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Made with Love: Artisan Lighting


Happy Valentines Day! Instead of flooding the interwebs with more pink/red/hearts/glitter, we’re taking a different approach and celebrating the labor of love. It seems like in the last few years, the appreciation for handmade has really grown, and authentic, artisan work has been able to shine. Lighting is no stranger to this movement, as some of our most stunning pictures have come from human hands since the very beginning. Here’s a look at a few designs that are truly made with love, resulting in design that is as much a work of art as they are a functional piece of your home:

Niche Modern: NYC-based Niche Modern has a stunning collection of blown-glass pendants in beautiful translucent hues. Creating one of these beauties is by no means a singular process-each shade is carefully hand-blown by their in-house team, and the individual production of each means no two are exactly alike. (Photos from Niche Modern)



NIche Modern Solitaire Pendants in the making.


Blowing glass at the Niche Modern studio in Beacon, NY.

Secto Design: The craftsmanship behind these birch wood fixtures comes from the hands of a skilled Finnish cabinetmaker, Heikki Saastamoinen. He developed a method that allowed the lamps to be manufactured serially, but by hand, and his workshop now hand-builds each and every Secto fixture from PEFC certified birch veneer.


Octo Pendants by Secto Design


Part of the Secto Design production process.


Cabinetmaker and Secto Design craftsman Heikki Saastamoinen.

Atlantis Collection by Terzani: This ultra-delicate, luxe design is created by nearly 3 miles (in one piece!) of jewelry-like chain, which is draped and strung by the hands of an Italian artisan. The unique draping effect creates a shimmery, super glamorous feel that only a labor of love could create.


Atlantis 3-Tier Suspension By Terzani


Building Terzani’s Atlantis collection.


The meticulous hand-draping of the Atlantis collection.

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  • Great post, nice to see the labor behind those beautiful lamps. Also, I would have never guessed there’s so much chain in a Atlantis, but it’s fun to know!

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