Good Rooms Made Great with the Arco Floor Lamp

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The Arco Floor Lamp was designed in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and has since become one of the most iconic pieces in modern lighting history, featured prominently in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Its seamless blend of form and function is indeed timeless, incorporating a white marble base, spun aluminum shade and a dramatically arcing stem, which, in tandem, offer a prominent overhead light free of hanging wires. The following examples are visual testaments to its unbridled versatility.

Lighten the Conversation

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With its inherent out-of-the-way design, the Arco Floor Lamp can fit easily in a variety of locations. Here, its marble stand sits a few feet away from a sectional sofa. The shade has been positioned directly over the cushions. This will come in handy during those late night conversations when proper lighting is necessary to keep things going.

Its white color also blends well with the muted white and grey tones of the rug, the coffee table, and the two sofas. It’s also worth noting that the long arching stem fills the vast overhead space beautifully, complementing the tall windows and ceilings in a way that most floor lamps cannot.

Shift in Focus

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As mentioned before, the Arco Floor Lamp can fit in almost any setting to provide convenient overhead lighting. It all depends on what you want lit. While the previous example displayed a more social-oriented setup, this particular example has the shade hanging over the coffee table in front of the sofa. This helps keep your eyes forward and not necessarily towards another person, which is useful when watching television or simply reading. It also helps you manage the coffee table, locating remotes, magazines or drinks you may have left there.

Let’s Eat!

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There’s no rule that says you need a chandelier or a pendant hanging over your dining room table. You just need to be able to see what you’re doing. Here, the Arco Floor Lamp provides the necessary downlight without all the frills and embellishments of typical overhead lighting. Its minimalist form, instead, complements the space in remarkable fashion, accentuating the horizontal and vertical openness of the room while blending effortlessly with the surrounding color palette.

What Are You Going to Wear?

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The Arco Floor Lamp may not be much of a fashion consultant, but it has the look and lighting you need for an upscale closet space. In this instance, it is positioned within short distance of the closet as well as a nearby seat. This versatile lighting setup gives you full command of your environment, allowing you to make the best wardrobe decisions no matter what time of day it is. The piece accentuates the horizontal space well, echoing the room’s minimalist aesthetic.

Personal Reflection

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It often beneficial to slow down and shed some light on a particular situation. In this example, the Arco Floor Lamp does just that, framing a meditative ocean view within its long curve. Again, the piece’s versatile color palette comes through, mixing well with the dark brown, blacks and whites of the room. The spun aluminum shade also seems right at home, enhancing the modern décor.

For 55 years running, the Arco Floor Lamp has offered a seamless harmony of form and function. While undoubtedly iconic, its sleek, minimalist design looks as though it was just thought up yesterday as a practical solution to common clutter and the pomp and circumstance that goes with installing a heavy duty chandelier or pendant.

This piece changes the way we view living spaces. It changes the way we view each other. And, unlike other floor lamps, or any other light for that matter, it provides us the openness and versatility needed to let our imaginations wander. And, wander they shall!

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