Feelin’ Hot, Hot Hot: Ceiling Fans for Summer 2010 rolls out the specs on 2010 ceiling fans.

I don’t know if summer’s started in your part of the country, but here in California, it finally feels like we’re in full swing. Which is fantastic—I love summer, but it also means the start of my battle with the air conditioning. Without it, I’m too hot. With it, way too cold. I am a woman that can’t be pleased.

Enter 2010 ceiling fans, which thankfully offer a happy medium for getting some air circulated in your home without creating an ice box. In fact, I recently learned from Casablanca Fans (via co-worker Becky) that ceiling fans don’t actually cool a room, but they cool people. The windchill effect from a ceiling fan operating in a normal direction will make you feel 8 degrees cooler.

So the good news is, this year’s new ceiling fans offer a little something for everyone. One fabulous fan to start with is the Multimax Fan by Fanimation, which truly offers something for everyone—but in ONE fan.

Multimax Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

The Multimax Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

This versatile modern ceiling fan lets you choose what will work best: it’s easily assembled with 2,3 or 4 blades (all 4 blades are included with the fan itself); you can use the included glass light kit or cap it if you don’t need the extra light; and the reversible blades are Cherry on one side and Mahogany on the other, so you can flip ‘em and flop ‘em as you please.

The Multimax Ceiling Fan by Fanimation also can be mounted to a sloped ceiling (up to 30 degrees), has 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds and comes with a touch-screen handheld remote. In other words, start-of-summer heat doesn’t stand a chance.

Click here to check out our entire ceiling fan collection on And keep checking back as we roll out the goods for all our new ceiling fans to get you set up for summertime.

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