Fall Color Schemes We Love

Written by Nissa

When it comes to decorating for autumn, earth tones and cartoon turkeys probably come to mind; not really the ideal way to keep your modern style in tact if you want to make things feel a little festive

When it comes to designing and decorating your home for autumn, I’ve found that there is plenty of color inspiration in the crisp, cool air of the outdoors, delicious goodies and events that occur at the same time. Yes, there are the usual suspects—brown, orange, yellow—but there are some others that may surprise you…until you see them in action, that is.

Pumpkin Patch


Oranges and browns are staple autumn colors. But they suddenly become much more interesting when they’re combined with an unexpected pop of cool blue (even it comes through the windows).

Misting Mornings


Oliver Burns

Photo via Oliver Burns

On certain autumn mornings, it takes the sun a bit longer to evaporate the cool mist rising from the spongy ground and fallen leaves. This bedroom captures the almost ghostly effect of a hazy forest with deep brown wood and a mix of soft, silvery greys.

A Pop of Copper (and other metals)


Copper has been having a very good year. But considering its warm color, it is a particularly ideal metal for the fall season. Here, Copper Ball Pendants and yellow velvet chairs add luxurious texture as well as autumnal tones to an otherwise casual grey dining space.

Apple Red


For me, nothing evokes autumn quite like the smell of hot apple cider. Adding bright pops of red delicious to an interior (such as the crimson Twiggy Arc Floor Lamp) is nearly as effective.



Photo via Darren Palmer

Photo via Darren Palmer

Black-on-black color palettes have a kind of spooky glamor that autumn is well known for. Mixing in white keeps things from feeling too heavy and really makes the darker décor pop.

Mulled Wine


Photo via Habachy Design

Photo via Habachy Designs

Add some red to a black and black color scheme, and you make the fall season feel pretty sexy…and even a little dangerous.

Mossy Greens & Greys


Photo via James Yochum

Photo via James Yochum Photography

While this contemporary living room and vintage dining room have different styles, they both capture the soft and cool feel of a mossy and misty forest. Using staple pieces in deep wood, each space uses green and grey in its own unique proportion.

Twilight Time


The dusky purple tones of an autumn sunset translate particularly well to a sophisticated yet whimsical dining area. The addition of gold velvet chairs, curtains and rug and Golden Shadow-toned Schonbek Plaza Drum Pendant brings a little sparkling sunniness to the twilight setting.

Orange, Red, Yellow and Green Leaves Against a Blue Sky


Autumn can’t always make up its mind about what colors it should be, so why should you have to make up your mind about a room? Whatever makes you feel cozy is exactly what you should go for when prepping your home for fall.

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