Fave 5: Top Desk Lamps for the Modern Office

Some days, finding the motivation to sit down and put your nose to the grindstone is difficult enough. But one essential for a productive space is a good lamp. We consider an A+ desk lamp to be a must-have for any workspace, whether it’s for burning the midnight oil in a college dorm or illuminating your 9-to-5 office space. Here are five go-to favorites our customers say haven’t let them down.

Equo Gen 3 Task Lamp by Koncept

Equo Gen 3 Desk Lamp by Koncept, $198

5-Star Review: “It’s a beautiful finish and so minimal it’s not intrusive at all…the light spreads to nearly the entire desk when higher and…is good for lighting up a desk while staring at a computer screen.”

Koncept has led the way in LED task lamps, and one of their more recent introductions, the Equo, has continued to well, show us the light. Adjusting the tilt of this lamp is light and easy, and a touch strip along the stem makes it especially simple to control power and brightness. Available in 3 finishes and warm or cool light option.

Pixo Table Lamp by Pablo Designs

Pixo Task Lamp By Pablo Designs, $199-$205

5-Star Review: “This desktop lamp is probably the best investment I’ve made thus far. It has a classic timeless design that I love. The simplicity and lines make it easy to place in every room not just your desk.”

The Pixo Table Lamp is simple, yet everything you need in a desk lamp: a moveable arm and head to direct light where you need it; a handy USB charging port in the base; warm, bright, LED light; and a subtle rainbow of 7 colors to choose from. With base just 5 inches in diameter, it takes up little desk real estate and is sleek enough to fit in with any office style.

Tizio Classic Task Lamp by Artemide

Tizio Classic Task Lamp By Artemide, From $565

5-star review: “Had Tizio lamps in the 80’s and unfortunately sold them when we moved offices. Have tried several other desk lamps since but nothing beats a Tizio.”

This Richard Sapper design from 1972 has earned its place as a favorite among architects and designers. Never-out-of-style features like a smooth, feather-light adjustability and a sleek, industrial form ensure it’s a welcome addition to the desktop, no matter what the era. It’s also a true modern classic, included in the permanent 20th century design collections at the New York MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum.

CSYS CSYS Task Lamp By Jake Dyson

CSYS Task Lamp By Jake Dyson, $990

5-star review: “Like everything else that Dyson produces, Jake Dyson seems to have the inherent family trait of creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing product. Simply stunning and outstanding quality.”

What James Dyson did for vacuums, his son Jake Dyson did for desk lamps. The designer spent six years deep in the research and mechanics that led to the CSYS LED Task Light, which bring together sleek design and the latest technology. He even nailed the mechanics involved to keeping the light right where you position it (no more dropping lamp shade) for ultra-precise, seamless movement.

Kelvin LED Task Lamp by Flos Lighting

Kelvin LED Task Lamp with Table Base By Flos Lighting, $545

5-star review: “The lamp is a perfect example of form meeting function. The lamp arm’s reach is long and the heavy base lets you take advantage of that reach without worrying the lamp will tip over.”

Designed by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen, the Kelvin Lamp was made with industrial design in mind, but works wonders on the everyday desk space. With a pantograph arm, 2 steel cables and 30 LEDs, it sounds like it was built for a machine shop. Also available in a mini version and a “Green Mode” version, which includes an integrated daylight sensor that allows the lamp to project only what light is needed.

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