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Modern Cures for the Wintertime Blues

2011 February 4

If given the choice between hot or cold weather, I’d choose cold every time. You can always add more layers to get warmer, while there’s a limit to how clothes-less you can get to beat the heat. Of course, I live in California, so my idea of cold is probably a bit different from those who are still digging their way through drifts of snow to get out of their homes each morning. But still.

The recent blast of harsh weather to the east got me to thinking about my favorite ways to stay warm and cozy while wind, rain and snow beats up the outside world. It’s not too complicated, really, involving little more than cuddling up under a blanket in front of a crackling fire and holding onto a hot mug of something yummy.

I picked my top 3 necessities to put this warm-up formula in place, making it not only cozy, but fun and stylishly modern as well. Take that, Mother Nature!

Erode Throw by Missoni HomeThe ERODE Throw by Missoni Home

Nothing beats the winter blahs like a bright splash of color. The ERODE throw by Missoni Home does this with great aplomb. The vibrant striped pattern comes in a super-soft wool/poly blend. (If you want to go all-the-way cushy, Lumens also carries a matching cushion on which to rest your weary head.)

The Hug Mug by AlessiHug Mug by Alessi

What could be more warming than a hug? Originally designed by the Laura Polinoro Workshop and Massimo Giacon as part of Alessi’s Christmas collection, the Hug Mug knows no season. The Freddo character is eternally content acting as a handle as long as he can continue warming his hands and feet. Filled with hot tea, coffee or cocoa, the Hug Mug by Alessi warms the insides as well as the heart.

CHIMO Fireplace by BlomusThe CHIMO Fireplace by Blomus

Of all the modern fireplaces Lumens carries, I think I like the Blomus CHIMO Fireplace best because, while it still has a sleek, modern look, it most resembles a permanent fireplace. But the really cool (ok, hot) thing about this wall-hung fireplace is that it can be installed anywhere. The smokeless flames are fueled by a self-contained tank of eco-friendly ethanol or denatured alcohol, so no venting or fuel line is required.

What are your favorite things for cuddling up on a dreary day?

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