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In my journey profiling the latest and greatest in modern design and architectural projects–and the associated modern lighting–I’ve noticed some definite patterns when it comes to the fixtures that designers use most often. One of the lighting fixtures that I’ve noted time and again is the Random Light by Moooi. You can’t miss it:  a clean sphere floating in the air, the outline of its translucent web of epoxy-dipped fiberglass (in black or white) enhanced by the diffused light of the single bulb within.

Its popularity in modern settings is certainly well-deserved. Designed by Bertjan Pot, the Random Light it is one of the few fixtures out there that is at once airy and substantial, that seems paradoxically to take up a lot of space and almost none at all. Its appeal is universal, which is why I’ve seen it in modern interiors the world over. The following are just some of my favorite installations of this favorite modern light:

Lake House by Frederico Valsassina Architects (Aroeira, Portugal), photo courtesy of CONTEMPORIST


I profiled the Henman House a couple months ago, and the Random Lights were the first things to grab my attention. They look amazing (as does the rest of the home, for that matter).

Henman House by Edward Niles (Malibu, California), photo courtesy of HomeDSGN


The Random Light really show its design versatility as used in Cafe ZuZu in the Hotel Valley Ho. As an ultra-contemporary fixture, it still works beautifully with the decidedly mid-century aesthetic of the furnishings and other decor. (For the full effect, click here for a virtual tour of the whole dining room.)

Cafe ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho (Scottsdale, AZ), photo courtesy of LiveModern


The more the merrier. You’d think that using so many Random Lights in a space as small as a hallway would be too much. But they’re so light and fluffy, the effect is successfully bright and cheerful.

North Shore Modern by Grunsfeld Shafer Architects (Highland Park, IL), photo courtesy of Houzz


The white lights get the most play, but the black versions definitely have their place. The deeper color adds drama while still maintaining the airy feel for which the Random Light is so well-known and loved.

Turkey Trail by Kraig Kalashian Architecture (New York), photo courtesy of Houzz

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