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From the Flintstones to Science Fiction: Lighting Inspired by Television

2010 December 21

As promised, we’re taking another look at where lighting comes from. We already know that modern lighting can be inspired by toys, literature, and lots more, but who would have thought that spending some time in front of the boob tube could lead to real-world motivation to create practical lighting fixtures? Or at least to help you come up with a good name. Let’s take a look at a few:

Archie Floor Lamp by Viso

Archie Floor Lamp by Viso

Barney and Fred have nothing on this bad boy. Inspired by the much-loved cartoon, the Archie Floor Lamp by Viso shares many of the same characteristics as my childhood Saturday morning entertainment–the Flintstones.

The show originally ran from 1960-66. Thank goodness for syndication, am I right? Like the show, this rockin’ lamp from Viso Lighting definitely has staying power. Doesn’t it remind you of Fred’s awesome foot-powered car?

Borg Collection by AlicoBorg Wall Scone by Alico

To all my science fiction nerd friends, I give you the Borg Wall Sconce by Alico Lighting. Resistance is futile, but no matter how much one actually wants to become part of the Borg, it won’t incorporate you into its inner collective. Sorry. But it still gives great light in a fabulously futuristic, minimalist design.

Barbarella by Blu DotBarbarella by Blu Dot

Finally, and by special request, meet Barbarella… the sexy space-age heroine bound to save the universe from utter destruction. I guess.

Our wacky friends at Blu Dot must have been inspired by this voluptuous dame, the result being a fabulous trifecta of tables: an elongated coffee table, a square coffee table and a console, all “beautifully exposed”.

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