Just in: Luna Steplight Pendant by Graypants

Luna Steplight Pendant by Graypants

We love a new creation from our favorite make-something-out-of-nothing design studio, Graypants. The Seattle-based design team just introduced the Steplight Pendants, a group of 4 pendant shapes carefully created from a single sheet of solid aluminum. The Luna Steplight Pendant (shown here) is one, and each pendant is mostly left its raw, untreated state for an eco-friendly industrial look.

In typical Graypants fashion, the Steplights are assembled without tools, adhesives of fasteners, which allows them to be efficiently flat packed. The aluminum has (mostly) been left it its raw, untreated state, other than a good buffing and clear coat.


While we love the trash-to-treasure aspect of the Steplights, its the packaging for these fixtures that sets it apart. The Steplights were designed from the package up so that it required minimal shipping materials, little space and was ultra efficient. Instead of a mostly empty box stuffed with protective packaging, the Step-Pack by Graypants uses a compact, bundled stack of corrugated layers. Each layer reveals the pieces to the Steplight, along with assembly instructions and assembly jigs. This innovating solution is light and inexpensive to ship, more respectful of the environment and more gratifying to the user who can play a small part in the design when they receive it.

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