Design Spotlight: Tom Dixon Beat Lights

Tom Dixon Beat Lights
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Tom Dixon Beat Lights

Former funk bass guitarist and art school dropout, Tom Dixon is one of the United Kingdom’s most influential light and home furnishing designers. And the Beat Light collection of pendant lighting, floor lamps and table lamps is an excellent example of both his inspiration and his influence.

Each light in the Tom Dixon Beat Light collection evokes images of brass cooking pots and traditional vessels from India. These simple items provided the inspiration for the shape and aesthetic of what is now an iconic collection of modern lighting.

History of the Beat Light Collection

To further reflect the collection’s India roots, these lights are made in Moradabad, India. Skilled craftsmen from Northern India bring Tom Dixon’s vision to life as each light is spun from brass and hammered by hand. The result is both elegant and dramatic. The exterior of each Beat Light design has a smooth, spun brass surface while the hammer marks are left visible in the interior.

Tom Dixon Beat Lights

Because each Beat Light is handmade by skilled craftsman in India, no two lights are completely identical. Each has its own charm, yet the quality control is exceptional.

Choosing the Right Materials

Tom Dixon has long been obsessed about choosing the right materials for his lighting and home furnishing collections.

I know quite a lot about how you make things, and the decisions about materials for the collection really come from an obsession.

I’ve worked through quite a few of these obsessions. Copper was a big deal for a while. Cast iron is obviously the symbolic material for the industrial revolution.

And now he’s working through brass in the Beat Light collection. In the fat version of the Beat Light brass pendant, he used a lovely brushed brass finish. This same brushed brass finish is found across most of the collection including the stout and tall versions of the brass pendant light, as well as on both the floor and table lamps.

Tom Dixon Brass Beat LightsBrass Beat Light Collection

He used the same hand-spun and hand-beaten brass designs in other fixtures in the collection, but with a stunning twist: color and/or plating. He used several neutral colors – grey, white and black – for exterior color choices, as well as silver plating or a clear lacquer finish for the interior. Both the grey and black fixtures have a matte powder-coated finish while the white fixtures have a high gloss lacquer finish.

Tom Dixon White Beat LightsWhite Beat Light Collection

Though inspired by the past, these lights are decidedly modern in their appeal.

Where Beat Lights Work Best

Like the traditional cooking pots and water vessels of India, Tom Dixon’s Beat Lights come in a variety of distinctive shapes, each of which evokes its own charm and adds a touch of personality to the room.

Beat Lights Over Kitchen TablePhoto via

The wide version would look lovely gracing a breakfast table while a grouping of tall lights would illuminate a kitchen island brilliantly. The fat and stout versions have a graceful fullness to them and would be a welcome addition to any area of your home.

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The Beat lights are also stunning in the living room or office, especially the table and floor lamps. These feature the same elegant vessel shape as the tall brass pendant light. Offered in black or gold finishes, their bases feature a distinctive Tom Dixon stamp giving these lights a slightly industrial feel.

Tom Dixon Beat Table Lamp

Finally, you’ll want to consider Beat Lights in commercial spaces like restaurants, professional offices and retail locations.

Tom Dixon Brass Beat Lights in RestaurantPhoto via

Whether you want a single pendant light for your breakfast room or would like to use different shapes from the Tom Dixon Beat Light collection throughout your home, you’re sure to be impressed with the grace and beauty Dixon incorporated into this collection.

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