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Digital ceramics? Meet the Scotch Club by Xavier Mañosa for Marset

Scotch Club Pendant By Marset

Scotch Club Pendant
By Mashallah, Xavier Mañosa for Marset

In 2009, at the age of 28, Xavier Mañosa returned to his native Barcelona and started working alongside his parents in their ceramics workshop. Trained in Berlin in industrial design, Mañosa was perfectly poised to build upon traditional ceramics techniques by using the tools of today’s design trade – namely, a computer.

This was the tool he used to create the Scotch Club Pendant by Marset, which was inspired by a disco ball and designed in collaboration with Berlin design studio Mashallah. Mañosa says: “We created a prototype on the computer, we printed it, we turned it into plaster, and from there we created ceramics. So, in some ways, we are printing ceramics. The computer and the digital process were an integral part of this whole process to create a useful ceramic piece such as this lamp.”

And useful it is, as well as being simple, versatile and beautiful. The outside of Scotch Club is glazed in a choice of matte tones, while the inside truly shines in either brilliant white or shimmering gold. Mañosa makes his design intentions clear, though, noting that, “the idea of working with gold was not to achieve a bling bling effect. It was about finding the reflective effect of light on the facets, providing a really warm light.” Available in three sizes and numerous finishes, this lovely light is available exclusively at Lumens.

Scotch Club Pendant By Mashallah, Xavier Mañosa for Marset

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