Lumens exclusive: The Crystalline Collection by Niche Modern

Crystalline Pendants by Niche Modern

The Crystalline Series by Niche Modern

The bold, bright colors of our latest exclusive collection have summer written all over it. Meet the Crystalline Collection for Niche Modern, a brand-new series of pendant lights inspired by the layering and angles of crystal structures.

The new collection introduces 4 new pendant light shapes, and a palette of new colors as well: Chartruese, Rose and Condesa, plus favorites like Gray, Clear and Amber. Niche Modern creative director Jeremy Pyles wanted to take color to the next level, away from the more muted (albeit beautiful) transparent shades they were used to.

But one thing Pyles did stick with was his philosophy in simplicity. The Crystalline series omits any excessive details in favor of clean silhouettes and smooth curves and angles.

“One of my goals when designing the Crystalline series was to really do things we hadn’t done before in glass,” he said.  Many of Niche Modern’s past designs have been round and voluptuous, and this collection–particularly the Axia and Delinea–showcase angular shapes. The silhouette can be tough to achieve in glasswork, but Niche’s in-house team of artisans crafts each pendant by hand, allowing for careful attention to detail.

The best part of the Crystalline Collection is that each product looks great on its own, but they work wonderfully together. As a whole, the collection’s shapes, colors and layers are designed to mesh together in perfect harmony.

All of Niche Modern’s pendants are born in Beacon, New York, following the company’s mantra of “made, not manufactured.” Since each piece is carefully and slowly made by human hands, Niche Modern pendants are works of art, made right here in the USA.

Be sure to check out our Q&A with Jeremy Pyles and our videos for a closer look at the process behind each Niche pendant.

Niche Modern Trove Pendant

Niche Modern Trove Pendant in Condesa


Niche Modern Axia Pendant

Niche Modern Axia Pendant in Rose

Calla Pendant by Niche Modern

Niche Modern Calla Pendant in Amber

Delinea Pendant by Niche Modern

Niche Modern Delinea Pendant in Chartreuse

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