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The word camping can rouse long distant memories of smoky campfires, burnt smores and oh so many mosquito bites. And while there are those who still want to get out there and rough it, there is a now a better option for those of us who love nature but want to keep it at arm’s length.

Glamping is the trend towards high end, full service experiences out in nature. No more rocks digging into your back all night or the tent falling down at the first sign of a breeze. Glamping helps you bring all the comforts of home into the wild. Come check out some of our favorite glamping ideas and spaces and see what kind of adventure you can cook up.

Tents can be nice, but don’t let yourself be trapped by textile walls. This stunning mini cabin puts you right into the front seat of the stunning Icelandic wilderness. Take in the staggering vistas around you from a cozy bed with the dramatic picture windows in every direction. Or spend some time outside and enjoy the view from the steamy hot tub.

Trailer trash this is not. Clean, chic and glamorous, this Slipstream packs in all the conveniences of a custom kitchen that you can take on the road. The minimal white palette, broken up with touches of black, keeps the space from seeming too cramped and opens up the corners. Meanwhile, the rich wood counters warm up the space and keep it from feeling too sterile.

Don’t throw in the towel on tents just yet. This trendy tent solves the problems of where and how to stake your claim. The whole thing is set up on a wood floored platform, keeping the creepy crawlies at bay. Worried about making it to the campground bathroom in the middle of the night? Not here. This luxe dig features an attached 120-square-foot en suite. The canvas walls are complemented with a plethora of rich textiles and topped off with a trendy chandelier.

Center yourself in nature. This amazing cabin features one of the coolest window walls we have seen in a while. Pull up your bed and spin a window open to catch the sights, sounds and smells of the Balinese flora and fauna.

Yurts are always an option as well. This traditional home of the Mongolian Steppes has caught on here in the states due to the lightweight but durable construction and the tent-like feel, with perks like heating and skylights. This gorgeous option blends stately furniture and sumptuous textiles for a truly cozy outdoor experience.

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A classic tent tends to give a little more head room and, of course, a platform gives you a chance to pitch up wherever your heart desires. As roomy as the tents are below, though, they seem tiny here among the giant redwoods in Big Sur. The tall trees and dappled light of this stunning scene capture the true glamour, which is the majesty of nature.

Mid-century looks with 21st century mobility, check and check. Simple, clean lines, pops of color and all the conveniences of home feature in this mod trailer. Perfect for those who prefer to “take it all with them.”

Modernism is not just for the city. Celebrating modernism in nature has been key to the style since its beginning, with homes like the Johnson’s Glass House in the woods of Connecticut or Neutra’s work in the California desert. This gorgeous little gem pulls out all the stops, floating the angled shed style roof hovers above the space on a ring of windows, making the small footprint feel so much larger than it is.

Sometimes you need to go full glam with your glamping. These shining tubes provide all the luxuries that one would expect from a first rate French hotel with a futuristic shell straight out of a Stanley Kubrick film. So you can have your cake, eat it and gaze upon the manicured gardens around you.

Who says you need an apartment to get onto Apartment Therapy? This trendy trailer utilizes a clean white palette with graphic hits of black and grey to create a truly cozy vibe. The smartly planned space also means that you have plenty of room for living and storage.

So, how do you like to glamp? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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