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Make Mine Modern: Bathroom Accessories

We’d all love to have a private spa in the home, but the bathroom is usually the closest thing. While often overlooked, you can easily transform your bathroom into a contemporary, relaxing retreat with some well-designed bathroom accessories. Here are a few of our favorite ways to accessorize your bathroom:

Birillo Towel Stand With Top by Alessi

Alessi Towel StandThe Birillo Towel Stand by designer Piero Lissoni for Alessi is a stylish way to dry your towels, especially when you don’t have a wall mounted towel rack.

The stand has a sleek, chrome-plated steel frame and a lightweight, shatter resistant transparent thermoplastic. The stand can support two large towels and a guest towel. Its top is made of lightweight, shatter-resistant transparent thermoplastic, allowing you to place a few small items on it.

For additional items matching this towel stand, see the complete Alessi Birillo Collection.

Blomus SLICE Laundry Hamper

SLICE Laundry Hamper by Blomus

The SLICE Laundry Hamper is designed by stotz-design for Blomus in Germany. The hamper has five hidden wheels for convenient rolling while maintaining a sleek appearance. The hamper also features a natural wood lid in Black or Natural finish which contrasts nicely with the matte stainless steel body for a versatile and contemporary look.

Available in two sizes, the SLICE Laundry Hamper is a chic solution to your practical laundry needs.

Shelfish Shelf by Kartell

Shelfish by KartellIf you’re looking to add some storage capacity to your bathroom, the Shelfish Shelf by Ludovica e Roberto Palomba for Kartell is the perfect solution.

The shelves are made in Italy from transparent PMMA plastic and come in a variety of colors to fit your decorating scheme, including Amber, Crystal, Smoke, Sunset Blue, and Tangerine Orange. The shelves are easy to mount to the wall and have a sleek appearance that works well on their own or arranged in multiples.

Submarino Bathroom Accessory Set

Submarino Bathroom Accessory Set by Seletti

For something a little quickly but thoroughly contemporary, the Submarino Bathroom Accessory Set by Hector Serrano for Seletti is a fun addition.

The set is broken down into four individual porcelain modules that can be combined to form a submarine shape on the countertop, keeping things organized when they’re not in use. The set includes a piece for cotton balls, a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, as well as another container for miscellany like hairbands and other small items. The modules contain magnets to ensure they hold their place in the submarine shape. The set is available in bright colors like Light Blue and Yellow or White.

With these four fun and functional style additions, your bathroom will look like a completely new space.

Other Great Options

While these great accessories will address the little odds and ends in your bathroom’s design, you will want to find ways to improve the lighting of your bathroom too. Look to our selection of bathroom light fixtures and follow these Three Tips for Better Bathroom Lighting.

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