Fresh Backyard Trends for the 2017 Outdoor Season

Sarah C
Written by Sarah C

When spring arrives, the interior of your home seems to nab all the attention in the sprucing up department. But as the days get warmer, doubling up on your seasonal refresh plans by going outside will help you get your backyard ready just in time for summer. Whether it is adding a few outdoor accessories, furniture or just some old-fashioned firelight, 2017 has some exciting outdoor trends that will turn your yard into a welcoming spot for the entire outdoor season.

Modern Fire Pits

This kind of firelight may not be as old-fashioned as suggested above. But adding a modern bonfire like one of these is a surefire way (pun intended) to add some luxurious warmth to your backyard. Not only will they keep you toasty on cooler nights, they will encourage any social gathering to last long after the sun goes down.

Unique Inflatable Fun

Relaxing in or by the pool never looked so fun! Adding unique inflatable furniture and pool accessories like this will instantly set your swimming pool apart from the neighbors’.

Or if you aren’t a fan of getting your feet wet, opt instead for a different kind of inflatable raft like this, and start relaxing anywhere you want:

Statement Planters

Downsizing your backyard’s natural landscape in favor of more sustainable gardening is being seen more and more. But you don’t have to completely forego your gardening passion this season. If you find that room for plant life is getting a bit smaller, go for a statement planter to put your favorite plants proudly on display.

Laid-back Lifestyle

We saw the trend of creating full outdoor living rooms last year, and now these living spaces have become a lot more casual. Outdoor poufs, ottomans and bean bags have really upped the ante on material durability. So now you can lounge comfortably low to the ground for your next al fresco gathering.

Teak Everything

Nozib Sun Lounger by Nils-Ole Zib for Skargaarden

Teak is more popular than ever in the patio furniture category. As a natural material, teak wood is an appealing choice for outdoor furniture since it blends so well with the environment. Even better, many brands use responsibly harvested teak wood, which helps to decrease their negative impact on forests and wildlife. Teak furniture is, therefore, a visually appealing, responsible and durable option for your outdoor living space.

From the looks of it, 2017’s outdoor trends predict the shift toward extended outdoor relaxing, with lightweight lounging options, unique bonfire pits and sustainable furnishings and gardening in our future. And since the warm weather will be here before we know it, getting a head start on refreshing your backyard will have you enjoying the great outdoors all the way into the dog days of summer.

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Sarah C

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