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Easy Home Updates For Every Budget

Written by Kelsey

After the excitement of New Year’s and the promise of January has gone by, it can seem like there’s still a long, cold stretch of winter ahead. There are few traditional festivities to look forward to before spring, the latter of which usually gets attention for a massive deep cleaning and seasonal updates. But that lull between the holidays and the onset of summer entertaining prep is a great time to make some simple updates to chase the winter blues away. If you’ve still managed to hang onto any holiday cash, sprucing up your home a bit is a great way to keep those gifts giving throughout the year.

So how much have you got to spend? Whether it’s just the remnants of a few gift cards or a more substantial chunk of change, these ideas touch on the possibilities for revamping your home’s look on any budget.

Budget: Around $100

Spend it on: Pillows and throws

It almost seems too simple, but I defy you to swap out your regular throw pillows for some in a totally different color and tell me it doesn’t change the feel of the room. If you’ve got pillows in bright colors and loud patterns, switch them out for a tonal selection that will instantly simplify and tranquilize your look. Add a neutral colored throw in a lush texture and watch your same-old sofa transform into an inviting place to cozy up.

If you normally lean to sedate minimalism, punch up the vibe with fun, on-trend prints and shocking hues that will make you smile every time you sit down. You can also complement other elements in the room using similar shapes to make a grander statement and draw attention to accessories, lighting and more.

Budget: Up to $500

Spend it on: New bedding, wall art or mirrors

I can’t think of a much better update than fresh, clean sheets. Crisp new bed linens are such a treat at the end of the day, made doubly so when cuddling up on a cold night. Splurging on a chic new sheet set with a matching duvet and pillows will bring you countless nights of comfort, and even start the mornings off right when you make your bed. Even if you usually don’t bother to make your bed (like me), new linens might inspire you to–or at least will look terrific in your usual rumpled pile. Look for quality textiles in your favorite colors and fun prints, because your bedroom belongs to you.

A bit more visible and ostensibly more permanent than bed sheets, wall art is another quick update that can be attained at a variety of price ranges. Large pieces in quality materials might run up your bill a bit, so choose pieces you’ll love to live with for years to come.

Paintings, prints and photographs are the classic choices, but mirrors certainly count in the wall art category. A grand mirror goes with any color scheme, adds light and movement to a room and is effortless to move around when the time comes.

Budget: Up to $1,000

Spend it on: A rug or a new piece of furniture

If you’ve got a grand to spare, you can dress up your digs with a luxe new rug. A gorgeous soft shag or modern patterned weave will freshen your whole room without changing anything else. Or, go for several smaller area rugs to tie together an open floor plan while creating instant conversation areas around each pile.

Wall-to-wall carpet installed already? Spend that G on a statement-making lounge chair–choose a classic design in a neutral color that will look great in most color schemes and adapt to your style as it changes. Plus, a lounge chair is versatile and can be moved from room to room as your needs fluctuate.

Budget: $2,500+

Spend it on: New sofa or bed

If this kind of money is burning a hole in your pocket–first, will you adopt me? Kidding of course…but consider giving an investment piece its forever home. A big purchase like this isn’t typically made lightly and should be a source of enjoyment for many years to come. So stay away from trends that won’t stand the test of time and opt for something sturdy, with clean lines and exquisite construction. You can expect sofas and beds in this price range to easily cover those bases. Bear in mind that your sofa will likely be a display piece, focal point and crowd pleaser, while your bed really only has to please you. The options are mind-boggling for each selection, but oh, what a delicious dilemma it is.

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