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Design Spotlight: PH Collection by Louis Poulsen

It’s no secret that we are fans of the modern Danish lighting designs from Louis Poulsen. Louis Poulsen started back in 1924 in Copenhagen and got its start in lighting design by partnering up with designer Poul Henningsen to participate in an art exhibit in Paris. Henningsen was able to design the Paris Lamp (now commonly known as the PH Lamp) for Louis Poulsen for the exhibit and from that point on, they maintained a working relationship to design some of the most iconic pieces in modern lighting.

Poul Henningsen is responsible for the PH Collection of pendant lighting, sconces and lamps for Louis Poulsen and although the company offers lighting from other noteworthy designers like Arne Jacobsen and Anu Moser, we especially love the PH Collection. Here’s three of our favorite pieces from Poul Henningsen’s iconic collection for Louis Poulsen.

PH 50

PH 50 Pendant

Poul Henningsen’s pendant lighting comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all follow the same design aesthetic that Danish design enthusiasts love.

PH 50, re-issued in 2008 by Louis Poulsen to mark the 50th anniversary of the mid-century classic, shares the same silhouettes as the PH 5, but is available in additional finishes including Chili Red, White, Mint Blue, Olive Black and Wasabi Green. Instead of the classic White option of the PH 50 Pendant, these finishes allow the pendant to be used in more colorful spaces.

PH Artichoke

ph-artichoke-by-louis-poulsenAnother iconic design from Poul Henningsen, the PH Artichoke, was originally designed more than fifty years ago and still stands out as one of the most noticeable mid-century modern pieces. It’s seen in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and in entryways of residential spaces.

The Artichoke chandelier features 72 precisely positioned leaves across 12 unique rows that provide a lighting effect that is unlike any other. The Artichoke is available today at Lumens in the form of a small pendant rather than a grand chandelier shape, but it is still just as contemporary and beautiful now as when it was originally designed.

PH Snowball

PH Snowball

Following a similar form and fashion as other designs in the PH Collection, the PH Snowball is the perfect combination of the PH 5 Pendant and the PH Artichoke as it successfully takes elements from each. Snowball was initially designed by Poul Henningsen and made available in 1958, then it was re-introduced to the design world in 1983 with a slight modification – instead of the entire fixture being illuminated, only the bottom half is lit. The result of this design is a wash of diffused light that cascades down the entire fixture. PH Snowball is beautiful in commercial spaces and also works well in great rooms and large living rooms.

Other Great Options

In addition to the PH Collection, Louis Poulsen offers a great selection of other Danish pieces you will love. For a simple and timeless cylindrical globe design, look to the Wohlert Pendant and for a table lamp that shouts Scandinavian design, check out the AJ Table Lamp.

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