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Beauty of the Bell: True Illuminated Doorbell by Spore

2010 March 19

No, we’re nottrue illumination doorbell referring to anyone’s mental acumen…we’re talking about doorbells. The aesthetics of the doorbell has been sadly neglected for so many years–that is, until recently. Now, happily, design firms like SpOre and Modern Doorbell are creating attention-grabbing, trendsetting modern doorbells and chimes, second to none in design and engineering.

Seattle-based SpOre creates modern doorbell buttons that are designed to integrate brilliantly into a variety of environments. Recently, SpOre introduced the True line of doorbells, an all-metal doorbell available in several finishes, and with (or without) a thin ring of LED illumination around the metal pushbutton. The beauty of True is that it can match a range of home styles, all the way from Victorian to Craftsman to Mediterranean to Modern.

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