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Design Spotlight: Arturo Alvarez Lighting

Starting back in 1994, lighting designer Arturo Alvarez set out to create handmade, contemporary light fixtures that could not only stand out in a space, but would also evoke emotions from people due to their craftsmanship and elegance. Today, the lighting designer and the Arturo Alvarez Lighting line is synonymous with innovation and emotion in lighting design.

Arturo Alvarez – Emotional Light

Arturo Alvarez designs some of the most decorative, emotion-inducing ceiling and wall lights available today and they have become favorites among the Lumens’ team. Here are five pendants and ceiling suspension designs we love from the Arturo Alvarez line.

V Pendant

Arturo Alvarez V Pendant
As if it was taken directly from a science-fiction novel, the Arturo Alvarez V Pendant by Hector Serrano stands out above other ceiling light designs with its spatial biconcave shape. Designed from injection-molded plastic and a Polycarbonate glass diffuser, the V Pendant is durable and at the same time, very light. V is available in a white or black finish and requires a single 100 Watt bulb.

Shio Pendant

Arturo Alvarez Shio Pendant
Natural lines become the focal point of the Arturo Alvarez Shio Pendant, as it is designed with layered plywood that just barely allows light to peak through its slim openings. Shio is available in three distinct laminate finishes – white, brown and yellow. The Shio pendant is also available in a dimmable option that is ideal for decorative mood lighting.

Nevo Grande Pendant

Arturo Alvarez Nevo Pendant
The Arturo Alvarez Nevo Grande Pendant resembles a cloud that is about to burst with rain. This elegant design, from Arturo Alvarez himself, utilizes patented SIMETECH technology. SIMETECH is a handmade material composed of a stainless steel mesh and a silicone covering that allows for a range of opacity. The handmade mesh material facilitates the emotional, expressive light delivered by the Nevo Grande.

Aros Pendant

Arturo Alvarez Aros Pendant
The Aros Pendant successfully employs polypropylene strips to create a heavenly body of light that fits well in contemporary dining rooms or decorative entryways. The layered hoops of the material allow it to cast graceful rings of light through the open spaces of the fixture that will, again, prompt emotion in people. The Arturo Alvarez Aros Pendant is available in a white or black finish and requires a single 57 Watt bulb.

Vento LED Linear Suspension

Arturo Alvarez Vento Linear Pendant
The Arturo Alvarez Vento Suspension is shaped as if it were crafted naturally from gentle gusts of wind. This contemporary design from Alavarez is made from a curved piece of awe-inspiring stained glass that is softly illuminated by a hidden LED. Vento exudes peaceful serenity and is available in a number of stained glass options to fit the decor of your space.

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