairs reference the antique shapes of the baroque era, the crystal chairs has a more sensual, modern form. For a space with a funkier existing style, the crystal chairs would be a good fit. The chairs come in either a plain transparent as well as a transparent smoke, purple, or amber. These stackable chairs are 100% Italian with a height of around 34 inches.

Grand Illusion Table by John Brauer for Essey

$470.00-$510.00 + Free Shipping!

Grand Illusion Table by Essey

For a truly unique statement piece, John Brauer’s Grand Illusion Table takes the ghost furniture trend to another level. The handmade table is constructed by pouring liquid acrylic so when it cools, the results are a one of a kind piece. The Danish design company, Essey subscribes to the school of Symbolic Functionalism in which “an object’s function should be representative of natural form.” The translucent illusion of a floating table is another way to lighten the visual weight of a room while still maintaining the functional surface area of a larger table. It is available in either clear or ice white, has a diameter of 17.3 inches and height of 20 inches.

Acrylic I-Beam Table by Gus Modern

$345.00 + Free Shipping!

Acrylic I-Beam Table by Gus Modern

This small side table takes cues from the shape of classic steel I-beam girders, but renders them in a transparent acrylic. For those seeking to incorporate more modern furniture in their home, this small piece is an easy way to get started. To demonstrate how sleek and clear the piece actually is, all of its edges are flame polished and the inch thick acrylic panels are connected using a durable and invisible, UV-cured adhesive. Designs by Gus Modern reference mid-century modernism in combination with elements of industrial style. The Canadian design is equipped with bumpers to prevent scratches on the floor and has a height of 18 inches.

Who says you need to see to believe? These transparent pieces of modern furniture are one trend that we can’t get enough of.

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