Fermob Celebrates Bistro Chair’s 125th Anniversary

Bistro Chair by Fermob

Bistro Chair by Fermob

You may not even look twice now when you see one in coffee shops, public parks, and even your own backyard. But Fermob’s Bistro Chair is the bistro chair that started it all, originally designed in Europe in 1889. They became especially popular among lemonade and mobile food vendors, and today you’ll still spot them in places like Bryant Park and Times Square in NYC and in cafes all over Paris.

The Bistro Chair has become somewhat of a cult icon in its time. It’s a rare day-to-day design that is exactly the same as it was over a century ago, with the exception of adding a rainbow of available colors). The timelessness of it—simple, functional design—has kept it well in style for all of these years. Along with the rest of Fermob’s outdoor furniture collection, the Bistro Chair comes in a rainbow of 24 bright, cheery colors.



To commemorate its 125th year, Fermob created its own Eiffel Tower in Paris, constructed entirely out of cherry red bistro chairs. The “Bistro Tower” was on display right in front of the international landmark, and for the rest of this week, can be seen at Paris Plages, an area in the city that creates temporary artificial beaches along the river. The reproduction uses no fewer than 324 chairs to reflect the Eiffel Tower’s 324 metres in height. Quite a beauty, isn’t it?

Next time you spot a Bistro Chair (we bet it’s sooner than you think), feel free to wish it a very happy birthday!

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