Framing Projectors…So Very Illuminating

If you’ve never heard about it, then it’s new to you, right? Well, I have just been exploring the many features of a new (to me) lighting fixture: the framing projector.  Framing projectors are a great way to highlight a piece of art and make it practically pop right off of its canvas.

Mounted to the ceiling as a stand alone light or part of a track lighting system, the framing projector can be adjusted to focus its light directly into a specified area, usually a square or rectangle.  This creates the appearance of a self-illuminated surface.

The result is a vivid, gasp-worthy effect, guaranteed to solicit ohs and ahs all day long. Not to overstate it, but I’d say it’s akin to the gold leaf used in medieval manuscripts, which created quite dramatic illuminated effects in its own right.

Framing Projector effect (from WAC Lighting)

Framing projectors can be used in both homes and commercial spaces to great effect. For an amazing use of framing projectors in a commercial space, look no further than the lighting effects in the Gingko Baccus restaurant in Chengdu, China. This restaurant is described as a  “surrealistic blend of western and Chinese restaurant decor and food culture.”

The intent behind the design of the Gingko Baccus was to ensure that customers had unique experiences with each visit to the space. WAC Lighting Spotlights with framing projectors were used with artwork in key locations, creating the compelling appearance of backlighting.


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